Windows not only use the physical RAM for page files, but also operate virtual memory as a RAM with hard disk. When Windows opens a program, it distributes a certain amount of random access memory (RAM) to the program in order to keep it running smoothly. Find "Advanced System Settings." This is the panel that gives you all the information on how your computer is running, including RAM, virtual memory and processing speed.

Virtual memory can be changed in the same place where you learn to calculate how much you have.
If you keep getting low memory warnings, you can change and increase Virtual Memory size in Windows 8 to enhance system performance. RAM is hardware installed into the computer and cannot be changed--if you only have 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM installed, that is all you can use.

Virtual memory is used when RAM runs out, and can be anywhere from one and a half to four times the size of your RAM--but it does run slower.

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