Three Phillips screws should be removed from the memory cover using a PH00 Phillips screw driver.
Remove the memory cover.Reassemble this device by following these instructions in reverse order. Unless you put the maximum RAM in your Mac when you bought it, chances are you can add more, which is what we're going to help you do. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Flash storage, which comes in the form of Solid State Drives (SSDs), are unbelievably faster than hard disk storage. Jeg vil her gennemga hvordan du installerer og opgraderer din Macbook Pro med Ram og en SSD-disk.
Jeg vil prove at gore guiden sa nem og enkel som muligt, selve installationen er rigtig simpel og lige til, det kr?ver ingen erfaring indenfor computere og kan udfores pa 10 minutter. De fleste elektronikforretninger og byggemarkeder vil have disse skruetr?kkere, de kan ogsa kobes online og er som sadan rigtig nemme at fa fat i, sa lad det ikke afskr?kke dig! Det kan derfor v?re smart, at ligge dem hver for sig for at gore det nemmere nar bagpladen skal skrues tilbage pa Mac’en. Der er to lase (markerede ved de rode cirkler) ved RAM-blokkene, disse skubbes fra hinanden og den forste RAM-blok vil da s?tte sig i en vinkel pa 30°  og kan herefter tages ud. Du tager nu dine nye RAM-blokke og inds?tter dem i holderne i en vinkel pa cirka 30° hvorefter de trykkes ned til du horer et klik.
Husk; ikke at v?re voldelig, mentag din tid og hold for en sikkerhedes skyld kun pa siderne af RAM-blokkene og ikke pa midten af dem. Du skruer nu bagpladen pa igen med de rigtige skruer i de rigtig huller (husk diagrammet for oven). Hvis dette ikke er tilf?ldet ma du prove at installere dem igen, det gar dog sj?ldent galt. Bagefter pakker du din SSD ud og du vil finde, at den har 4 huller i siderne, pr?cis som den anden harddisk.
Nu s?tter du SATA-kablet i din SSD-disk og placere den stille og roligt i de nederste holdere. Tillykke med din opgraderet Mac, jeg haber at du ligesom mig bliver rigtig glad for den nye hastighed og opstartstid. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.

An experienced repair engineer could do this job in under 10 minutes using only one phillips screwdriver. A few years back I came up with this simple technique of laying out screws in a similar pattern to their original placement on an electronic device. Once you're done with all the screws get the prying tool and stick it in the gap between the cover and the computer body.
That little board, approximately 1 x 3 inches with chips on it and surrounded by plastic is your computer's RAM.
At this stage I recommend to do something unusual -- boot your computer to check that it accepted the new RAM and doesn't report any errors.
After testing it, lay the computer back on it's display lid in the same orientation you had it before so that you're not confusing placement of the screws. It is becoming increasingly popular to regularly upgrade the RAM (memory) in your Mac laptop to accommodate a constantly growing appetite for web intensive browsing or for running multiple instances of virtual machines. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Once it's connected, launch Disk Utility (searchable through Spotlight), and select your drive from the left sidebar. Guiden er delt op i 2 dele; den forste med opgradering af RAM og den anden med opgradering af SSD. V?r opm?rksom pa, at SATA-kablet er forbundet til harddisken og du skal derfor ikke hive den voldsomt i den. Du skruer de 4 skruer i disse huller (disse skruer bruges til at holde harddisken pa plads i dens holdere). I have a band but nothing to attach it to in my work area and something like that could be very useful. Depending on what Mac you've got, you may need to take out the existing RAM to put more in, so bear this in mind when you're buying. We'll talk performance upgrades (for old and new models), hardware hacks, and workflow tips.
CNET editor Dong Ngo has a very useful guide about why SSDs are better performers, and why they're worth the price. Hvis du skal installere begge pa samme tid, vil jeg anbefale at du forst opgradere RAM, tjekker om de er installeret korrekt og derefter installere du din SSD-disk. This instructable describes the process of upgrading (or replacing) RAM in unibody Apple MacBook Pro 13” and 15” models. This is where you'll go to find out how to release your Mac's potential and make the most of your purchase.

Still, it's a worthwhile expense if you want to bring an older Mac back to life and avoid buying a new computer. I did this at TechShop because they have a whole bunch of really convenient, well-lit large tables in the common area.Let's get started! The best place to get memory from is Crucial, which has a simple guide to ensure you buy the right RAM for your Mac. To prevent static charge damaging your equipment, ground yourself before you begin by touching something metal. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on how much you have stored on your hard drive. Open up your MacBook Undo the eight screws on the underside of your MacBook and lift off the back case – gently pull free the clips at either end. Two RAM chips are in the middle on the right-hand side one above the other; remove one or both.
Take the chips out Find the clips at either end of the existing RAM stick and press these outwards with your thumbs.
To remove the hard drive, use the regular screwdriver to unscrew the two black screws belonging to the bracket securing the hard drive. Pop in the new memory Line up the connectors of the new RAM with the RAM slot – it'll only fit one way round. Open your MacBook Pro With the screwdriver, take out the screws from the back plate – they're not all the same length, so note where each came from. Then, carefully attach the ribbon to the SSD, and insert the drive in the same configuration as the previous drive. Out with the old… At either end of the existing RAM, press the clips outwards with your thumbs. It may take a couple of extra seconds as it gets acquainted with the new drive, but generally speaking, starting up your computer will be much faster than the past.
Press it in at the same angle the old sticks came out at, then push the upper edge down to clip it in place.

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