Chances are you’ll already have a strong opinion as to whether or not you should legally change your last name well before you get engaged. I personally struggled for about three years before AND after we got married with the decision to legally change my last name or not. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The best time to request extra duplicates for Hyphenating Last Name after Marriage is with the reappearance of the first marriage permit. Legally changing your last name is one planning detail that has to wait until after the wedding.
In order to change your last name, you will need to have the original, certified marriage license (with the raised seal and your new last name on it).
Fill out the application for a new Social Security card by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website. This one’s a big deal, especially if you and your spouse will (or already have) set up a joint account. Once you receive your new driver’s license and social security card in your married name, changes in other areas should be a fairly easy.

Almost every guest—no matter whom—expect to enjoy lots of amazing food and drink at your wedding. It’s a long story that I might write about here one day, but I felt extremely connected to my last name (as I know a lot of women do as well).
Asking for extra duplicates is astonishingly less over the top when sent in with the marriage permit. Now that you're officially husband and wife, if you have decided to take your hubby's name, it's time to get your new last name legally recognized by the government.
And just because you have a marriage license doesn’t mean you automatically have a new last name. If you didn’t receive a copy of the marriage license after the wedding, contact your clerk’s office where the license was filed and submit a request. Once you complete the application, you should receive your new card within 10 business days. Bring every form of identification you can find, including your old license, your certified marriage license and your new Social Security card.
The quickest way to change your name on all banking records is to visit your local branch location and bring your new driver’s license and marriage license.

While some changes may be as simple as logging into an online account or making a quick phone call, others may require a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card as proof. Even though when I was a little girl I fantasized about getting married and doodled my fake future husband’s last name after mine, I never really considered having a sort of identity crisis at the thought of doing it. When the time came to actually change it, I felt that not only would I be losing a small part of myself if I got rid of my last name, but that I would also be losing my cultural identity in a way (going from a Jewish last name to a non-Jewish one). For snappiest reaction, find what sort of segment your County Clerk perceives and make a point to pay ONLY with that parcel sort. While my family actually encouraged me to change my last name (probably trying to get rid of me. And what made me happy in the end was deciding to drop my middle name and make it my maiden name instead (even though I still go by my maiden name professionally).
That was the perfect compromise for myself that has worked out great so far…except when making restaurant reservations, in which I totally forget which name I used.

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