Yeah I decided not to add them because they actually do exist in real life and we all know what they can do. If there were a combination of them, the deadliest would easily be the Endermen and Zombie Pigmen; the Zombie Pigmen would kill most of the people and the Endermen would eat the rest, an easy fight that takes about 2 minutes at the most.
What about put each bit of the slime in a blender, then put in some soap in the blender Then start all those up. If you're like the girls here at HuffPost Style, you probably started planning your Halloween costume weeks ago.

For inspiration on how to add the finishing touches to trick-or-treat wear, we went straight to a source that has never failed us: YouTube.
Click through the slideshow below for our top 10 Halloween makeup YouTube video picks, then vote on which look you like best.
Add a rocker wig, glittery makeup, combat boots and an inflatable guitar or microphone accessory. Whether you're going with a pull-it-out-of-the-bag outfit from the drugstore or getting your DIY on with some needle, thread and duct tape, we believe that your look won't be complete without makeup.

But after spending countless hours watching Halloween makeup tutorials (some of these girls put the pros to shame with their amateur skills!), we've changed our minds about what we're going as this year. And it has a longer reach than you anyway, so to get close enough to hit it it would just teleport behind you and thats the end of you.

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