Deep meditation is practiced after you have regularly practiced normal mediation for a good span of time.
A proper deep meditation requires a minimum of 20 minutes, but initially you are advised to not go beyond 5 – 10 minutes.
While you are trying to maintain a balance in your concentration and meditation you might come across a moment where you would get lost in your own thoughts.
Regular or daily meditation is one of the best things that you can do to progress on the spiritual path. Having a meditation seat or a usual place where you can meditate is beneficial if you are serious about progressing in meditation. If you have anything else you want to add or any questions simply leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you! If you want to learn how to meditate deeply you must find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes.
You focus on your hands because you’re more deeply connected to them than the rest of your body. And it’s easier, at least in the beginning stages of your meditation journey, than focusing on your feet for example. Now, either dim the lights, or turn the lights off completely as it’ll make your meditation easier.
When you can feel it, keep focusing on it and you’ll notice it getting warm, or you may experience a tingling sensation.
When you can focus on your thumb and really feel it, then move your concentration to your first finger. Continue this until you can feel each finger and then do the same on your other hand starting with your thumb. When you’ve done it on your other hand then concentrate on the middle of your forehead. Actually, your attention will tend to switch from your hand to your forehead and back to your hand again.
Then continue with each finger in turn, all the time concentrating on the middle of your forehead as if looking through a window. Start-off with both of your thumbs – become aware of both thumbs so that you can feel them. Then concentrate on each pair of fingers in turn still looking through the middle of your forehead. You may find it easier to join your hands together whilst they’re resting in your lap.
Watch the thought by looking through the middle of your forehead, without making any judgement, positive or negative. If you get lost in a thought (which you eventually will), you’ll forget to be aware of your fingers and your forehead. And, unlike relaxation, deep meditation can transform you, change you, improve you like no other practice under the sun. Tank you for this wonderful advice its really helped me out a lot with my stress problems!!! Either way, you concentrate on the middle of your forehead as though you were looking through a window into the darkness. Becoz I usually focus on my fingers or any of my body parts and I feel it getting warmer .. Meditation is about watching and listening to your thoughts, emotions, memories – whatever happens to pop-up.
So, ideally, you want to be in a relatively quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Will listening to music eg Ravi Shankar sitar etc, benefit me starting off on this journey or not?
You might get a whole new view-point on life, and the things you think are important now, may not seem so important. The meditation technique is taught over 5 days and you’ll find it easier to listen and follow along. Sometimes, when people are undergoing surgery, they’ll suddenly jump out of their body and look down at themselves on the operating table. This really helped meh out with my anxiety and depression I found it better to Meditate then taking different pills that sometimes wouldn’t work but thanks for this!
Find a straight-backed chair (one without arms), sit down and hang your right arm down by your side.
I want to know whether it is a must that when you are looking through the middle of the forehead, a picture must appear, or it can be just a plain darkness?.
Also, your attention is always changing from finger to finger and to the middle of your forehead.
As a lecturer m left with less time for meditation after teaching resting gyming n self study.. Although it’s better to meditate twice each day, once is OK if you have limited time. I have just now became interested in the Element of Attraction thus researching about meditation as it is highly recommended. May 15, 2014 by Beau Leave a Comment Meditation is a powerful tool that has supported me for years. I have tried many meditation breathing techniques over the years, but there is one I have found particularly effective for bringing me into a deeply meditative state quickly. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen, expanding your belly until your lower lungs are filled with air.
This technique is especially useful for the first couple minutes of your meditation session because it quickly relaxes you. Learning how to meditate deeply is a process, so don’t get discouraged if you are still struggling with a racing mind.

During your meditation session, you can focus on the sensations within your body, which will stop the process of thinking immediately. If you are a beginner meditator or just have a hard time slowing down your thoughts, then I recommend using some type of audio aid such as binaural beats.
To get a better understanding of the different frequency ranges and how they correlate with brain functioning, read this article. While meditating, you can listen to a binaural beat audio track like this one, and it will bring your brain into a lower frequency range that is conducive to a deeply meditative state. Learning exactly how to meditate deeply and reach states of intense peace and relaxation has been no easy task for me, but I have found the above 3 techniques the most helpful.
This collection of divine music and mantras, Deeply Relax & Meditate was created for easy use with Shakta Kaur Khalsa Yoga book "Kundalini Yoga", and to listen to anytime you want to relax, heal, meditate and pray. The primary reason why many people meditate is simply to enhance focus, calm their minds and eventually attain that higher awareness level and inner calm.
So, here is the guide on how to meditate and most important reasons to breathe deeply while meditating. Deep breathing enables you to draw more air into your lungs which will in turn transport more oxygen into the heart. The lymphatic system is usually responsible for getting rid of the body of toxins and any waste from the immune system. Deep breathing enables the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the fight or flight response, to neutralize any form of stress and generate a calm feeling that results to adequate relaxation. When you are in pain, breathing through the pain will result to blood oxygenation that will result to the release of endorphins which will contribute to the decrease of the pain levels and reduce body stress. When your mind is bombarded with events that have happened both in the past and present, you are definitely distracted; therefore, taking a deep breath will enable you to have clearer thought processes.
It is the next step which is followed after normal meditation which usually includes meditation is a much lower profile, for example, focusing on an object, sound, or by thinking about something in particular. The room where you would be meditating should either be dark or have dim lights which would help you concentrate.
If you cannot feel it, then try to move it a little to get the accurate feel and concentration. You don’t necessarily need to do it on the same session, but you can gradually go up the next level which would include this. You have again start with your thumb and in turn focus on all the fingers one after another and also keep thinking through your mind stressing on your forehead. There is a force in the spine which is forever being pulled down by the Eartha€™s magnetic current and that is called consciousness. The easiest form of meditation usually revolves around a type of breathing process combined with an instantaneous focus on some external thoughts or objects. Relaxing breathing will also help clear your mind of unhealthy thought processes or unnecessary distractions.
Something clicked recently when I started focusing on the sensations in my body and on my breath in the background. For the longest time I have been mediating using different methods (focusing on the breathing, visualization of colors for white light production, etc.) but this method is so elaborate. C: One think I was wondering if I could get to my dream state while meditating to see images of to hear words like meh know I am curious to find out. Please advise if one can incorporate the attraction as soon as one is in the zone meaning after all the steps are followed and feeling the present inner self?
Starting a meditation practice is often the number one piece of advice I give to people, simply because I have experienced improvements in practically every area of my life as a result of daily meditation. Breathing normally, it might take you a considerable amount of time to reach a state of deep relaxation. I first learned to meditate by focusing on the sensation of the inhale and exhale of my breath. If you have more specific goals for your meditation practice, such as self-hypnosis or increasing creativity, then you might be interested in some of these audios. I often choose to listen to some type of music while meditating, just because it makes the experience more enjoyable and helps me relax.
I still struggle with racing thoughts sometimes, but I am able to meditate much more deeply than when I first started. Natural environments are in tune with a frequency that is more conducive to deeply meditative states. When you finally learn how to meditate deeply more consistently, you will likely find yourself wanting to meditate more and more often.
It is possible to meditate anywhere and anytime because there is really no appropriate set time, ideal for meditation. This will allow you to effectively focus on the meditation task because there will be no distraction that will bombard your mind and claim attention. Draw in as much air as you can and fill your lungs through your nose then slowly let it out through your mouth.
This has been known to increase the cardiovascular capacity leading to more oxygen being delivered to the cells the same way one does an aerobic exercise.
The lymphatic system lacks its own in-built pump like the heart and therefore relies solely on breathing and any physical movements in order to detoxify.
Deep breathes will result to the release of the happy hormones, endorphins and help you to become calmer. Practice deep breathing regularly and you will notice many positive health benefits within your body which will enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle. You might have heard meditators wanting to take their meditation into another level that is where they wish to deepen their meditation.
While breathing out let your shoulders slowly drop down and relax, do this for almost three times.
You need to focus on your forehead like and that might initially make you see a dark room and later on reveal a light.

It is because this is the state where you will be able to get the real benefits of meditation. Immediately, your mind wanders occupying itself in memories of the past, thoughts of the future and bodily sensations. The main purpose of meditation is to free the soul from the birth & rebirth cycle and unite with Goda€™s consciousness. When you say in your technique that one should concentrate on the middle of forehead as if looking through a window, this looking through the window is inside out to the world or outside into the mind’s darkness? Besides that, this was all really great advice and I plan on practicing it next time I meditate. If you have some experience with meditation, then you probably understand the frustration that occasionally results from not being able to stop your racing thoughts. Then, hold that breath for about 10 seconds before letting the air naturally escape through your mouth.
Breathing deeply and holding the air in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling activates the relaxation response of your nervous system within only a few breaths. Some days will be very peaceful and others will not, but the important thing is that you are taking the time to sit with your thoughts. It may not be helpful for everyone, but I found that it helped me slow down my thoughts considerably. This body awareness technique is similar, except it involves focusing on the sensations of your entire body rather than just your breath.
If you meditate on a full stomach, you may experience digestive disturbances that make it difficult for you to focus during your session.
I hope to be able to improve the quality of people's lives by sharing my knowledge and any insights I gain on this journey called life.
It is also important to wear comfortable clothes because you have to be physically comfortable to avoid the distractions. The cells then in turn encourage fat burning as opposed to storing large amounts of glycogen.
Simple breathing will prevent you from becoming stressed from your problems and enable you think clearly on the best solutions to them. After this you need to focus on one of your hands, whichever is more dominant, and here focusing means feeling. You could also join both your hands laid on your lap which would make your right and left thumb touch each other; your first ringer finger would touch your first left finger, and all the others the same way. On another hand you would also feel very calm and quiet when your mind will be silent and free. It has been told that when you are practising some kind of spiritual discipline, youa€™re either digressing or growing. Meditation helps draw your consciousness up your spinal channel and ultimately unites you with Goda€™s consciousness. If you find closing your eyes uncomfortable, you can focus on an unchanging point in front of you. Everyone who has ever meditated before knows what it’s like to sit in silence only to listen to your non-stop thoughts for the entire session. After about 10 breaths, you can go back to breathing normally and you will maintain the relaxed state. Leave your cell phone behind, go out into the woods, and just experience nature with all your senses.
In entrains your entire body to the same frequency as the earth, bringing your hormones and bodily processes into balance while also protecting you from electro-magnetic frequencies (electrical transmissions from cell phones, computers, and electrical appliances of all kinds).
Decide the duration at which the meditation will take place and make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position that will not cause any distraction. This may sound weird but this is important because you might be lost in your thoughts while meditating when you focus on your hand and come back to your present state rather than getting diverted.
Many of these tips are straightforward and simple, but like anything worthwhile, they have to be practised. This gets your mind and body into the routine of entering a meditative state when you sit in that seat or area and makes it easier to meditate deeply. Although the very fact that you are meditating regularly means you are making massive progress, it’s still nice to be able to experience those blissful states of inner-silence more often.
This will oxygenate your entire body and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing you into an extremely relaxed state. Close your eyes while meditating especially if you are a beginner, it will help you concentrate more by blocking any external visual distractions. She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of EHIC  card. This article will provide you with a few essential tools and techniques to help you experience that deeply meditative state of overwhelming peace. This state of deep relaxation will naturally increase the gap between your thoughts, allowing you to experience glimpses of a deeply meditative state of mind. Feel each of your body parts separately and then attempt to feel them all at the same time. Using music with binaural beats, you can bring your mind into specific frequency ranges and experience the state of consciousness correlated with that specific frequency. When you learn how to meditate deeply more often, your meditation practice will be much more enjoyable and you will be much more likely to stick with it for the long-term. Also, consider getting yourself a grounding mat to protect yourself from EMF’s and enhance your meditation sessions. It will bring you into the present moment immediately and help you reach a more relaxed state.

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