Amazing how Hollywood has managed to ruin the top names in Hong Kong cinema less than a decade after discovering them.
The Jackie Chan who kicked ass along side Michelle Yeoh in Supercop now works opposite an overacting Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two return to their monastery where the elder tells his protege that it's time for him to assume the guardianship of an ancient scroll of power. As if the Ark of Covenant wasn't enough, our favorite megalomaniacs also want the scroll, which will give them power over the world.
It comes down to a battle between him and the commanding Nazi officer, Strucker (Karel Roden).

A pickpocket named Kar (Seann William Scott) is running from the law at the same time the Monk is running from some Agents. The two meet, Kar lifts the scroll from the Monk, and promptly winds up in a fight with some underground thugs.
It's always a cop out to make a main character filthy rich, so they have no financial limitations that, oh, everyone else would have.
Here, they do it twice, with him and Bad Girl (Jamie King, and yes, that's her character's name). Her fight with the lead bit- er, bad girl, Strucker's granddaughter Nina, was mildly entertaining, although it was full of fast cuts to hide their limitations.

Chow, John Woo, if one of you two said something nasty to the other, kiss and make up right now.

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