Hypnosis done by a hypnotist or on your own through self hypnosis techniques to aid the process of bringing out your feminine side is termed as feminization hypnosis procedures.
The self-hypnosis procedure will help you turn into the woman you have always dreamed about irrespective of your current gender and feelings. Most of the transvestite, transsexual resort to feminization hypnosis due to having no physical feminine features but need to bring out the closeted feelings with the hypnosis procedure.
There are some very good websites that have self-hypnosis step by step processes scripts and other material that can assist you become a girl through hypnosis. With change you can at a deeper level of understanding and acceptance to become healthier in all ways. Generally, we all experience some level of Test Anxiety nervousness or tension before tests or other important events in our lives. A little nervousness can actually help motivate us; however, too much Test Anxiety can become a problem – especially if it interferes with our ability to prepare for and perform on tests. Combine all the information you have been presented throughout the semester and work on mastering the main concepts of the course. When studying for the test, ask yourself what questions may be asked and try to answer them by integrating ideas from lectures, notes, texts, and supplementary readings. If you are unable to cover all the material given throughout the semester, select important portions that you can cover well. Improving your perspective of the test-taking experience can actually help you enjoy studying and may improve your performance. Remember that the most reasonable expectation is to try to show as much of what you know as you can.
Follow a moderate pace when studying; vary your work when possible and take breaks when needed. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test – when you are overly tired you will not function at your absolute best. Begin your day with a moderate breakfast and avoid coffee if you are prone to “caffeine jitters.” Even people who usually manage caffeine well may feel light-headed and jittery when indulging on the day of a test. Try to do something relaxing the hour before the test – last minute cramming will cloud your mastering of the overall concepts of the course.
Plan to arrive at the test location early – this will allow you to relax and to select a seat located away from doors, windows, and other distractions.
If waiting for the test to begin causes anxiety, distract yourself by reading a magazine or newspaper. For essay questions, construct a short outline for yourself – then begin your answer with a summary sentence.
For multiple choice questions, read all the options first, then eliminate the most obvious. Tense and relax muscles throughout your body; take a couple of slow deep breaths and try to maintain a positive attitude.
Whether you did well or not, be sure to follow through on the reward you promised yourself – and enjoy it! Hypnosis is one of the best most successful ways of eliminating Test Anxiety, call today for a free consultation. To Improve Athletic Performance, first, through training the mind and muscles to perform as you wish. Whether you desire to improve your personal Athletic Performance or are training for the Olympics, Hypnosis is a powerful tool for your success.
One of many effective tools used in Hypnosis to Improve Athletic Performance is called anchoring. Hypnosis also helps you mentally focus on the performance itself, eliminating outside distractions and self-sabotaging thoughts so you are calm and capable of channeling all your energies into your physical activity. According to the AOA (American Optometric Association), researchers have discovered that people use the same areas of the brain whether they actually perform or merely visualize an action in their mind. Hypnosis can’t guarantee you first place or the Olympic Gold, but it can dramatically Improve your Athletic Performance and your self-confidence.
If only we could change the world it would be with Self Hypnosis If self-hypnosis was taught to every child in the fifth grade I believe we would be living in a much safer, happier world in a decade.  Using the ability to hypnotize ourselves and give ourselves suggestions for positive feelings, emotional strength and the knowledge that we can achieve just about anything we want is a skill that all of us should have. The truth is, we can use Self-Hypnosis skills to help us feel the way we want to feel, to learn quickly in school, to greatly improve our sports performance, enhance our bodies healing ability and improve our mental expectations.  Self-hypnosis is the way we can keep ourselves healthy, excited about life and become the person we really want to be. For Self-Hypnosis to be a practical skill, it must not take a lot of time out of a person’s daily life.  If you have to find a quiet place and spend 20 minutes to a half hour in order to get into hypnosis, then it is not an effective technique for the busy world we live in today. You can become your own hypnotist and take charge of your life today.  It is never to late to become a better, healthier, more alive person and Self-Hypnosis will help you to achieve this realty.
Feminization hypnosis helps transgender, transsexuals or transvestite get in touch with their feminine side through hypnosis and it is a comprehensive mental, physical and emotional procedure.
The common belief that you need to look like a woman to feel one isna€™t really true and as fart as feminization hypnosis is concerned, you just need to want to be a woman to undergo the process. By self-hypnosis procedure, you can present your own self as a woman with your body gestures and movements. And that is why when you undergo feminization hypnosis, your mind takes in and stores the spoken words and messages sub-consciously and starts to adhere to it. If your anxiety is a direct result of lack of preparation, consider it a normal, rational reaction. Trying to master a semester’s worth of material the day before the test is a poor way to learn and can easily produce anxiety. Don’t overplay the importance of the grade – it is not a reflection of your self-worth nor does it predict your future success. Continue your recreational pursuits and social activities – all contribute to your emotional and physical well-being.
Try to think of the test as an opportunity to show the professor what you know; then begin to organize your time efficiently.
This will help you avoid the rambling and repetition which can irrate the person grading the test. The subconscious mind is like a giant computer that directs all bodily behavior and automatically accepts any image it receives as real and true.
Numerous studies of top athletes recognize that their ability to perform with passion and emotion, while in a relaxed state, has a direct impact on their ability to perform so remarkably.

Hypnosis can release any mental blocks, fears or limiting beliefs you may have that are keeping you from athletic excellence. The fact of the matter is your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined experience. But if you have been trying to suppress the feminine side for too long or want to enhance the feeling of being a woman, the procedure will help you become a girl and make you feel more confident with your feminine aspect of sexuality. Though it does help if you are a woman but for individuals with a sub-conscious feeling of being trapped in a male body with a female attributes, the process can aid. Though most people judge by appearance you should not feel low about getting in touch with your feminine side. There are numerous CDs and videos available that help you learn self-hypnosis feminization process and either you can do that or schedule an appointment with a hypnotist and undergo the process with him or her. If it appears you will be unable to finish the entire test, concentrate on those portions which you can answer well. Athletic Performance is inhibited by stress and Hypnosis teaches you to remove the blocks that inhibit peak Performance. Hypnosis also builds your personal self-confidence in yourself and your abilities, assisting you to focus on a successful outcome, instead of fearing a poor performance. When the client mentally reaches the peak of that performance excellence, the associated emotion is anchored or reinforced, producing what is commonly known as muscle memory. Some people are excellent at visualizing, while others are naturally kinesthetic or “feel” things. Stanos, a professor at Harvard University, have proven a definite link between visualization and performance.
By the hypnotic process, your bearings as a woman can be enhanced and with the help of ladylike dressing up, you can surely be assisted to become a female.
While both of these anxieties may be considered normal (anyone can have them) it is certainly helpful to know how to overcome their effects. If you have difficulty with an item involving a written response, show what knowledge you can. Studies have shown actual duplication of muscle and nerve activity during imagery and even new neural growth as a result of imaging. That memory or positive feeling is then automatically released during your peak performance times. A group was taught how to use visualization and a placebo group was taught to just think about an unrelated activity.
Those who used visualization before performing their task performed nearly perfectly, while the placebo group was only successful 55% of the time. It is not all in your mind … actual physical changes occur as a result of Hypnosis and imagery. Regardless of how you imagine a successful future event, your imagined success programs you in a direction for positive results.
689-692 (1962)A Human Perception of Illumination with Pulsed Ultrahigh-Frequency Electromagnetic Energyby Allan Frey, Science, Vol. Baker, Youth Action Newsletter, Dec 1994.A "A nation can survive its' fools, and even the ambitious. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor--He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation--he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city--he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.
The CIA also claims it is not obligated to provide the veterans with medical care for side effects of the drugs.
Its the CIAs third attempt to get the case dismissed.In a 2009 federal lawsuit, Vietnam Veterans of America claimed that the Army and CIA had used at least 7,800 soldiers as guinea pigs in Project Paperclip. They were given at least 250 and as many as 400 types of drugs, among them sarin, one of the most deadly drugs known to man, amphetamines, barbiturates, mustard gas, phosgene gas and LSD.Among the projects goals were to control human behavior, develop drugs that would cause confusion, promote weakness or temporarily cause loss of hearing or vision, create a drug to induce hypnosis and identify drugs that could enhance a persons ability to withstand torture. The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco against the Department of Defense and the CIA. The plaintiffs seek to force the government to contact all the subjects of the experiments and give them proper health care. Department of Veterans Affairs released a pamphlet said nearly 7,000 soldiers had been involved and more than 250 chemicals used on them, including hallucinogens such as LSD and PCP as well as biological and chemical agents. According to the lawsuit, some of the volunteers were even implanted with electrical devices in an effort to control their behavior. Rochelle, 60, who has come back to live in Onslow County, said in an interview Saturday that there were about two dozen volunteers when he was taken to Edgewood. They were told that the experiments were harmless and that their health would be carefully monitored, not just during the tests but afterward, too. The doctors running the experiments, though, couldnt have known the drugs were safe, because safety was one of the things they were trying to find out, Rochelle said. The veterans say they volunteered for military experiments as part of a wide-ranging program started in the 1950s to test nerve agents, biological weapons and mind-control techniques, but were not properly informed of the nature of the experiments.
They blame the experiments for poor health and are demanding the government provide their health care. In virtually all cases, troops served in the same capacity as laboratory rats or guinea pigs, the lawsuit states.
The suit contends that veterans were wrongfully used as test subjects in experiments such as MK-ULTRA, a CIA project from the 1950s and 60s that involved brainwashing and administering experimental drugs like LSD to unsuspecting individuals. The project was the target of several congressional inquiries in the 1970s and was tied to at least one death.
Harf said that MK-ULTRA was thoroughly investigated and the CIA fully cooperated with each of the investigations.
The plaintiffs say many of the volunteers records have been destroyed or remain sealed as top secret documents. They also say they were denied medals and other citations they were promised for participating in the experiments.

They are not seeking monetary damages but have demanded access to health care for veterans they say were turned away at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities because they could not prove their ailments were related to their military service. It grew out of the Agencys Operation BLACKBIRD and was a forerunner to the Agencys MKULTRA.
Project ARTICHOKE also known as Operation ARTICHOKE was run by the CIAs Office of Scientific Intelligence. ARTICHOKE offensive mind control techniques experiments attempted to induce amnesia and highly suggestive states in its subjects.
ARTICHOKE focused on the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction, forced morphine addiction withdrawal, along with other drugs, chemicals, and techniques. The main focus of the program was summarized in a January 1952 CIA memo, Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?One program experiment attempted to see if it was possible to produce a Manchurian Candidate. In Richard Condons 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate an American soldier, who has been placed into a hypnotic state by Communist forces, returns home to assassinate on command.
A January 1954 CIA report asks the question, Can an individual of [redacted] descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE? Argued December 4, 1984 Decided April 16, 1985 .Between 1953 and 1966, the Central Intelligence Agency financed a wide-ranging project, code-named MKULTRA, concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.
159, 162] program consisted of some 149 subprojects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. Because the Agency funded MKULTRA indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency.MKULTRA was established to counter perceived Soviet and Chinese advances in brainwashing and interrogation techniques.
Over the years the program included various medical and psychological experiments, some of which led to untoward results.
These aspects of MKULTRA surfaced publicly during the 1970's and became the subject of executive and congressional investigations. Argued April 21, 1987 Decided June 25, 1987 Respondent, a serviceman, volunteered for what was ostensibly a chemical warfare testing program, but in which he was secretly administered lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) pursuant to an Army plan to test the effects of the drug on human subjects, whereby he suffered severe personality changes that led to his discharge and the dissolution of his marriage. Upon being informed by the Army that he had been given LSD, respondent filed a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) suit. The District Court granted the Government summary judgment on the ground that the suit was barred by the doctrine of Feres v. 135 , which precludes governmental FTCA liability for injuries to servicemen resulting from activity incident to service. Although agreeing with this holding, the Court of Appeals remanded the case upon concluding that respondent had at least a colorable constitutional claim under the doctrine of Bivens v. 388 , whereby a violation of constitutional rights can give rise to a damages action against the offending federal officials even in the absence of a statute authorizing such relief, unless there are special factors counselling hesitation or an explicit congressional declaration of another, exclusive remedy. Respondent then amended his complaint to add Bivens claims and attempted to resurrect his FTCA claim. Although dismissing the latter claim, the District Court refused to dismiss the Bivens claims, rejecting, inter alia, the Governments argument that the same considerations giving rise to the Feres doctrine should constitute special factors barring a Bivens action.In February 1958, James B. Stanley, a master sergeant in the Army stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, volunteered to participate in a program ostensibly designed to test the effectiveness of protective clothing and equipment as defenses against chemical warfare. He was released from his then-current duties and went to the Armys Chemical Warfare Laboratories at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.
Four times that month, Stanley was secretly administered doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), pursuant to an Army plan to study the effects of the drug on human subjects. According to his Second Amended Complaint (the allegations of which we accept for purposes of this decision), as a result of the LSD exposure, Stanley has suffered from hallucinations and periods of incoherence and memory loss, was impaired in his military performance, and would on occasion awake from sleep at night and, without reason, violently beat his wife and children, later being unable to recall the entire incident. One year later, his marriage dissolved because of the personality changes wrought by the LSD. December 10, 1975, the Army sent Stanley a letter soliciting his cooperation in a study of the long-term effects of LSD on volunteers who participated in the 1958 tests. 669, 672] This was the Governments first notification to Stanley that he had been given LSD during his time in Maryland. 2671 et seq., alleging negligence in the administration, supervision, and subsequent monitoring of the drug testing program. Ewen Cameron): The man who I had thought cared about what happened to me didnt give a damn. Ewen Cameron conducted CIA-funded experiments on troubled Canadian patients he was meant to help MacIntyre: the CIA caved in the day before the trial was to begin.
They settled out of court for $750,000 at the time it was the largest settlement the CIA had ever awarded.
28, 1984 (digital clip) It sounds like a science fiction plot or a horror movie: A front organization for the American CIA sets up shop in Canada to engage in mind control experiments.
But its no fiction, its the discussion on the floor of the House of Commons and among lawyers for the Department of External Affairs.
Canadians caught up in the research, including a member of Parliaments wife, may finally get some action from the government in their pursuit of answers and compensation. Recruited Ex-Nazis By SAM ROBERTS December 11, 2010 After World War II, American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped, according to thousands of newly declassified documents. Men who were classified as ardent Nazis were chosen just weeks after Hitlers defeat to become respectable U.S. Reinhard Gehlen (middle) and his SS united were hired, and swiftly became agents of the CIA when they revealed their massive records on the Soviet Union to the US.
The men designed the CIAs interrogation program and also personally took part in the waterboarding sessions. But to do the job, the CIA had to promise to cover at least $5 million in legal fees for them in case there was trouble down the road, former U.S. For the simple reason that it would inexorably lead to the covert biological war programmes of the 1950's.
According to CIA documents, K indicates both knockout and kill, depending upon the circumstances under which researched biological products were employed by CIA operatives in the field operations conducted under Project Artichoke and later programs.

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