Whether you’re a parent, a huge supporter of education, or something in between, there’s a way for YOU to raise your hand and give back to America’s classrooms. With your help, these numbers can continue to grow and your contributions can positive re-shape the future of America’s classrooms!
Raise Your Hand is Lundbeck’s web-based awareness initiative that generates support for people with rare diseases during the month of February.
This site contains medical information that is intended for residents of the United States only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by a medical professional. You have chosen to visit another Lundbeck website or a third-party website, which is provided as a service to you. More often than not, teachers are shoveling out their own money to provide supplies and resources for their classrooms – and they don’t come cheap!
The campaign was born of a partnership with the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), the U.S.

Each unique click triggers Lundbeck to make a $1 donation to NORD’s research grant fund (up to a maximum donation of $10,000). Lundbeck does not control content on third-party websites and cannot make representations concerning the accuracy of information on every website you visit. Engage us and see how we can help you in building high performance software using cost-effective tooling and infrastructure. We develop realistic usage models to accurately simulate the virtual traffic to a website, followed by careful analysis and correlation of the various metrics collected at the client and server ends. Wouldn’t you like to give back to those teachers who mold the minds of our future; who provide inspiration and encouragement to our children each and every day?
You can help support a particular classroom of choice, or you can be randomly assigned to an individual classroom across the country! Dubowitz Syndrome: A Review and Implications for Cognitive, Behavioral, and Psychological Features.

Use and access of this site are subject to the terms and conditions as set out in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We can help you in identification of bottlenecks – the weakest links in the chain of website flow. The list of what teachers do for our children, our society, and our country’s future is endless.
If you’re a teacher yourself who needs some help with providing tools and resources for your students, log on to register your classroom.

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