To see MANY more photos and more detailed descriptions of the work completed on this travel trailer remodel please visit Making Memories-The RV Remodel. My husband and I are in the middle of the same project…rebuilding our travel trailer from the studs. Im thinking about buying a trailer from a friend, her parents have a very old trailer that has been sitting on a campsite for 8 years untouched. But if everyone suddenly cheered on your every move, you wouldn’t know which insults still bothered you. They reinforced tire wells, walls, rebuilt the kitchen cabinets, dinette, and many other parts of the RV.
This is one incredible travel trailer remodel that took some serious patience and determination.
We will be trying to complete this project in time for a 4 day (camping) country music festival, starting August 15, 2014, which we bought tickets for long before we knew the reality of our situation. My husband and I are about to renovate a 1980 5th wheel that we purchased for $500 as well.

You must be very careful when buying a used RV and even more so when it has set idle for the length of time that this one has.
The exterior of the travel trailer didn’t receive the overhaul the interior had due to the exterior overall being in much better condition. I can handle the body work outside but Is it possible to just lift the whole thing and put it on a new chassis? It looks to be about the same condition so I’d be interested to know what this couple spent.
I am going to refer you to a few articles to hopefully get you more information on what to look for. At $500 it is hard to go wrong, but without knowing what you are getting into it could cost you thousands to make it usable. When it was all said and done the couple had spent over 4 months completing this travel trailer remodel.
You may want to find someone that knows their way around a RV to take with you when you go to see it.

I keep thing this is always what I wanted and I have the chance now but I have NO idea what to look for as far as major problems and leaks. The couple that personally started and completed this travel trailer renovation was very pleased to get their new RV for $500, but after getting a look at some of the damage during the demolition it seems that $200 may have been a more reasonable offer. I’m a single mother and would love to have this lil vacation spot for my 12 year old daughter and me. The new owners reported 1 big bonus; two free rolls of toilet paper were included with the sale!

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