If you live or work in a large metropolitan area, everyone you meet will be used to speaking English with an strong (strange) accents, and no one really cares that much.
For example, when you go for an interview, you will be fighting the stereotype of the typical Indian who nods his head too much.
Also, when you’re on conference calls or presenting before an audience, people may not fully understand what you say, and are mostly too polite to ask for clarification, thereby lessening the efficacy of your presentation.
Good news again: Indians are seen as being really smart, especially if you’re in IT or medicine. It’s a little less pronounced if you’re an attractive lady, but that’s reverse sexism at play, and you may not want to be judged on the basis of how you look.
Vitaliy Varvaruk LingQ and grammarMost language courses teach grammar.Learning grammar is not natural.
After the observation, when I came back to the office, I googled it and found out it was not a name of a person! When we are asked, “Do you mind~?” Normally, the answer is, “No.” However, I had no idea that Americans use this question so much before coming here. So when I was asked “Do you mind~?” in my first few weeks here, I answered “Yes.” with a smile and saw the person’s awkward face. Anyway, after seeing such awkward faces a few times, I felt sorry and made up my mind not to repeat that mistake again.

Because English is not my first language, which means I’m a foreigner here, it’s difficult to catch when people speak fast. However, when colleagues talk to each other or visitors ask me something very fast, it’s hard to understand on the first try.
When I got an email saying that some of staff would gather in the Sensory Room for ‘Collections Handling Brush Up’, I didn’t understand what exactly it meant because I hadn’t had a chance to get collections handling training. If you have a strong accent, you WILL be seen as an outsider, and there are various ways in which this works against you. People may not take you seriously if the job that you’re applying for involves a lot of communication (marketing jobs, sales, that kind of thing).
I think Raghu can testify to this, since he’s in IT (I’m not, I’m in marketing and communications). I’m not talking about hitting on women or being sleazy; the simple fact is that hanging out with co-workers is where a lot of networking happens, and in social scenarios, the Indian accent is unfortunately not the best.
You can’t let a language get you down; it’s not what defines your intelligence and your character. Besides ‘Garlands’, because there are a lot of interesting activities happening in our children’s museum, I encounter some kinds of words like ‘icky’, ‘goo’, and ‘popsicle’, which sometimes I can’t even guess what they mean. Although I know the answer, I often make a mistake by answering automatically, “Yes!” because “No” seems like a negative answer to me regardless of the question.

But when I am asked “Do you mind~?” I still feel like answering, “Yes.” I hope people don’t take this the wrong way.
At BCM, I mostly understand because people here, who spend a lot of time with kids, speak a little bit slower than normal Americans do.
Now I know what visitors usually ask and I’ve adjusted to the speed more; it’s easier for me to understand fast spoken English. As long as you’re polite and smile often (not too much though, you don’t want to look like an idiot), you should get along fine. You don’t have to put on a fake American accent; a neutral accent is far better than trying to mimic people. If you can learn how to bowl an outswinger, or dance kathak, or fly a kite, or drive in Bangalore traffic, or pass your 12th boards while deeply in love… you can learn a language. They are afraid to make mistakes.At LingQ we do not want you to think so much about grammar. Because I learned it by practicing and training, now I clearly understand what ‘brush up’ means!

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