At Neuro Performance Rehab, we use the ARP POV Sports Performance technology and proprietary EVO protocols, a patented, FDA authorized, proprietary training system that allows athletes to accomplish things on the field and in the weight room they could never, ever achieve on their own through conventional training.
These are the physical traits and training aspects necessary to compete as an elite athlete. Muscle group involvement in the proportionate production of strength and size; the ancillary muscle groups “turn on” at the same proportionate rate as the primary movers. With our ARP POV System and proprietary training protocols, designed by super trainer of the world’s most elite athletes, Jay Schroeder, and implemented by the experts at Neuro Performance Rehab, we are able to train the body at high velocity with limited movement in a lot of cases, eliminating the chance for injury while allowing the athlete to train at a very high level without compensatory actions.
For the human body to make quantum leaps in physiological performance and for the brain to send the support needed to allow this to happen, we must train at at LEAST 93% of our capacity for hours at a time which as we all know is impossible. When you train under the Evo Ultrafit protocols utilizing the POV Sport technology (FDA Approved and Patented), we are able to train your muscles neurologically in such a way that your brain thinks you are training at HIGH VELOCITY and in doing so, sends the appropriate support needed to sustain this maximum level of  training.  This INCREASED support will come in the form of more muscle fiber inclusion, nutritional fuel, blood flow and cellular support and an increase in your ability to absorb force and a vast increase in your overall range of motion.
There is no other form of training in the world from a protocol and technology stand point that can generate the physiological results that our system can attain. Imagine having the ability to INCREASE your range of motion and flexibility by 20+% instantaneously, GUARANTEED. Protagonistic muscles simultaneously, something that is impossible for you to do on your own. What would it be like to be able to perform ONE “Extreme Slow”  SPRINTING movement over a 5 minute period, but your muscles and brain think that it is occurring at 245X per second neurologically? What would your performance level look like if you could TRAIN and RECUPERATE simultaneously!!? With our ARP POV Technology and proprietary protocols, you can actually work out intensely while your muscles are in recovery mode.
Imagine training on a system that IMMEDIATELY increased your body’s ability to absorb force by a minimum of 10 X your current ability. More importantly, however, you will be able to train at HIGH VELOCITY, achieving levels that can NOT be replicated in a weight room, and the more you train at this HIGH VELOCITY with our technology and program, the more your brain thinks of it as your new pattern! For years, you have trained your body PHYSIOLOGICALLY, with the understanding that this would spur muscle growth, flexibility, strength, agility, speed and overall performance in order to transcend your skills onto the field, baseball diamond or court. You are an electrical being run by a nervous system and this system dictates your muscles every move and literally drives your level of performance, good or bad.
Your neurological make up dictates how fast, strong and agile you become due to the fact that the brain will only send the support needed to accomplish these tasks based on the information it receives neurologically.  If you continue to train the same way you have always been taught, attempting to increase speed and strength through the “overload principle” and gradual progression, no amount of exercise diversification and “cutting edge performance techniques” will ever work, and you will NEVER realize your true physical potential. One part of our Neuro EVO training is we use a technique called “Extreme Slow” on the ARP POV device. 1) The signals being sent from the ARP POV modality are neurologically contracting the muscle at 245 X per second, which is HIGH VELOCITY. 1) There is a reason the world’s top professional athletes trust their multi-million careers to our system of rehab and performance… because it works. 2) Our workout regimens are a LOT more advanced than your typical sports performance centers, as they are not only  meant to build sport specific speed and strength, but also build ancillary muscles you never knew you had or trained before. Today we will take the chance to tell you about some of the scientific benefits of regular brain training. When it comes to your ability to learn and memorize new information, your working memory is the main dealbraker.
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If you could live 10 years of your life in total bliss – with NO pain – but in the end, not remember any of it – would you do it?
Forgiveness is making the choice to release our offender from a spiritual debt – so we don’t risk mounting spiritual debt from continued anger and resentment. My research-backed happiness tools have been featured on CNN, Oprah, Psychology Today, The Today Show, etc – and will empower you to live a life you love! BONUS: Upon subscribing, get a free chunk of my Bounce Back Book – recommended by Tony Robbins! This greatly reduces the chance of injury during the performance of a sport skill and everyday activities. This allows for a vast increase in SPEED, STRENGTH, AGILITY and MUSCLE GROWTH while allowing for training in proper form and mechanics.
When all of this comes together effectively, you begin to create NEW MUSCLE MEMORY and are able to perform physiologically at levels traditional training could never take you to.
Once we train your nervous system to work at peak levels, there is literally no ceiling on what you can accomplish from a skill, speed and strength standpoint!

Not only would this allow you play harder and longer but in the process virtually ELIMINATE the chance of 80% of most injuries! When this occurs, the brain sends the support mechanisms for you to continue this HIGH VELOCITY training which transcends on to the field and becomes your NEW muscle and performance patterns! In essence, you have continually trained your HARDWARE (your muscles) while ignoring the most important component of what drives elite athletic performance; your NEUROLOGICAL make-up… your SOFTWARE if you will. However, we continually ignore this important component and train ourselves physiologically day after day, week after week, month after month and sadly year after year, when the fact remains we can expedite our level of physical and athletic performance to ELITE LEVELS 60% FASTER than traditional training if we concentrate on building ourselves neurologically… strengthening the very foundation that dictates our performance on the field! When this occurs, the brain needs to send mechanisms to support this high velocity, in the form of fuel, additional muscle actions (muscles they have probably never used for sprinting and speed), etc. For example, if you are max bench pressing and trying to get that final rep… you would arch your back, use your stronger arm a little more than the other to compensate and push it to the final point. That is compensatory actions. When you factor in the ARP POV technology, the sport specific speed and strength training coupled with the building of ancillary muscles, you will get explosiveness and power that you never knew you had; explosiveness and power that transcends onto the field. Call Mark At 929-ARP-Wave (929-277-9283) And We Will Schedule A FREE Loosening Session For YOU or Your ENTIRE Team. These benefits include improved memory, the ability to multi-task, an increased confidence in the workplace and a decreased risk of burnout.
These are just some of the tasks that you need to manage in one day; multiple stimuli competing for your attention at once.
Sick children, broken washing machines, bills that need paying - something always requires your attention and it is easy to get irritated at everything and everyone that demands your time and energy. Stefan Diestel, Assistant Professor of the Technical University in Dortmund, Germany, found that employees with lower cognitive abilities had a 50% higher likelihood of suffering from burnout than people with higher cognitive abilities [3]. Have plans to travel the world when you retire or work on projects you never had the time for before? These empowering affirmations have been used in thousands of coaching sessions and are proven to be effective. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. All this results in elite performance levels on the field that could never, ever be attained through conventional training. If you were to run as fast as you could over 100 yards, in the last 10 yards you swing your arms harder, bend your head lower, or use other positions or compensatory actions to finish the sprint. In a nutshell, you truly will be trained in the same mindset, regimen and with the same technology as our elite professional athletes. Luckily, our NeuroNation exercises are here to prevent your brain from becoming the latter - they are specifically tailored to improve your working memory. But whether you let irritation take over or not, depends on your emotional control, which can be more or less efficient. If you're making plans for your retirement, taking it for granted that you will be able to enjoy it, you might want to think ahead in terms of your mental health too.
Because your brain does not NEED to adapt to a massive increase in velocity or stimuli due to the continued, gradual progression training format you are using and thus will continue to only send the support needed NEUROLOGICALLY to perform these tasks and not an ounce more. In Extreme Slow, however, you can do it with PROPER FORM and even CORRECT certain flaws in motion, which would be impossible to do in real time.
Studies indicate that your ability to control your emotions is directly related to the strength of your working memory [2]. But brain training can help improve your mental abilities in a gentle way, and decrease the likelihood of burnout in the long run. Studies show that those who are mentally active on a regular basis have a 46% decreased risk of developing dementia [4]. The motto, “The will to prepare for results is more important than the will for results” becomes clear as you progress through the system. While you are doing this, however, remember the muscles and nervous system think this is occurring at max velocity and max speed so you are creating MUSCLE MEMORY of this sprint or this action and doing so with almost perfect form.
When you utilize the“Loosening Protocols” on the ARP EVO program, your muscles go into eccentric contraction, meaning they lengthen. On one hand, training can help to improve your willpower; your ability to decide which stimulus receives your attention.
Brain training can improve your working memory, and this is beneficial to your capability to control your emotions, making you more resistant to stress. Although so far there is no proof that brain training by itself can prevent dementia, it can be an important part of an active lifestyle.

When your muscles are elongated, they can be trained at maximum velocity while still recovering. It helps your brain efficiently decide which task to focus on, so you don't lose sight of what is important, and can work off each task step by step.
Surely, you'll want to enjoy your golden years, and prevention is the best way to make sure you can. The training completely eliminates the usual symptoms of overtraining, and can become, depending on the level of the individual, specific to the very goals desired by each client without interruption of everyday life performance or of the necessary athletic skills required by athletes. With traditional training, however, your muscles go into concentric contraction, meaning they SHORTEN up, and this causes tightness and soreness post workout or game.More to the point, however, is how this translates onto the playing field. After all, who wouldn't rather spend their money on a beachside pina colada than on a nursing home? Upstairs is the boxing ring where Ward trains young fighters, and all of them want to pay their respects to this retired boxer, a local legend long before Mark Wahlberg immortalized him in Paramount's new hit movie "The Fighter."The gym sits in an industrial park not far from the town line of Lowell, the small and densely-populated city northwest of Boston where Ward grew up fast amid a daily tableau of substance abuse, defunct textile mills and, thankfully, a number of boxing gyms where a young fighter could channel his energy into a sport that demands discipline and rewards resilience. As a game is played muscles SHORTEN and tighten up, thus the reason for injuries and soreness after games. In essence, if less capacity is used for irrelevant information, more brain power is left for the essentials. He started boxing at age 7.Until "The Fighter" began arriving in the theaters last week, "Irish" Micky Ward was best known for his three epic bouts with the late Arturo Gatti in 2002 and 2003 - famous fights that aren't in the film, which ends in 2000 to complete a satisfying arc. By “Loosening” up prior to the game, you can play at a much higher level because the muscles are elongated but more importantly, AFTER the game the muscles are looser and the potential for soreness and injury is non-existent. After the Gatti trilogy, Ward retired, an eternal hero to the people of this blue-collar town.
Built into the system are the strategies necessary to maintain specific traits for extended periods of time so that other supercompensation levels may be heightened. At this point the athletes do what is called “Loosening Recovery” protocols, takes about 5 minutes on the ARP POV device and they are now as FRESH after the game as they were BEFORE IT!! A study conducted in collaboration with the Free University Berlin proved that regular brain training with NeuroNation improves your multitasking abilities [1]. He is active in charity work, and hopes to write a book about his life.Ward still resides in Lowell, a 45-year-old family man who is willing to admit - if just barely - that he's "doing OK" for himself.
Self-congratulation is practically constitutionally prohibited in Lowell, where many townspeople are humbled by the spirit of their ancestors - refugees of Irish potato famine or, more recently, Cambodian genocide.
NO OTHER TRAINING SYSTEM out there can replicate this, which sets us apart from all others.
It's your will to be able to take punches or go through pain and not give up."And there was certainly no shortage of pain in Ward's biography, as David O.
What gets him there, besides love and loyalty, is a devastating left hook and the ability to patiently absorb the meanest of punches. But they're all grownups."There is also a lot of joy in "The Fighter," as loyalty pays off and people push themselves off the ropes and back into the fight. One example is O'Keefe, who in real life began training Ward in 1993, just as Eklund went off to prison. O'Keefe, who grew up in Lowell boxing in the same tournaments Ward had competed in, had opened the Lowell Boxing Club as a side project to his police work. In fact, when I started training Micky, I had just gotten into recovering myself, so it was easy for me. I opened that gym for that, because I needed to get back to my roots."At that time, the 28-year-old Ward had been on a hiatus from boxing for a few years, working as a prison guard and on a road paving crew (having first driven a steamroller at age 14).
His brother had been jailed, his father had been convicted of fraud, and - though it's not in the film - Ward had spent several months bedridden after a nasty paving accident required major surgery on his backside. As Ward got back on his feet, O'Keefe invited him to come by the gym and work out, no strings attached. When Eklund was released from prison after serving just over four years of an eight-year sentence, O'Keefe went on his way - but Ward never forgot him. Every community has its flaws, and they only make it that much more important that citizens find the charity to look out for one another, and the pursuits - any sport will do; boxing works in Lowell - that can anchor a young person.

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