The conscious mind is analytical and rational, and features temporary memory and willpower. The subconscious mind conditions our perceptions of the world and our experiences, based on imagination and our literal, emotional responses. For more information about hypnotherapy or hypnosis, or to book an appointment, contact Sian on 07725 732810 or email. One of the big strengths of hypnosis is it helps you make positive changes quickly and permanently. Although they know on a conscious level that gambling is bad, they don’t know on a subconscious level. In the case of spider phobia, hypnotherapists will tell your subconscious mind that spiders are not terrifyingly dangerous.
For a food addict, a hypnotherapist might explain that although certain foods are enjoyable, too much can harm your health. FREE Hypnosis MP3s!Get 3 FREE pre-selected hypnosis MP3s when you sign-up to our newsletter!
Hypnosis is a method by which we can communicate with the subconscious mind by deeply relaxing, thus changing our state of awareness, focus and concentration. The conscious mind is very good at analyzing, organizing and making decisions, but it is limited in getting results because it involves only 10% of the mind’s power. Like in hypnosis, it taps into the subconscious mind’s components, deeper wisdom, knowing and intuitive side. The Power of Hypnosis & Guided Imagery-Paralyzed-See how I used Hypnosis to help train my muscles so I could walk again.

And to keep us safe, the subconscious learns from this information and creates automatic protective habits, so we don't have to think through our response in each instance: we can just act. This blocks any mis-matched input, and protects existing beliefs from challenge, keeping our world stable and familiar. Where there is inconsistency between the beliefs in the conscious and subconscious minds, our stated goals and values contradict our actual experience and priorities.
In this state, we have access the subconscious mind when it is more open to suggestions and revisions to current ways of operating.
Once it knows this, your subconscious will no longer feel the need to trigger an automatic fear response. Having hypnotherapy in your life can make a massive difference – especially when used regularly.
Unlike stage hypnosis that many are familiar with, it is a tool which we can utilize to enhance or enable what we set our minds to accomplish. Can’t you just make up your mind and make change happen with just a conscious effort?
It works with how people store information in the mind, how communication takes place within and how to make changes in it all, if desired, to create new feelings and experiences. It is often combined with traditional hypnotic technique, but can be used as a stand alone.
In contrast, the subconscious mind is imaginative, literal, security-orientated, and features permanent memory, allowing it to record every experience throughout our lives. In turn, these responses reinforce the beliefs and perceptions which underlie them every time they are used.

So, for example, we may say we want to lose weight, but somehow can't seem to make the changes to eating and activity that would achieve weight loss. And this is where the changes you want begin, with your subconscious accepting that there are more positive and beneficial ways to meet your needs, in ways that keep you safe, healthy and happy. If you shake uncontrollably at the sight of spiders, it’s your subconscious mind that triggers this. This stops you being in two minds – your head telling you one thing, and your heart telling you another. It can also help with your confidence, stress, relationships, public speaking, sleep and so on. This deeply relaxed awakened state, where you are in control, is similar to one accessed during meditation. It is a safe, non-invasive technique that can be used for the realization of both physical and mental well-being. It can help you accomplish goals you may have, or create changes you desire both personally and professionally.

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