Max and I finally had some time to document our own little addition… due in two weeks on Dec.
Mary Lou Hjort (Wes Pope’s mom)Fred - Katie, you are so beautiful you remind me of your mother when she was pregnant with you 33 years ago.
Jessica Simpson Maternity Clothes Spring 2013 – It’s So Hard To Find Cute Maternity Clothes! I’m so excited to see this handsome couple again tomorrow…and meet their baby girl!! Sorry for the onslaught of photos but I just love this maternity session and I loved working with this couple. And not only are they completely in love with each other, they are clearly the best of friends.

Thank you, Nina, for capturing this exciting time in our lives so beautifully (and dealing with my crazy pregnant lady shenanigans). We are waiting until the birth to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl, and we can’t wait to post more photos after the big (but hopefully small) arrival.
Also the shot of you on the bed is so soft and lovely.Liz Haas - Love!Elizabeth Barnes Bober - Katie! Both such wonderful and amazing people…I hope their daughter will always know how perfectly lovely her parents are and how lucky she is to have them as parents.
If you’d like to secure a spot before they become unavailable, please contact Nina here.
After looking through these photos and picking my favorites to post, I still cannot believe how big my belly is!

Simply beautiful.Hannah - There has never been a cuter preg!Twila Samborski - Katie & Max incredible shots of that gorgeous belly! Cant wait to hear the great news!!Robert Fitch Maternity Photography NYC - Katie, What an AMAZING series of photographs!

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