Run From The Future - Koresh [Album: 2 SIRIUS (B)]The future tribulation will desolate the entire world, with all its people in it. Available for booking Internationally, for Hip Hop events and speaking at Churches or Public events about the information on the site, Secret Societies such as the Illuminati and Bible Prophecies of the End Times coming to fulfillment. Fishin' for GemsInterview:- Jim Keith is one of America's most respected conspiracy researchers.
Coming Break Up of America Part 1- America faces the most critical juncture in its 229 year history.

Monsanto is a multi-billion dollar corporation focused in creating pesticides and genetically modified foods. The conspiracy side of things comes in when you account for the fact that many government leaders have financial ties to Monsanto, which leads to easier approval from the FDA. From Kabbalah to Scientology, celebrities have been devoting themselves to fads in religious practices for years. There's no denying that this company is involved in some ethically questionable business practices for the sake of increasing profits.

Some even claim that the company has taken drastic steps to prevent farmers from using anything except their products. Monsanto was the creator of the infamous "Agent Orange" herbicide and has not fully tested the effects of GMO crops on humans.

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