From a recent surveys of CEO’s from IBM consulting 65% of businesses are undergoing or expecting to undergo significant change in the next 2 years and nearly half have had a poor experience of past change programmes.
It has often been identified that the use of external business change specialists, such as All4Change, achieve results 5-8 times faster than most internal programmes. All4Change would carry out an intensive 1-2 week Business Analysis which identifies the key issues and quantifies the benefits that can be achieved.
A change in operational performance will only occur if people within an organisation change what they are doing. Most companies have sales organisations that work hard and are considered to be successful. All4Change will review all aspects of the sales organisation from individual sales performance, leadership style and capability, tools used to manage and forecast sales and the sales department’s integration and communications with the rest of the company. It is a truism that Companies who have a culture of continual improvement are more likely to gain the maximum benefit available from outside consultants. All4Change can streamline your organisation through the diligent implementation of companywide alignment of Roles and Responsibilities. Competitive advantage is gained by using All4Change to deliver a step change in your performance. We have yet to come across a company that is seeking to improve, but is not already making some improvements.
Every client recognises that the need for improvement is constant, and opportunities to do better always exist. In looking at the most common reasons, you may recognise one or more that fits your situation. All4Change will focus on delivery of results without being sidetracked by everyday management issues. All4Change fundamentally believe in open, honest and frank communications with our clients.
All4Change want to help you in the long term, but believe that each week you should be able to hold us to account for what we have delivered to you. All4Change deliver sustainable improvements, implementing the first changes in a few weeks and starting to make an impact on the bottom line rapidly as we progress through the project, frequently achieving 70% of the agreed ROI before the end of the implementation project. All4Change address root causes, their dependencies and leave a legacy of tools, motivated and better trained people and know-how to provide long term sustainability. You know what results you will get from a programme before you start, you are aware of how the result will be achieved, and you are provided with a mechanism to monitor and control the performance of the programme on an ongoing weekly basis.
Our fees are always structured in such a way that the decision to proceed with a programme is a calculated logical financially based decision. The need to increase the performance and productivity of the workforce is so often cited as the number one priority. The link between psychological wellbeing and business performance is now well established, but that’s not to say that most organisations have already ‘done’ wellbeing. This search for performance and productivity improvement has been further sharpened by the need to ‘do more with less’ which has left businesses with fewer employees and more work than ever before.
The '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing are central to our approach to performance improvement.
Set performance goals and measure the way the improvements in wellbeing help you to achieve them. Use the '6 Essentials™' to find the blockers of wellbeing and productivity in your business. MD of Cary Cooper's business psychology firm, Robertson Cooper - for all things wellbeing, engagement and resilience at work.
Professor Cary Cooper, Director and Founder of Robertson Cooper Ltd, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School.
Just as a few milliseconds make the difference between anonymous athletes and Olympians, slightly better performance or a few days’ advantage in time to market may enable a business to win a market. Not long ago, the only way to be distracted from work was by getting a phone call (landline, of course) in the office .
Slowly, gadgets have become more powerful – pagers became mobile phones and then smart phones, which came with their siblings, powerful and lightweight tablets.
Finishing an important  task becomes increasingly difficult when the cell phone nearby carries a message from a loving family member, concerned business partner, or angry customer, and they all expect immediate attention.

True, there have always been excuses to avoid a boring job and opt for more fun or socially rewarding activities. Employees spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and their likes, driven by the fear of missing important (or totally trivial) status updates. A few decades ago, business owners had a short list of advertising platforms to choose from: printed media (newspapers and magazines), broadcast media (TV and radio), billboards, and the Yellow Pages. Similarly, there are many different ways to manage relationships with clients: to manufacture (or outsource) the products, to cooperate with business partners, etc. Today’s work involves dozens and possibly hundreds of activities, processes, distractions, and factors that make focused work – one task at a time – almost impossible.
Corporate executives don’t just take care of their own personal productivity; they must also make sure that their subordinates work productively while learning and acquiring new skills. The problem is that many activities, such as code development, are best accomplished through straight several-hour sessions without external interruptions. As the world develops, driven both by technological changes and social trends, one must learn more and more just to keep in pace. When we see the barriers to productivity clearly, it becomes obvious that being able to work productively with minimal idle time and distraction is essential.
Can you name management trends that most business executives appreciate but few ever implement? A revenue model describes how a business generates revenue streams from its products and services. It is the combination of our experience and approach allied to your peoples’ knowledge of the business that enables us to deliver results in just a few months that would normally take years.
Using a variety of tools and proven methodologies we are able to start implementing changes in just a few weeks and you will start to see the benefit impact on your bottom line just as quickly. If people continue working in the same way, results and therefore the productivity will remain the same. However, detailed analysis of leading sales organisations, in many different industries, across the world have shown how little time is actually spent selling to potential customers. By looking at the sales performance in an holistic way All4Change are able to align all the elements of the sales department and improve sales achieved and reduce the cost of sales. They are more receptive to fresh ideas, more prepared to accept challenges to their own thoughts and horizons and have a greater capacity to adopt best practice methodologies brought to them both from within and outside their own sector. The problem for every client however, is that at the same time you are making improvements, so too are the competition. In addition the implementation and embedding of an MOS into organisations daily tasks will focus activities, highlight issues at an early stage and improve performance and efficiency. The performance gain All4Change delivers is frequently complimentary with existing programmes.
We deliver a larger "cashable prize" as we are able to focus purely on that prize and are not restrained by old working practices, loyalties or friendships.
This is what All4Change do, what we have done many times over many years in many different companies and industries. All4Change start with the end goal in mind and work backwards determining what needs to be done, by when, to deliver the end goal. Clients often comment that the results we achieve in 6 months would typically take them 2-3 years to reach.
Transparency is achieved by weekly progress sessions demonstrating adherence to the master schedule mutually agreed at the start of the implementation project.
There are no long term contracts and financial commitments, we earn the right to continue with the project each and every week. The Business Analysis follows a prescribed series of steps to ensure we uncover the real issues, root causes and true impact they are having on the business. But usually, traditional approaches like competency-based performance management, working smarter and LEAN have already been ‘done’ in the business. On the contrary, for many it is a work in progress, for still more psychological wellbeing remains largely untapped, (view article). As a result, the need for an engaged and motivated workforce with high levels of wellbeing and discretionary effort has never been stronger. Because of the proven link between wellbeing and productivity, as well as our own experience of working with clients, we know that organisational improvements in wellbeing can translate to performance gains.

The Goal), increased productivity for companies and organizations has been emphasized, analyzed and taught in detail. But the realm of distractions grew exponentially with the emergence of social networks and media. This has become such an epidemic that various employers are launching initiatives aimed at minimizing such distractions.
Today the opportunities online, offline, in-apps, via social media, through various forms of sponsorship, etc. This often means engaging in zillions of different processes and activities while running the business. Today’s business environment requires constant updates about new types of competitors, changing customer preferences and behaviors, advanced tools and resources, etc. If All4Change can deliver ?1M of benefits to you in just 5 months rather than 24 months, think what that can do for your bottom line this year. In most projects you will be achieving 70% of the identified benefits before the project is completed. All4Change carry out the work ourselves in order to provide the best service and solutions possible. Any deviation from plan is quickly identified and discussed with you in order to resolve any issues and get back to plan.
There is a direct benefit for you in carrying out the Business Analysis itself, but most clients having worked with us during the Analysis choose to continue working with us in addressing the issues identified and delivering the agreed benefits. In reality, the search for new drivers of performance or, in the private sector, new sources of competitive advantage, is never ending. The ability to improve work processes, manufacture just in time, achieve operational efficiency and optimize inventory levels allows companies to decrease costs and become more competitive and profitable.
Learning how to improve productivity is essential for entrepreneurs and executives as well as entry-level employees.
Any inefficiency or ineffectiveness in some of these processes and activities wastes time and decreases overall productivity.
It is the speed, scale of benefits, certainty and sustainability that All4Change delivers to you.
However, sustainable results can only be achieved if the new ways of working remain embedded in both individual behaviour and Management Operating System. However, sustainable results can only be achieved if the new ways of working remain embedded and both individual and organisational behaviour continue to adopt the new processes.
Experience shows that different aspects of sales activities in most companies are delivered in a piece meal way.
In most cases you know that you have most of the pieces you need, but it just will not come together and your competition is not allowing you the time it is taking.
If All4Change are able to save the client ?1 million per year on his bottom line, then this saving is reached 18 months sooner.
The people who initially meet you, will design and implement the solutions and are with you throughout the project.
Any programme resulting from an Analysis will be decided on the basis of a factual business case rather than spin or assumptions. Work productivity is as important for many of today’s professionals as creativity, teamwork and communication skills are. It is this embedding of behavioural change that is part of the success of All4Change to ensure the improved results are delivered and sustained. You control the programme resulting from the diagnostic analysis, we only implement the mutually agreed changes.
The fundamentally different approach used in determining the issues, the size of those issues and the benefits that can be delivered taps into the hidden successes that lie undetected in many organisations.

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