What if I told you there was a solution to improve your attention, enchance your decision making, and reduce unhealthy temptations? The study was led by Professor June Pilcher and published in the journal Frontiers of Human Neuroscience.
With our busy lives and hectic schedules, many of us view sleep as a luxury instead of a priority.
Continue reading for tips on falling asleep fast and releasing stress for a good night’s sleep.
Rewire Me founder Rose Caiola is a happy and grateful mother, wife, daughter, business leader, writer, teacher, speaker, and investigator of a number of disciplines that promote wellness.
Knowing who you are and appreciating your best qualities is the first step to finding that true, honest love. On the other hand, if you know you are fun to be around, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. A big DON'T would be to change yourself to try to gain approval from whoever you are talking to.
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Pilcher explains that “many aspects of our daily lives can be affected by better-managed sleep and self-control capacity. The problem is that sleep deprivation impacts every area of your life, from your mental to your physical health.
Along her ongoing journey to self-awareness and self-improvement she saw the need for a destination resource for everyone seeking ideas and information for well-being. Your relationships will suffer if you do not take the time to know yourself and accept yourself.
While physical appearance is not nearly as important as intellect or charm, it is easier to alter. If you normally wear sweatpants when you do grocery shopping, try wearing jeans and a decent casual top. Learn to admit that you might be overbearing or too quiet, and gradually work yourself out of these habits. Embrace your positives and do not deny yourself the recognition you deserve because of them. When you meet someone who is worth dating, you will not have to hide who you truly are in any way.
Chances are, the other person will not even remember, so the best thing to do is to change the subject or just move on in the conversation.

According to a recent study, the answer is good sleeping habits—which includes going to bed at the same time each night, staying away from caffeine late in the afternoon, and giving yourself time to unwind before bedtime.
Gaining a healthy sense of self esteem will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself. You might meet someone anywhere you go, and dressing presentably will give you a head start to making a good first impression. It can take a long time to change bad habits and communicate more effectively with others, but it will happen.
It is far too easy to focus on your flaws and forget about just how lovable and endearing you truly are. When you improve your self esteem, you will feel lovable no matter what you are wearing or how many awkward moments you have.
While some features might not be easily changed, such as weight, accepting and accommodating these features can help you look and feel your best. Avoid clothing that is too tight or revealing; instead, go for something that is more sophisticated and mysterious.

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