Is it any wonder the Bible clearly gives us many details about who Satan is, what he does, how he evolved from Lucifer to Satan, and what his wicked agenda is? That being said, why is it so hard for people to see the reality of the spirit world, both good and bad, that surrounds us daily? Do not doubt for even a moment that there is a much a€?highera€™ agenda taking place than meets the eyea€¦and what a profound, meticulous, and incredible way to get it done than to utilize mana€™s own government system and programs?
Though these things are prophesied to happen and we know we are living in the end times spoken of in the Bible, many still refuse to believea€¦refuse to listena€¦refuse to prepare! The Bible names stars, or asteroids, as one of the signs given us in the end times, including, the sea and the waves roaringa€”tsunami? Did You Know that NASA has an esoteric agenda to help bring about a one world government, a New World Order?
Exploring Ancient Lunar Legends as First Supermoon in Three Decades Set to Dazzle Tonight Break Your Blood Moon Curse Is this Planet X… Something caught next to the suna€¦HUGE! Lucifer already controls this planet and he wants to control the universe, but it won’t work out the way he wants it to. Im not sure, Even though one of her video’s is in this story I just checked Williams other stories and his headlines werent as sensational and awe inspiring and gripping like Chicken Lyntles are. Not sure how Mormonism came into the conversation but here are a few facts based on Sociology; religion has several phases as it grows cult, sect are a couple phases so at one time Mormonism was a cult, then a sect and finally it evolved into a religion same as other christian based faiths. Lets step back into the time when people broke away from Catholicism and became Pentecostals, Lutherans, ect, these were cults, sects based on the number of people who transitioned from catholic into these new sub groups.

That is how he communicates with the statue, in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, as well as abominable people, in the Old Testament. Some of you people are more disturbing than the guy writing the nonsense articles we are being forced to read! I was at a doctor today and some 69 year old guy is telling everyone in the waiting room that Elvis was DNA tested in San Diego and found dead under a bridge this last March and that Nixon put him in witness protection so he could disappear from fame as he was tired of it. Don’t your sciences begin in a cave, called a psychomanteum, where people consume poisonous herbs, listen to their own echoes, and huff gases, from a crack in the floor?
And, hasn’t one of your most famous philosophers described the secular govt, in terms of shadows on the wall of a cave? If you are an adult and go around quoting the bible and talking about this nonsense, you are mentally ill and need to seek help. If it is not for good then this means that we could witness in the future a a€?deja vua€? of what happened over 3000 years ago. Why do these things surprise, yet again and again, so many people, especially the ones who are supposed to knowa€”the Body of Christ? After all, it is through the government that the Antichrist himself will manifesta€”through a global system that is being created right nowa€”the New World Order.
The moon objective was a front, and happened on a stage set as proven in my a€?Illuminati Moon Landing Hoax Exposeda€? video on my ProConstitutioner account.

Mormonism is also The Church of Jesus Christ which means those people believe in Christ as their savior. You realize nothing, absolutely nothing posted here about these nonsensical predictions have come true?
Where the plans of NASA will lead them into an almighty confrontation with the creator of the universe. NASA was ran by Nazi scientist under operation paperclip, and Jack Parsons who was deeply involved in the occult summoning up evil spirits, and fallen angels.
Brothers Incredible Boomerang Ufo Craft Sighting False Prophet Inflammatory Heresies: Jesus Was a Failure, One World Religion, Holiness Without Jesus, Illuminati Signal + More (Multiple Videos) A Show You Need to Listen to if you Value Your Soul! Now there are fake Jews just like there are fake Christians who make the real thing look bad.
UFO Sightings Metro Nevada State Police Officer Chases UFO Area 51 Aliens Sunday Go To Meeting Bun.
When you put the bible or God into anything with conspiracy, you end up with an article that no one but the crazies believe anyway and I assure you, from reading most of the stuff on here, the crazies don’t need articles to read to hear your nonsense, they have more than enough of it built up in them already!

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