Though most web pages pick a reasonable text size, some are just too hard to read because the font size is either too big, or more typically, just too small. The obvious solution is to make the text size larger on the web page itself, which makes reading much easier and provides a relief from eye strain, and there are actually two different approaches to this; full-page zooming, or text-only zooming.
For users with hardware that supports gestures like Mac laptops and Magic TrackPads, you can also use pinch and spread motions to adjust zoom level, just like you can in iOS. The excellent Zoom feature scales everything on a page, and not only the text on a page, but all web page elements, including images, videos, and even Flash too. Some web browsers also provide a separate option to increase only the text size on a web page, rather than zooming in on everything. The keystrokes will remain as Command+ and Command-, but you must toggle the text-only option on before only text is modified. Chrome: Chrome does not appear to support text-only zooming as a native feature, though there are some third party extensions and bookmarklets that will add support for you.

Again, increasing font size only can result in some very screwy looking web pages, and thus it’s really not the best solution. Choose your preferred text size with the mouse or by using the up and down arrow keys and pressing ' Enter ' or by clicking on it.
Press ' Apple ' and ' + ' (plus) to increase the text size and ' Apple ' and ' - ' (minus ) to decrease the text size.
Sometimes it’s not the web sites fault though, and a web page that is perfectly viewable on one computer may become teeny-tiny on another display that has a much larger resolution, a huge screen, or a smaller screen. There are both keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures to zoom in and out of webpages, and fortunately they’re the same to use with every web browser. This is by far the best approach for viewing web pages on large displays, whether it’s a sizable external monitor, projector output, or when exporting a screen to a TV, since everything visible in the browser window scales up with the zoom level, making it much easier to view.
This can be OK used in moderation, but beyond an increase or two, it usually starts to mangle a webpages visibility by skewing page elements and pushing things around, thereby making the actual site unreadable.

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