Confusing, mysterious and interesting are just some of the words used to describe the Curl Secret, Conair’s newest advancement in professional hair styling hot tools. Hot Tools, which is a brand that many professional hairdressers turn to, offers everything needed for gorgeous holiday hairstyles. Hair Styling – The Ornament Of Beauty Hair is considered one of the beauty items since ancient times. From springy ringlets to soft waves, there’s never been a greater choice of tools to help you get the curls of your dreams or just change your look for a night out. Medium short hair has an upper hand on short and long hair lengths because they provide the best hair texture to wear all simple to complex hairstyles. These two mighty tools have been many years in development and are slated to revolutionize the way women curl their hair according to the president of Conair, the maker of both versions.

Hair is drawn gently into a curl chamber where it is held and heated before being released.
Available at mass merchants, drugstores, department stores and some specialty retailers, this model shares some features with the MiraCurl. Auto shut off, sleep mode and motion sensor features provide peace of mind as well as saving energy. The better of the two is undoubtedly the Professional MiraCurl, salon quality perfect for in home use. BaByliss’s Maxlife PRO brushless motor will deliver precise, constant power no matter how thick the hair type. The 8’ professional salon length swivel cord will allow the user greater freedom of movement without getting tangled up.

Instant heat up and ultra fast recovery up to 450F means flawless curls can be produced in quick succession without the inconvenience of waiting. Perfect results are foolproof thanks to a signal alerting the user when it’s time to release the curl. For black women, they are even more advantageous as they help them opt for their all natural afro hairstyles and even go for the chic and modish hairdos of the latest fashion signals.
Both promise to automatically create perfect consistent curls, one after the other with effortless ease but sorting through the differences can be challenging, so read on and find out which one should you choose?

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