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We all know to raise children is no fairy tale and it requires hard work, and so more and more young mothers are creating a void. This void is hard to fill without looking deep within and so they are filling it through drinking alcohol. I know many times before in my articles I mention awareness, but this is the most important step. It is good to acknowledge what the missing piece is and actually accept the current situation without attachment or resentment. As it is not hidden anymore, we can start changing and improving our reality in a healthy way. You can’t fill the gap between what you have and what you are being and what you want to have and be, by focusing on what is missing.
Once we can do that, we immediately join the flow of life and our point of attraction changes, this is so important to know my friend. Once you feel naturally uplifted you will not reach for those harmful substances, which can make your life a misery.
The way to join the flow of life is actually simple and yet so many people look for complex ways and miss it all together. When we ease a bit and let the thoughts just wander without attachment, let the facts flow by and pay no attention to, we can then access that inner place of peace. One of the best ways is to start looking for beauty, intelligence, love in as many things as possible.
Once we are in the flow of life, it is much easier to look for solutions and find them, as they will be coming from a perfect and right place. As I mentioned before, when we are focusing on things that we currently can’t have or do anything about makes us frustrated and creates a void, so we have to look round and see if we can do anything with those things that we already have. The solutions will unfold once you become happy with what you currently have, no matter how small or insignificant.
Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below.
Absolutely Claudia, it is even worse… it is as looking only at the empty part and ignoring the other half. Yes Michele… it can be so big that we can really lose our way, it is important to change the focus on time, so we can get back to the path we are destined to go. This is a brilliant post, Solvita and I so appreciate the clarity of your approach to filling the void and finding inner peace! Great article Solvita, many people focus on what is missing in their lives instead of focusing on what they have and I am not exempt since I have done this at times.
Dear Denise, it is not your higher self, which needs you to fulfill this void, but rather the lower one.
As I quote: "When you were little your parents may have told you that you must work very hard to get your needs met. Quite logical thinking but it's hard to digest the fact the grown up boys at 20 and 18 for whom till yesterday Papa was a noble and understanding creature, suddenly shifts gear and sides Mom, totally alienating poor chap. To appreciate such hard facts are quite heartbreaking and running away or forgiveness will only add to agony.
Rosey Heart Meditation- Powerful Heart Activation that is not in the ebook and will only be shared in class. Please note that this course will be held on Sunday Nights at 8pm eastern and you must have a pink candle for class time and a rose quartz. Immediate download of 8-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. How Can I Find Inner Peace?Home Personal Tao Teachings Ask Questions How Can I Find Inner Peace?
The path taken to find inner peace is as hard or simple as a person makes the journey of self acceptance to be. For example: Zen practice teaches a person to just keep asking questions and then more questions until the mind literally says enough is enough and the mind just lets go.
A problem is many people try to force questions which are Inner Truth in nature as if they were only Outer Truth based issues. This is the root reason for religions causing so many problems: trying to force a personal answer as an universal truth upon others.

Inner Peace can be discovered when understanding many questions are actually asking about Inner Truth.
Is it an easy path to let go of the past?No… since being able to remember the past always gives strength to avoid issues. I’m a very young adult (21) who has reached a certain maturity level which differentiate from everyone I can recall to know in my life. We teach modesty in Taoism, which means simple stories are easier to hold and find balance against.
Today more than ever young mothers are experiencing pressure, of not only being a good mum, but also looking good, finding the way to create income. This is sad, as without help, awareness and understanding the solution can be out of reach for so many.
In other words rather than focusing and feeling joy of what we have, we focus on something that is missing and so feel empty, unworthy, frustrated, unloved, stressed and even ill. When we try to mask our void by filling it in a damaging way with excess and harmful substances, we hide the true reason and source, by masking it. Unfortunately without facing the truth and looking square in the face of the problem, we can never expose it to light and dissolve it. It may be material things or non-material things like love, friendship, attention, and support. For example, we may chase after something, that would make us chase after something else even more. By acceptance of what is and by being OK with it, we are creating a space for healing to happen.
When we clear the mind, we also ease the resistance towards the things that we desire, and so they can come to us. Going to nature, looking at flowers, even beautiful pictures, architecture, art can help you to join the flow of life. Strong and relaxed body can support us in a best way, especially when dealing with challenges that life presents us with daily. The void is really place, which makes us see what is missing and focusing exclusively on that…Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.
I am working with a client who wants to be finished with drinking, so I have been given similar suggestions to them to fill that void and have that same feeling that alcohol gives them, but by replacing it with healthy ways! Recently, he has tried to get back into my life (mostly because his father passed and that was one of his wishes).
So when you strongly believe in that, you might work very hard all your life just to get by.
Vintage of our love life too is like that one mentioned in the write-up with five years of love life starting at an advanced age of 22(both of equal age) and thereafter having a married life spanning over 20 years.
Learn the cosmic forces that shape our perception about one of the most misunderstood forces.
Asking these questions just makes my life miserable as it always leads to no answers over and over again. Of course Zen then takes this a step further and you ask a few more questions just to be sure you mind has learned to be empty of questions.
Questions that fall in the zone of Outer truth are questions that could be consider universal in nature. A perfect example was the question I answered the other day about Taoism’s View on Homosexuality. Often times addressing deeper truths require outside assistance to gain new angles that resolve out the internal conflict a person is holding. Acceptance is relative to your baseline of life, hence inner peace changes as your baseline of life changes. We look at magazines full of beautiful, slim mums, who run their own businesses, have a job, are successful and are perfectly great with the childcare too.
So we end up focusing more on something that we can’t have, or something we can have but feeling the absence of. The more we feel that we are missing something, the more resistance we actually create and are not letting them to flow to us.
Reading this So i’m thrilled to say that I have a really good sense I discovered just what I was looking for. I find it so important, as when we want to get rid of damaging habits, without replacing them with something else, it is nearly impossible.
This life you are leading right now sounds to me as you don’t live, but just trying to survive.

You are simply wonderful and no need of a father, who is not there for you with his whole heart and love.
Reason being after 5 years of marriage my wife was unfaithful in a way that was debilitating.
You will explore another hidden mystery in the bible where you must learn the cosmic forces before you engage in Love. Because the balance of mind, body and spirit shifts relative to many factors, inner peace dances around how we find our terms of acceptance to any given situation. By really making everything that we currently treasure in life bigger and more dominant to the point that we can simply forget that what is missing.
For certain i will make sure to don’t forget this web-site and check it out constantly. Often people get pets, some volunteer to help in schools, help children in need, even adopt. I see him put in half effort and so much of my life has passed that its too late for him to even try to be a father to me.
Some seekers take a longer path than others as they work out to resolve personal inner conflicts within their life.
A person can spend an entire lifetime chasing answers only to left still chasing after more. We work with Taoist and shamanic tools that will add grounded spiritual components to your personal practice. So the inner peace you had a year ago will not be the same as inner peace you need now, nor what you will need a year from now. So to fill the void we have to deliberately focus on all we can find in our life that we like. We use our mind, -> how we hold our stories as a balancing pole to navigate between the physical and spiritual worlds.
Puberty kids that do not make life any easier as they are growing and searching themselves. This is why people express or try to experience amazing tales: they are using these stories to balance out life. Change requires a lot of effort and determination, yet to get out of your situation you will have to work on yourself (from within first) and most importantly stick to your plan. You are important not only to yourself, but to your amazing children and all, who love you, including God or the Universe. Back then and several months after that I felt amazing, I was able to appreciate everything in life to its full extent and didn’t take anything given to me for granted.
That was the closer I ever felt to my inner peace but somehow cannot remember how that used to feel like , not enough to be able to experience that same type of mind state again.
As long as you will blame others for everything what happened in your life, you will become weaker and weaker and so lose your natural power and ability to turn it around. However we all have this power within, regardless of any situation, rise above and gain strength, make new, fresh plans and change our situation. Now I’m about 6 months away to start a new life in a different country, to continue my journey to happiness and inner peace. However all starts from within and so the first step is to declare to yourself that this is your life, what ever mess you are in (or your body) you made it so and now as you made it so, you can turn it around and change it. Only through acceptance and taking full responsibility of your life, you will create a new space for change to happen.
Then once you have agreed, you have to start feeling energy of life force within you and this is through appreciation for all that you are and have. When you can find more and more things or people you can feel appreciation towards, you will let the power of love join you and through deep breathing enjoy the life energy, which will renew you. You are naturally abundant in everything… health, love, friendships, wealth and only through stress, blame, guilt and so fear you can stop this abundance. Find that relaxing space within first and from there slowly but surely you will find your natural smile. Once you are smiling and breathing deeply, look at your life and map out how do you want it to be. Please read some other articles and keep listening to MP3’s in here, many people have transform their lives through doing so.

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