Gabriel (Josh Holloway) and Riley (Meghan Ory) go undercover on a former President’s (Bill Smitrovich) Secret Service detail in Syria to rescue two American journalists whose fate could be the spark to start a long war with both Russia and the Middle East.
I can’t watch Once Upon a Time until it returns but it is nice seeing Ruby on a different show.
Episode Synopsis: Intelligence Season 1 Episode 4 “Secrets of the Secret Service” – Gabriel and Riley pose as Secret Service agents in Syria in order to rescue two American journalists being held hostage. Show Summary: INTELLIGENCE is an action thriller starring Josh Holloway as a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain.
The best aspect of this episode was that it finally felt like Gabriel’s abilities had a real impact on the mission.
The ending also showed that Intelligence knows how to thread in ongoing plot elements with a deft hand. Lastly, I can’t help but find it funny how many genre actors Intelligence has gathered on one show. Despite limited intel, the extraction plan nearly goes off without a hitch until Gabriel discovers one of the journalists will die from wounds before the end of the day and the other (Tania Raymonde) admits the pair are really are CIA operatives who have no plans on leaving the country and burning their covers until their mission to locate an American scientist working on a mission guidance system is complete. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid and have complete access to Internet, WiFi, telephone and satellite data.

In the greater scheme of things, “Secrets of the Secret Service” had a passable plot familiar to a lot of procedural shows.
Up until now, there’s been a lot of talk about how powerful the chip is, but it’s mainly boiled down to Gabriel looking up files or wandering through static constructs. Though not entirely her episode, the introduction of Riley’s former partner gave us a chance to see what makes her tick, while also showing why she was reluctant to have another partner when she was assigned to Gabriel. Gabriel’s perceived insubordination led the President to question how long he could be trusted.
Our leads come from Lost and Once Upon a Time, while CIA head Tetaz is played by Fringe’s Lance Reddick.
When it comes to television, his favorites include creative sitcoms like Community and big sci-fi epics like Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5. Under orders from the current President, DNI Adam Weatherly (Tomas Arana) brings the Director of the CIA (Lance Reddick) up to speed on Clockwork under fear that Gabriel’s unpredictability (which he once again demonstrates in Syria) may one day pose a serious problem. That said, this was the first time Intelligence has actually felt like a procedural, offering a lighter adventure that gave the characters, as well as the tech in Gabriel’s head, a chance to develop.
Here, we saw him whip out important data in the field, hack security camera feed and create holographic versions of hostiles to basically see through walls.

Of course, I don’t put it past Intelligence to immediately follow up on this next week, but it’s promising to see they at least know how to lay the seeds of something bigger with skill. Of course by allowing the CIA to spy on Gabriel it could be easily argued they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy (most likely around sweeps). This is the sort of stuff this show should be built on every week, and hopefully this is an example of bigger things to come. Lillian continued to show that there’s warmth between her serious exterior, while Nelson got to show he’s got a smug sense of satisfaction when it comes to his hacking skills. These are small things, sure, but they help us connect with the characters in a way we haven’t before. Shenendoah Cassidy, whose son, Nelson, is jealous of Gabriel’s prominent place in his father’s life.

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