For those who believe their soulmate is someone who thinks and acts just like they do, or anyone who is sick of swiping right on Tinder while searching for love, there is now a website dedicated to helping you find your perfect match with a simple questionnaire.Newly-launched matchmaking websiteA 8^8A asks users to answer eight basic questions, ranging from how you would act a party to what you would do if you were gifted $100,000.
Seeking a soulmate: FEMAIL reporter Erica Tempesta (pictured) has been with her boyfriend Chris (pictured right) for eight years, but was still intrigued by the idea of finding her perfect match via the websiteWhether or not you actually believe in soulmates, it is difficult to turn down the idea of one, when he or she is only eight questions away. When I finally get to the eight questions, they appear to be standard personality questions.A When I struggled between options, I did whatA 8^8 recommended and went with my gut instinct. Loyal and powerful, Barinthus will protect and care for me as only a 6,000 year-old ex-demi-god can. Trowa Barton - sex to you is about making love, notsomething you throw around at random men.however, when you do have sex, you want it tobe interesting, maybe a LITTLE kinky, thoughnothing to the extreme. I hope that you don't mind that your boyfriend isprettier than you, because he is Legolas,Prince of Mirkwood, etc, and is kind ofeffeminate, but still really, really goodlooking. After watching The Force Awakens, there was one big question we were all asking ourselves: just WHO is Rey?
She can do Obi Wan's trademark Jedi mind trickThe ease in which Rey does the Jedi mind trick seems to nudge us towards Obi Wan, because he was very good at those, wasn't he?
They both sneak around an enemy baseEpisode VII paralleled Episode IV in many ways, with Rey's movements particularly imitating those of Obi Wan Kenobi. If Rey is training with Luke, the story will come full circleWhen Luke was young, Obi Wan finds him and trains him up, so it would be a satisfying conclusion if eventually Obi Wan's grandchild was to find him and train with him. There is 20-30 years of Obi Wan's life unaccounted forAlthough Jedi Knights are meant to remain celibate, there is so much unaccounted for time where Obi Wan could have had a child.
If you believe that on some level we are all connected… that the “unified field” really does exist (and according to quantum physics it does), then great news – you are already connected to your soulmate on the cosmic level. When I was manifesting my soulmate, I instinctively knew this and so every day I would take time to meditate and then I would “talk” to my soulmate. Remember, BIG LOVE is possible – you just need to commit to putting in a little time, energy, intention and attention on your love life. Brian is one of the most loving and easiest people on the planet to be with and what you may not know about him is the incredible amount of nurturing and support he provides for me when I am in crazy work mode. And, knowing that Brian is always there to encourage me, feed me, hug me, and rub my shoulders makes it so much easier. Brian is a daily reminder of how great life can be when you share it with your soulmate which is why my dream, my mission, is to make sure that everyone who desires a soulmate has everything they need to make it happen.
Everyone (especially you) is deserving of soulmate love and there are many possible soulmates out there (they are looking for you!). If you are willing to give a little time, energy, intention and attention to your love life (and many of you already have, but maybe make time for just a little bit more), love will be yours! And, I feel that there is a higher power at work balancing out how things show up for us in life.  The glue that holds it all together for me is faith and trust that this higher power knows more than me and has my best interests at heart.
So, while I often actively utilize the Law of Attraction in my life, I also am at peace knowing that I won’t always get my desires fulfilled exactly the way I envision them.  With faith and trust I know that “this or something better” is on the way to me. Other than his undeniable charm, he also loves to dance and looks up to top performers like Justin Timberlake and Usher. Being a street dance major, he really knows how to bring it on the dance floor like his idol, Chris Brown.
Each question has a set of eight possible answers, and according to the site, the likelihood of someone answering the same way you did is 1 inA 16,777,216 (the result of 8^8 or 8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8).

So, FEMAIL set out to see what 8^8 is all about - especially after learning that the site claims it is highly unlikely that you already know your match.A I used to relish in the idea of soulmates when I was a romance obsessed teen, but I stopped believing in them somewhere around year three of a nearly eight-year relationship because I learned true partnerships are about love, respect - and arguing over who does the dishes.
Although I believe,A 8^8 should have paying off your student loans as an option for the question that asks what would you do with $100,000.Before I knew it, the test was over and finishing it was sadly anticlimactic. The Shadowspawn Sholto now rules two worlds, King of the Slaugh and King of the Unseelie Court.
Remus is a werewolf, buthe makes up for that by being very kind andunderstanding, and wise beyond his years.
She claims to be 'no one', but she is strong with The Force, has some sort of connection to Luke's lightsaber and can do killer Jedi mind tricks.
Of every Jedi character in the Star Wars Universe, Obi Wan is the only one with an English accent, so Rey's accent could be a big clue to who her family really are. Some might even say it was his speciality.Their costumes are very similarIt could be nothing, it could be something. It fits so well!Luke's lightsaber being drawn to her would make senseObi Wan kept that lightsaber for 20-30 years, and he had the responsibility of passing it on to its rightful owner, Luke.
From Darth Vader revealed to be Luke's father to Luke and Leia being twins, it always has something up its sleeve to surprise us with, which makes the explanation that Luke is Rey's father all the less likely.For starters, it is simply too obvious.
I didn’t know his name, or where he was, but I would share my day with him and always let him know that I was ready for him to arrive whenever the time was right for him.
When you register right away, you’ll also receive a limited-time gift bag filled with powerful audio and video seminars from Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Debi Berndt, Carol Allen, and Jonathon Aslay, plus ebooks from Sonia Choquette and me!
Essentially, the results will be skewed and you might get paired up with your drunk alter-ego, which should be a terrifying thought for almost everyone.A You also shouldn't be doing anything that is distracting like chatting with your co-worker or binge watching Netflix. He'salso extremely clever, loyal and trustworthy.Maybe he doesn't have very much money, butthat's not his fault. But there is no denying that Obi Wan and Rey's costumes are pretty much identical of each other, and we think to think that the screenwriters are too smart to have let this happen by accident. So it seems to make sense that Rey would be able to compel the lightsaber, particularly as she simply wishes to give it back to Luke, once again echoing episode IV. Also, Rey believes Luke is simply a myth and, unless the writers use the frankly rubbish plot device of 'her memory was erased', there would be no way Rey wouldn't have known about her father.Her battle with Kylo Ren would be that much more meaningfulWouldn't it be just so much more interesting for the series if rather than cousins or siblings fighting each other, it was two people fighting the same battle their descendants (Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker) did years ago? Well, since Anakin committed genocide on the Jedi Knights, it might have seemed a little pointless to keep up with the order's rules.
I believe that one of the reasons Brian and I “recognized” each other when we finally did meet on the physical plane is because I had already begun the relationship with him.
The “feelingizations” were a powerful daily reminder that she is the source of love and that by remembering and re-experiencing love she was able to dispel feelings of desperation and loneliness.
He'll not only keep your heart on fire, he will keep you smiling, too, with his adorable antics! Youa€™d truly be mesmerized when he starts to play the keys while soulfully singing along to your favorite ballad. How dare you accuse me of sleeping in??Panic, call boyfriend, accidentally end up calling dad instead. She also shared with me that believing and knowing that her soulmate was also “looking for her” was a real eye-opener! And the site notes that even if we did try to get to know a thousand new people every day it would take more than 45 years to get through 16,777,216 people.

Strangely enough, he takes hiswork at the flower shop more seriously than anyother of the Weiss members and can usually beseen yelling at one of them to work harderwatering flowers.
If she was truly a descendant of Obi Wan, and was in danger after Kylo Ren turned on Luke and began to murder the Padawan learners he had been training, then the safest place for her would be somewhere no one knew her.
Unfortunately, I was hoping a Jamie Dornan lookalike would immediately pop up on my screen. You can get ready in 5 minutes.?The newest movie is out right now and you just HAVE to go see it. Dating sites are designed to get as many people hooked up as possible: success in the dating niche is measured by how many unions there are, not by how meaningful the unions are,' the site explains. I am at least guaranteed to be amused whenA 8^8 sends me that my soulmate has been found weeks, months or most likely in my case a decade from now.A  8^8 SOULMATE QUIZA  1. I'm attracted to destruction..?It's been a while since you saw your boyfriend, and you want to dress to impress!
I like playing telephone.?No one can stay mad at anything when I'm around!?Well, it's not a bother!
He's kind, caring, and he's sometimes a pushover but only because he puts other people first. He can sometimes come off as arrogant, but he can back up his arrogance with his incredibly good looks.
Suga seems to be uncaring on the outside, but that's just all for show because he cares a lot about everything - especially you. Your relationship is going to be comfortably quiet for the most part and your dates are most likely going to be naps, but Suga is full of surprises.Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man?J-HopeYou're meant to be for BTS' hope and angel, J-Hope! He's really emotional and so are you, so sometimes you might clash, but that's alright because both of you are too happy and loving to stay mad for too long. Your common hobby is fashion, and you two have the most fun going shopping and picking out the best clothes for the cheapest.Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man?Rap MonsterYour soulmate is BTS' charismatic leader Rap Monster! When he looks at you, he makes your insides melt into happy goo because of how adoring it is, and that makes sense because once Rap Monster gets dedicated to something, he gets really into it. You two are both born leaders who know how to balance each other out.Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man?JiminBTS' cutie pie Jimin is your soulmate!
You are both incredibly hard workers - harder than anyone else around you, and that's what makes this work. But that's okay because in the end, everyone knows both of you work really hard, and you two are always supporting each other.Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man?VAlien V is your BTS soulmate! Some people will see you as a strange couple and seriously not get how the two of you think, but you two understand each other perfectly. Both of you are obsessed with cute animals, and sometimes you forget the rest of the world exists.
Jungkook might be young, but don't let that fool you because he's literally perfect in every way.
He can make you melt with his bright baby smile but also has a super masculine side of him, too.

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