Are You a Journaling Dropout?Then try one of these 5 fresh and guilt-free approaches to tracking God's work in your life. They traveled, preached, wrote books and letters, challenged church leaders, ministered to the poor and sick, defended those in need, and inspired faith and courage in others. Kyria BlogFor thoughtful, influential women who want more from their faith and who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Gifted for LeadershipInspiring and connecting women with leadership gifts, called to serve the church. Or does it conjure up spending time you don't have detailing overly "serious" thoughts and spiritual insights? Rather, through fasting and focus, Lent helps us to enter into close communion with Jesus as we ponder our sinfulness and the grace coming at Calvary.

As a child, I routinely surrendered chocolate, and many years I've given up sweets all together.

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