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It doesn’t matter how big or seemingly insignificant the change is; proper change management is imperative in the automotive industry where even one malfunction in an automobile can trigger a chain reaction of failures within the automobile that could result in the death of the vehicle’s occupants. An engineering change request play the leading role in managing changes within the automotive engineering development process. There are very clear steps in the engineering change process that the automotive engineering team will go through as they implement changes. Identify the issue and scope of the problem: The first step in the change management process is identifying the issue that requires a change to be made, this could be a production process change to eliminate a quality problem or it could be a design change to improve the safety of the vehicle. Create the engineering change request: The engineering change request is created that will begin to solidify the need for the change and the parts, components, documentation and resources, both people and costs, that will be needed to implement a change.
Review the Engineering change request: After the change request has been documented it is reviewed by a team of stakeholders. Initiate the change request: When the team and necessary experts have reviewed and approved the change, then a plan is put in place to implement the change.
Implement the change: When the plan is reviewed and approved then it is time to implement the change. Change in automotive engineering happens quite frequently and when managed correctly helps to improve the functionality, safety and efficiency of the process and end product. Sign up for our email list to receive our free guide: The 5 Things You MUST Include in Your Automotive Engineering Resume. Printable Word's Templates, Resumes Templates, Certificate Templates, Rental Agreements and Legal Forms. A change management plan will be required when business management is going to make significant changes in business like its nature, adding a new product line, opening a new branch, changing the management, ownership is undertaken by some other business, operational changes, strategic changes, mission changes etc. A change management plan example is a formal document which cover all the facts that necessarily required by individual while changing the management of company.
Contingency Plan Template Contingency is an unexpected situation for which special contingency plan is prepared. The ITIL Change Management process is comprehensively described within the official publications, but within this article we attempt to provide a high level overview of the stages of the Change Management process, the various roles that need to be undertaken at each stage and also details of the responsibilities.

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Change could be anything from a software upgrade, change in materials, design change to hardware and even manufacturing processes that change how the form, fit or function of the final product.
The engineering change request or engineering change order is a compilation of information in one package that will outline what change is being proposed, what programs or products it impacts, the teams that will be coordinating the change, the timeline for the change and the qualification that must be completed to approve the change. Each step will have a varying amount of activity depending on what type of change the team is managing but in each case it is important to follow all the steps to ensure the change is implemented correctly and thoroughly.
Along with identifying the problem the problem owner will begin to scope out the impact of the problem. Many large organizations have a standing change request team with representatives from all key organizations within the company that reviews all incoming engineering change requests and then routes them to the appropriate organization for additional review as necessary. In some organizations an engineering change order is used to document the plan for implementing the change. Depending on the size of the change a team may be formed to manage and coordinate the entire process. By documenting and archiving the key lessons learned, the information is available for future engineers if a similar problem is identified in the future.
A change management plan will include list of changes to be made, scope of changes, areas of the business affected by the changes etc. Change is constant, competition is fierce and global, and there is increased pressure to contain costs while still increasing market share.The role of change management has taken on increased importance as leaders are more and more frequently being charged with creating and executing changes in direction, strategy and organization priorities. In general, change requests go through 3 main goalposts: -Initiation-Approval-Implementation. When everyone in the party is not included in key changes then you will miss the party or not have the correct appearance for the event.
Every change must be properly assessed by all the automotive engineering and quality teams to determine the impact of the change and actions required to properly implement the change and notify the customers. Additionally, if the change is being made due to a quality issue in production there will also be quarantine information and screening for the production process to ensure bad quality products do not get in the field as well as information for managing customer returns, warranty or recall related issues.

Those skilled in change management principles and in engaging others in change management processes will be much more successful in introducing and sustaining organization change initiatives.Two Day WorkshopA two day workshop, designed for those actually leading change initiatives, provides focus on key change management skills.
Changes are inevitable throughout the automotive development process and it’s imperative that these changes be managed effectively with a cross-functional team of automotive engineering experts to avoid wasting time, money and resources on incorrect parts.
Change management within automotive engineering provides the discipline process to implement a change properly and with the least amount of disruption. Engineering Change Management is a crucial role in the automotive industry that helps to maintain order during the flurry of changes that occur in a vehicle’s life cycle.
Participants come prepared to discuss a current change initiative in which they are or will be involved, and will use their current situation to assess what is going well, and what changes need to be made in order to assure success.One Day WorkshopA one day workshop for leaders offers an overview of the people side of change management. This flow here either assumes that all these steps are implemented in a controlled environment (where back-out can be implemented with minimal or no impact on production) OR disregards the need for such a critical control step. Seemingly, the impact of change management must be experienced by the each member of organization. Upon leaving the workshop leaders will have a high level understanding of what their managers will be doing to successfully implement change, and their role in helping them achieve success.
This is an interactive session and will draw on the experience of the participants to demonstrate key points.Don't let this be the perception around your change initiative! In addition, a change management plan template will improve the performance of employees as well as increased the customer services. Impact assessment must be done at a higher level than that of the person implementing the change3. Finally, the Change Initiator (not the Change Manager) should be the one closing out the change request.

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