The Change Management Policy applies to all individuals that install, operate or maintain Information Resources. The scope of the Change Management Policy is to manage changes in a rational and predictable manner so that staff and clients can plan accordingly. Daily newsletters with brand new articles, scripts, editorials and a Question of the Day help you keep on top of SQL Server. With any serious, mission critical applications development, we should always have three to five core environments in which the team is operating. This ties in a variety of policy and procedures to provide end-to-end service delivery for the customer.
Every fortnight the team leaders, DBA's and the development manager discuss new and existing work over the next two weeks. The system tracks all new developments (3 month max cycle), mini projects (5-10 days), long term projects (measured and managed in 3 month blocks) and other enhancements and system bugs. The resource meeting identifies and deals with issues within the environments, tasks to be completed or nearing completion and the work schedule over the next two weeks.
There are not a lot of development teams that I have come across that have their own server administrators.
On the Development and Test servers I allow Administrator access to simplify the whole process. Allowing administrative access to any server usually raises hairs of the back of peoples necks, but in a managed environment with strict adherence of responsibilities and procedure, this sort of flexibility with staff is appreciated and works well with the team.

The DBA maintains a "database change control form", separate from the IR management system and any other change management documentation. With this in mind, I am quite lenient with the server and database environment, giving the following privileges. The test server database configuration in relation to security, user accounts, OS privileges, database settings are close to production as we can get them. Here the DBA will apply scripts generated from complete change control forms that alter database structure, namely tables, triggers, schema bound views, full-text indexing, user defined data types and changes in security. The production server box is similar to that of test, but is controlled by the person who is packaging up the next production release of scripts and other source code ready for production. In this scenario, a single person within the development team should manage change control in this environment. Unless you are running a mission critical system, there will always be minor system bugs that result in hot fixes in production. Autonomic computing "is an approach to self-managed computing systems with a minimum of human interference" (IBM).
The whole change management process is about customers and the service we provide them as IT professionals. This is going off track a little in terms of change control but I felt its worth sharing with you. The tasks of course will vary, but rarely sway from the standard requirements, design, build, test, implement life-cycle.

The recorded decision that a product or part of a product has satisfied the requirements and may be delivered to the Client or used in the next part of the process. The recorded decision that the product or part of the product has satisfied the quality standards.
A formal process for identifying changes to the Support Release or its deliverables and ensuring appropriate control over variations to the Support Release scope, budget and schedule.
This simple but effective process allows developers and associated management to better track change and its interdependencies throughout its lifecycle. Failure to lay down the law with development staff (including the DBA) is a task easily put in the too hard basket. The 21st century DBA, aka Technical Consultant, needs to focus on a variety of skills, not only database change but change management processes as a complete picture.
Changes require serious forethought, careful monitoring, and follow-up evaluation to reduce negative impact to the user community and to increase the value of Information Resources.

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