Overview - This mental-rehearsal CD set, the four-week guided-meditation companion program to Dr.
Floyd chose to expose the underside of psychological experience (the shadow, so to speak) and did it to great effect and success. There have been observations about the universe that can become more clearly understood only if these theoretical forces truly exist. I stopped when I noticed a stretch of the path where the surface of the asphalt was getting punctured by plants growing from underneath. You may be thinking that I am talkin about your body right now, correct?  Well I actually mean the whole thing, including your body.
One of the foundational beliefs that I have come to know is that there is nothing that can happen to you.
One can experience the effects of the wind without seeing it, and this is much like the evidence for the existence of dark energy and dark matter. These plants, both indifferent and impersonal to this intrusion, were about to spoil the surface of perfectly good asphalt. Its existence cannot be ignored or denied.Dark energy is a way to explain how the expansion of the universe can be accelerating.
I have always known this idea in the back of mind, some greater wisdom that never allowed me to believe there really was anyone to blame.
I open the door, the scent of new merchandise is reminder that I’ve been here before. Dark matter is a way to explain gravitational effects on both light and matter, bending light and affecting the path of travel of matter.
If you wanted to, you could probably easily pull this plant (weed, really) out by the roots with one hand.

Yet, it has the wherewithal to decide that it will blossom despite this slight surface obstruction.Yet that is indeed the way we grow. It is sort of like on-board system software that runs your hardware and appears unchangeable by you, the user. The rest of us need nuclear arms, pipe organs, beaver skin hats and Sex in The City to keep us happy. What we can see as observable matter only accounts for 3 to 4% of the energy-mass of the universe!I see an analogy here which can be applied to our physical beings.
A lot of times, we think  that we do things because it is the thing to do, for financial gain, to impress someone, or maybe do the American way.
The non-physical, larger part of ourselves is analogous to the dark energy and dark matter of the universe.
Like a gazelle out on the savanah that can process thousands of blades of moving grass and can detect immediately that a specific type of movement is indeed a lion in tall grass and not just the wind blowing.The problem with feeling for us is that our emotions are the product of a long evolutionary progression that has not yet caught up with our situation yet.
That is, we are universal probes, much like the space probes that NASA sends out to sense other worlds. Anderson (cue, deep slow agent voice) has the gnawing feeling of something big in him that is just not happening. Paying attention to our emotions gives us access to energy and information that our classical physical senses cannot. Have ever had a “bad streak” where a whole bunch of bad things happened to you?
Our emotions provide us with the overwhelming evidence that there is more to our existence than what we know as 'reality.' However, our emotions are more than just sensors, they are guides, lighting the way to joy, step by step. When offered the blue pill, he declines it in favor of finding out the chance of something through the red pill about the Matrix.

However thinking actually has the direct ability to change things in our environment and can actually change feeling. A Course in Miracles pejoratively labels the ego, but in fact without the ego, you may have a hard time understanding how to use a word processor for example.It is both in thinking and feeling that we have a direct active and conscious part to play in our own individual evolution. I say evolution because your life on earth is just a segment of the life that just is and does not die, as we say here. If you think about it, the only thing that separates you from your brilliance is your beliefs.
When you encounter beliefs that are not in accordance with who you are, you will feel something vaguely dull and incorrect (just like Neo).OK, so why I did I tell you all of this? So you will get sent back to the endless reincarnation cycle of birth and rebirth, if you don’t do some heavy lifting. You want to cycle quickly through beliefs that are of disservice to your greatness, unless you want to spend your life as a figurative frog. If you do not permanently delete unwanted files (bad thoughts) they just go into the recycle bin.
Although freeing yourself from your personal junk is gift enough, your personal change can effect events, people and things beyond thought.The real excitement caused by the work of Dr. Have you ever been around someone that is really angry (without them even speaking a word to you), and you can just feel it?

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