This meditation will help you listen to your body, to give you inner guidance on how to take care of yourself.
Today’s Daily Dad Quotes for Inspiration of the day (from our Daily Dad Inspiration email) is from Jon Kabat-Zinn.
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Discover practical ways to apply mindfulness in specific situations such as at work, in relationships, in parenting and school.
Learn how to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to life’s challenges, living with more wisdom and freedom.
There is initial guidance to help you ground your body, and time devoted to focusing on sounds.

LovingKindness meditations invite you to practice strengthening feelings of kindness and compassion for yourself and others. Thoughts and feelings are related to clouds in a sky, allowing you to practice letting go in a tangible way. Now a number of the sessions with 2 of the worlds most respected teachers are still available for free along with a number of resources to guide you on your journey into mindful living. We’re making high quality mindfulness training accessible to everyone and supporting mindfulness based charities at the same time. Dawa Tarchin PhillipsSenior Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, expert on Mindful Leadership Dawa will lead a mindfulness and awakening meditation Sam HarrisAuthor, neuroscientist, philosopher, the co-founder and chief executive of Project Reason, a non-profit organization that promotes science and secularism. This meditation starts off with focused breath awareness and then offers phrases to elicit warmth and understanding for yourself and all that you’ve been through.
This version has short periods of silence, but is mostly guided, and helps direct your attention to sensations within and throughout your body. This meditation has a lot of guidance—there are not long stretches of silence, so it’s great if you’re just starting out or find you get distracted easily.

If you experience pain on a regular basis, this meditation will help you take account of the pain without judgement.
Some background noise from meditators who were there during the recording is a helpful reminder that others are meditating with you.
DAN GOLEMANInternationally known psychologist and science journalist Mindfulness, emotional Intelligence and self compassion How to be part of the Dalai Lama's vision for compassion in action Kaira Jewel LingoBuddhist meditation teacher and international Dharma teacher Enjoy a meditation contemplating caring for the body and our inter-being with the earth Gustavo Se CestariPsychotherapist, MBSR Teacher, founder of AMAR Centre for Growth and Mindful Living.
Saki SantorelliExecutive Director, Center for Mindfulness Director, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic Professor of Medicine, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine.

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