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A host of research is currently being undertaken, including some extremely interesting brain scan studies, which is suggesting that developing Mindfulness can be extremely helpful to enable all sorts of people live fuller, happier lives. Intention - it is not the outward appearance of an action that matters, it is the intention behind it that tells us its true value.
Action - the kind mind is thoughtful and reflective and so when it comes into action it seeks to cause no harm. Upliftment - kindness and compassion not only uplift the mind and spirit… they produce wonderful substances such as oxytocin, dopamine and a range of endorphins, all of which generate better physical health too. We aim to help people manage stress and difficulty better by learning to get out of our heads, live more in the present moment, and not make life so hard for ourselves when things don’t quite go as planned. We strongly believe that ability to pay should not be a prohibitive factor in developing Mindfulness, and so a number of heavily discounted places are available on each course for those who are unwaged, or on low income. Many thousands of people have undertaken MBSR or similar courses and have been greatly helped to manage low mood, chronic pain, illness, anxiety, or simply have learned to manage everyday stress better by living more in the present moment.

Recently the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group published a report recommending the availablity of quality Mindfulness training in Health, Education, the Workplace and Criminal Justice in the UK. We also seek to provide information and training to organisations and groups who want to find out more about Mindfulness, or develop it in their organisation. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is recommended for people with a history of chronic depression as a relapse prevention tool by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who advise on best treatments to offer in the NHS. The Harvard Business Review and many other organisational institutions have published research suggesting the benefits of Mindfulness training for effective and ethical leadership. Developing Mindfulness isn’t a quick technique to learn in a few minutes, but a journey to fundamentally change your relationship with how your body and mind respond to what happens to you in life.

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