If you weren’t able to get tickets then LIKE us on FACEBOOK to be the FIRST to know about our upcoming advance screenings and giveaways! Keanu is fun, and even sometimes outright hilarious, but it doesn’t live up to the skills of its central performers. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. A report from a panel at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival about diversity in the light of the 2015 Oscar ceremony. FFC Gerardo Valero discusses the devolution of Quentin Tarantino by comparing The Hateful Eight to Pulp Fiction. A top-secret spy agency recruits an uncouth but promising street kid into its highly competitive training program, just as a twisted technological genius threatens the world.

To gain admittance, tickets should be presented to the box office along with a copy of page 38 from Radio Times.
Government said to be considering BBC and ITV 'ratings war ban' – what does this mean for TV's top shows? Forthcoming action-adventure film, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE opens Friday, February 13, and ROLLING OUT Magazine is offering the opportunity for YOU to win 2 FREE PASSES!!! Redbox is offering up a FREE one day dvd rental when you text the word FREEBIE to 727272. This freebie offer will only be valid through the end of the month, so do not miss out on this offer. If you get tickets and can’t make it PLEASE give your tickets to someone that can or RELEASE them on GOFOBO! He runs our screenings, secures our giveaways, and punishes his underlings for misbehavior and editorial issues.

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