Sometimes I look around the web for special holidays, national days, days in history and such for funny, obscure or interesting ideas for date posts. When you are still visioning about that old lover or boyfriend you do not have room in your life for someone new. 6)    Daily say the “Soul Mate” Intention Page, informing the Universe of your heart felt desire. My list sat in a desk drawer gathering dust, before I would find it again a few years later. For about a year, I dated getting to know myself better, and finding out what I wanted in a potential soul mate. Bob had been busy entertaining his family for Christmas, so we waited until after the holidays. I remember when he hustled into the court with his red coat, carrying a large bag swinging from his shoulder.

We played several games and after each game we sat in the court asking each other questions and learning more about each other.
After our racquetball games, we walked to the volleyball courts where I played several times a week. We continued to date, getting to know each other and finding out that we had similar backgrounds and interests. Surrender the results knowing that the perfect person will come into your life, at the perfect time. Do the visioning exercises, show gratitude as if your soul mate is already in your life, and say the affirmations.
My mother had died on the first Monday of January in 1980, and my dad died on the first Monday in January in 1983. I sat in the court waiting for him, wondering what he would be like and if we would have a connection.

Then he surprised me by asking the question that every woman wants to hear, “Would you like to go out again?” My immediate answer was “Yes!” Bob was willing to put himself out there. Even though I wasn’t sure of the outcome, I was willing to open up to new experiences and possibilities. We went to different churches and had different friends.  Our chances of meeting had to be slim.

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