There are four game modes to choose from and the player is able to choose his character from about a dozen of soldiers.
The ranking system, both for a single player and for clans allows everybody to check their qualities and compare themselves with the rest of the world. You will then be directed to the Clan Creation Page where you can input your desired Clan Name and Clan Introductory message to attract members for your clan.
Finally, you can either choose a default logo for your Clan or customize your own clan logo. If you wish to disband your clan the name will no longer be available for future use, so be careful if you still wish to keep your clan name.

A prompt message will appear if you wish to accept the application or deny the application.
It is a good example of its genre and includes some interesting features to complement the polished gameplay. The game includes Xfire, enabling players to communicate between themselves through voice chat, among other possibilities. Just a reminder, Clan processing takes approximately 24 hours before it’s listed inside the game. You can also Re-edit your Clan info and upload new Clan Logo and have the option to disband your clan if you wish to create a new one for your character.

This assures that there is some strategy involved, since a particular advantage may be more fitting to one player than the other.

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