Seit mehreren Jahrzehnten ist Yoga ein beliebter und immer weiter verbreiterter Ansatz fur ein gesundes und bewusstes Leben und wird auch immer mehr bei medizinischen Problemen eingesetzt.
In seinem Buch Kundalini Yoga Meditation legt Shannahoff-Khalsa, seit uber 30 Jahren Forscher, Kundalini Yoga Lehrer und weltweit Autoritat auf dem Gebiet der alternativen Therapien fur psychiatrische Storungen, wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, klinische Studien, Fallgeschichten und storungsspezifische Techniken dar und zeigt, wie die uralte Wissenschaft des Kundalini Yoga eine nutzliche eigenstandige oder erganzende Behandlung fur psychiatrische Erkrankungen sein kann. Geschrieben fur alle, die aktiv in einem Beruf stehen, der mit psychischen Gesundheit zun tun hat, aber auch fur jene, die sich dafur interessieren, zeigt Kundalini Yoga Meditation anhand einer Reihe wegweisender wissenschaftlicher Studien basierend auf Kundalini Yoga, die alle zu einem neuen Verstandnis von Geist-Korper-Dynamik gefuhrt haben, die physiologischen Zustande und Moglichkeiten der nicht-invasiven Therapie, vermittelt yogische Konzepte in Bezug auf die Rhythmen des Gehirns, der Personlichkeitsstruktur, Modelle fur den Geist und das Bewusstsein, zeigt andere Grundlagen zur Verbesserung unseres Verstandnisses von Gesundheit und Krankheit. Mind-Body-Medizin steht an der Spitze der aktuellen Erforschung der psychischen Gesundheit und Behandlungen. By practicing the a€?Gundalinia€? meditation, we can get both mental and physical health alike, and also feeling the divinity within us that which leads us to reach the state of a€?Birthlessnessa€?. By practicing the Gundalini yoga, we can spread that divine power throughout our body and get relieved out of many diseases, as well as purifying our body.
By practising the Gundalini power between the centre of forehead (Agna) and at the centre of top of the head (Dhuriam), the excessive desires, and angers in our mind gets reduced, and the mind gets ,matured.
Whereas if one practises Gundalini Yoga properly, and continuously, one reaches the state of thoughtlessness, and realizes that he, and the divinity power are one and the same. Hence I welcome you all who are interested to practice the Gundalini yoga by one of the Guru came in the lineage of a€?Paranjothi Mahana€?,so as to reach such a state of Bliss(Dhuriadheetha Nilai). Guided Meditation to Awaken your Kundalini - Experience a Kundalini Awakening and Heal your Mind, Body and Soul! Osho Active Meditations are scientifically designed to effectively release these tensions which block the natural flow of energies in our bodies, allowing us to become more peaceful and relaxed.
Practitioners begin by standing and letting their bodies shake out tension, then dancing, then sitting, then lying down.
There’s a great clap-along-or-join-in-the-clatter here, leading to the switch to stillness-gently singing Tibetan bowls and bells, calling the conscious mind away to let one’s inner self stretch out unhindered for the sitting portion of the meditation. While one goes along with this seemingly mad approach, there is the feeling that Deuter knows best-and Osho, too, of course.
By attending to nature sounds, we lift them back up into our awareness and allow them to have their harmonizing effects on our organism. Reiki Healing is a carefully selected collection of some of Deuter’s most soothing music, specifically chosen for the practice of Reiki, meditation and healing arts.
This long-awaited album from Deuter celebrates the essence of the sun with captivating melodies brought to life with spirited flute, synthesizer and drum. Take a journey to the depths of your inner being with this totally refreshing CD, where harmonic tones reach into an infinite universe allowing the body to come into a natural state of equanimity. In this class we study apana and prana, principles in an yogi's energitc environment for awakening conciousness.
Bringing prana into the heart, expanding it, we tap into that universal consciousness, the part of us that knows worlds beyond what our finite self knows.
Humility is being willing to acknowledge that we are not the most powerful thing in the universe.

In order to receive inner guidance our heart center must be open, and we must have the willpower to follow it. The long Ek Ong Kar is a primary trigger for releasing Kundalini Shakti from the core into the aura. In this kundalini yoga set the long Ek Ong Kar chant is expressed to invoke the primal energy that created the whole universe. Questa meditazione, “sorella” della OSHO Dinamica, trova il suo momento migliore se fatta al tramonto o nel tardo pomeriggio.
Gli ultimi due stadi permettono a tutta questa energia di scorrere verticalmente, di muoversi verso l’alto nel silenzio.
Nachdem es mittlerweile zahlreiche Studien gibt, ist Yoga in der Gesundheitsszene nahezu explodiert und Arzte sowie Patienten gleicherma?en besinnen sich immer mehr aud die Techniken des Yoga, um effektiv psychiatrischen Erkrankungen zu bekampfen.
Der letzte Abschnitt des Buches behandelt die Anwendung von Kundalini Yoga fur Einzelpersonen, Paare und Gruppen in der Therapie und umfasst einen Epilog, der die Zukunft der Psychiatrie behandelt. Die Einfuhrung dieser alten Technik des Geistes in die Gleichung ist ein wichtiger Durchbruch in unserem Verstandnis der verbesserten Behandlung fur eine Vielzahl von psychischen Storungen. Shannahoff-Khalsa ist der Direktor der Forschungsgruppe fur Mind-Body Dynamics, BioCircuits Institute, University of California, San Diego (UCSD). These Active Meditations combine all certain activities like shaking, dancing, jumping, humming and others to lead into silence and meditation.
The music to accompany this process is important, and who could be more qualified than healing-music pioneer Deuter, who implicitly understands the dynamics behind each stage?
If you are one of those who wishes their meditation CD would sometimes just stop for 10 minutes and then chime so you know to come out of your trance, this is the one for you.
Each track builds and shifts in such a way that if you find yourself drifting back to worry and daydreaming, you can follow Deuter as he weaves his magical web, which catches your rascally ego like a fly in a bejeweled web. Creating a calming, joyous place of beauty within we have a space we can step into to breathe and center ourselves when we get stressed out.
Yogi Bhajan tells us that the body is a conscious machine, a vessel to hold consciousness, and at the root a divine egoless presence. The practice is non-dogmatic, suitable for all faiths, based in science and the ancient power of our dynamic potential.
This mantra helps us to remember that it is important to be aware of whether our choices are being made consciously or unconsciously.
Immergersi totalmente nello scuotimento e nella danza durante i primi due stadi aiuta a sciogliere il proprio essere rigidi come sassi, in qualsiasi punto il fluire dell’energia sia stato represso e bloccato.
Un modo estremamente efficace di sciogliersi e rilassarsi, lasciandosi andare alla fine della giornata. Osho sul come scuotersi:“Se stai facendo la Meditazione Kundalini, lascia accadere lo scuotimento – non farlo! Kundalini Yoga Meditation fuhrt geschickt an diese aufregende neue Grenze und rustet Psychiater, Psychotherapeuten, Psychologen, Sozialarbeiter und andere mit den Werkzeugen und Techniken aus, um die notwendige yogische Meditation in ihre Praxis zu integrieren und damit den Klienten und Patienten Hoffnung und Heilung zu bringen.
Er ist dem UCSD-Zentrum fur Chronobiologie angeschlossen und yogischer Therapeut am Zentrum fur Wellness & Personal Growth, Abteilung fur Psychiatrie, UCSD.

We, the very few of us have the opportunity to realize the divinity out of lakhs and lakhs of people of the world. Stressful living and unexpressed emotions can effect our ability to live joyfully and relate to others.
A final stage of 15 minutes of silence completes the meditation and a gong signals the end. There is still movement in the kundalini, which involves a series of four stages of approximately 15 minutes each that are meant to relax you from the stress of the day (ideally this is done in the late afternoon or after work). This allows us the freedom to respond positively and productively to what life gives us rather than reacting based on the past programming of our bio-computers.
The mantra "Ek Ong Kar" cures depression and creates a force of light and love for all to master their mind. By doing Kundalini yoga, the anatomy of our hands and knees and spine is fundamentally strengthened to prepare for such an awakening.
It is being open to receiving guidance from something greater than ourselves, usually in the form of intuition. Stai in piedi in silenzio, sentilo arrivare; e quando nel tuo corpo inizia un piccolo tremito, incoraggialo, ma non farlo! Er hat vielfach in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften publiziert und prasentiert regelma?ig ganztagige Kurse an der American Psychiatric Association, sowie bei anderen nationalen und internationalen Konferenzen. Nobody can realize the divine power with their five senses, but except through our internal instinct. A complete CD download includes also the silent stage with one of the tracks being mostly silence with a signal at the end – this is part of the experience.
Goditelo, sentiti estatico, dagli spazio, accoglilo, dagli il benvenuto, ma non farlo!Se lo forzi, diventera un esercizio, un esercizio fisico. Chanting this phrase allows you to perfect your words get introduced to the throat chakra, accomplishing the first step towards creating your universe in awareness.
In questo caso lo scuotimento ci sara, ma sara solo in superficie; non entrera in profondita dentro di te. This practice can help to restore your spirituality, increase your connection in a gentle manner we invite you to find balance and stability in the flow of life.
Rimarrai solido, simile a una roccia, incrollabile; rimarrai il manipolatore, colui che agisce, e il corpo si limitera a seguirti. Repeating the sequence of sounds in this mantra will manifest your intentions fully as they are supported by the divine creator.
A quel punto non ci sara colui che si scuote, ma solo lo scuotimento; allora nessuno lo stara facendo, semplicemente accadra da solo.

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