So let me be honest – I have been a pretty tightly wound person in my life so meditation is not a practice that comes easily to me.
For me, I have had to start with meditation practices where the body is active, also known as moving meditations.
So far, I can go about 30 seconds of staying focused, and that’s a great improvement over my initial place of 5 seconds (not kidding!). My favorite type of moving meditation is walking, which you can do anywhere but I found that nature was the best place.
There is probably at least one walking labyrinth in your area and an online search will help you find it. Some people really enjoy doing meditation classes and retreats so check that out for yourself as well. At the Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center you will find space to explore your spirituality and relationship with God through His creation. Walking a labyrinth can be a good way to become focused in the morning before the day gets started, to unwind during the lunch hour or to come to terms with the day's events. Leggings you can wear during Spring and SummerThe legging is one of the most comfortable and versatile styles you can wear this Spring and Summer. The Chartres Labyrinth at Stillpoint is based on the design of the oldest surviving medieval Christian labyrinth, which was built into the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France in 1201.
The Double Spiral Labyrinth at Stillpoint circles its way around the base of the tallest cedar tree on the property.

The labyrinth is a spiritual tool meant to awaken us to the deep rhythm that unites us to ourselves and to the Light that calls from within. A labyrinth is an ancient meditation and prayer pattern that, until recently, had fallen out of use, especially in the United States.
He makes meditation really easy to understand and gives you simple and accessible ways to start. Deepak Chopra and Oprah have partnered to create really wonderful, short, and easy meditations.
Walking meditations were good starting places for me, but you can also meditate while cleaning your dishes or swimming in a pool. But I can refocus over and over again during the activity and I find that just doing that is really helpful.
A hike in the woods or a stroll along the beach are great meditations, as long as you keep bringing yourself back into the moment – listening to the waves and feeling the sand between your toes or listening to your breathing and looking at the trees. I have found that many religious organizations and retreat centers have them but if you don’t find one, you can make your own with some rocks or string.
Most instructors will guide you in focusing on your breath and your internal feelings as you move through the poses.
A couple of friends have even traveled to Tibet and Bali to attend meditation retreats at spiritual centers with Monks, so a lot of fun can be had in developing your meditation practice. Please feel free to contact us via the information provided or simply complete our reservation inquiry form.

Sometimes we feel so close to our life goal that we can touch it.   However, when we encounter a bend in the road and the way forward feels more like retreat and failure, we might feel that we are losing our direction. And I must say, that meditation helps you calm that annoying mind that is always worrying and problem solving and making “to do” lists and arguing with my mother, and, and, and… Meditation is an ancient practice that is designed to help us quiet what is called the “monkey mind” to find more peace and centeredness.
I also love fly fishing – it’s truly the most zen like thing I have ever experienced – but it requires some preparation and gear. There are different types of meditation and like other tools on this site, use your own intuition to guide you to the right one for you. Lauren Artress, an Episcopal priest and former Canon of Special Ministries at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA, labyrinths have been revived as a modern tool for prayer, meditation and transformation.
Sounds easy but it’s actually quite hard to do because our “monkey mind” wants to take us out of the present and either into the past (reliving that frustrating conversation with your brother) or the future (fantasizing about your next vacation). Today labyrinths can be found in churches, cathedrals, retreat centers, hospitals, schools, and backyards across the country. To meditate, you put your attention on something in the moment and when you notice that your mind is off thinking about the movie you just saw or making a to do list, you simply bring your mind back to the thing you want to focus on.

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