The most important thing for attracting positive things into your life is having a positive mindset. Just believe, because when you believe and think positively, you will attract people, jobs, opportunities, money and wealth into your life. Affirmations are short, powerful statements that you say over and over, which encourage personal growth.
Repeat them every day (morning, at lunch, evening) for a minimum of 30 days and you will start observing amazing positive changes in your life. About the BookIn this audiobook, the "New York Times"-bestselling authors of "The Laws of Attraction" guide listeners to the conscious creative control of every aspect of their lives, and go right to the heart of what most of them are troubled by: money and physical health. Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. Why?  Because it is the "how-to" book for applying Law of Attraction to your personal and business life.  This book has the reputation for offering the most practical how-to process for Deliberate Attraction and Allowing – the art of using Law of Attraction deliberately. Sign up now to get instant access to a 28-minute recording of one of Michael's training sessions on the Law of Attraction and Allowing.
There are many techniques, strategies, programs, books, meditations out there that will tell you how to manifest your desires. Visualization is a great technique to use, but you must be careful, because it can backfire. If you are reading this, most likely you want to change the results that you have been getting.
The more you tell yourselves that you have money or that money are coming your way, the sooner it will happen. Since its release in 2003, Michael Losier's Law of Attraction has sold more than 1.8 million copies in 33 languages.
When you become sick, stressed, angry it is showing you the flow is blocked, or has a kink somewhere.
If you visualize your desire, but are feeling any sort of negative emotion while doing so (stress,worry,doubt) then you are attaching a negative feeling to your desire. And a lot of people get into a horrible cycle, of looking at their results, and then thinking that they are those results.
I thought I would make more money (a desire of mine) by being busy, so why would a sit and do nothing for 15-30 minutes?
Honestly, being happy and grateful for all that you have is one of the most important, if not the most important thing you can do.
A lot of people find that the first book they read inspires them, but it doesn’t change their life.

This new journey of yours, depending on what it is, might be a bit bumpy, and you will need something to keep you going.
If you ask or desire something, without expecting to receive it, you are just wishing and hoping. So then their thoughts aren’t very good, which makes them feel not so good, which then makes them act not as efficiently, and guess what, the same ole results show up. I feel saying affirmations in the morning is quite important, and effective because it sets you off in a great mood throughout the day. You will attract an abundance of great things into your life if you can feel grateful and happy every day, always look for the good and you will always see good. That’s okay, but call it back and if it was a positive thought, bring that great feeling back to the now. Now it is important to take a look at the results you have been getting, and reflect on them.
If you an affirmation everyday, and really feel it throughout your whole being as you say it, it will start to make an imprint on your sub-conscious mind. Your desire will make sure that no matter how many times you fall you will get up one more time.
So avoid this at all times, especially when you a just learning how to manifest, because it can discourage you. It will take repeated reading of books, of listening to cd’s, of going to seminars to completely change your paradigm in your sub-conscious. Another important thing you need to do with your desire is to become emotionally involved with your desire.
Well when you are in this state , your vibration is high, you are happy, you are enjoying life. Only then will your connection and attraction be strong, and it will move forward to come into physical form, and into your life. Or you could just read one book over and over again and do the same thing, if the information in there was accurate. You respond instead of reacting to situations, and you are looking for the good in everything.
You will be scared, fear will come and go at the beginning, but when you think about your desire and how much you want it, fear will disappear because you know that you will reach your goal.
And you can eagerly look forward to the future, but if that is all you do, then you miss out on living.
Our Higher Self will actually guide us, and start to lead us in the direction of our desires.

Basically you will be sending the affirmations straight to the subconscious mind, avoiding the conscious mind.
Learning how to manifest in this way is really effective, and accurate because it is a part of you. If it is a new computer, go out shopping and start looking at different computers and find which one you want. Surround yourself with all this information and study it often, just by doing this, and implementing the ideas, you will become successful in any area of your life. You will either receive the money, or something will come into your life so you will have that new computer of your choice. Yes money can allow you to do things that will make you happy, and buy you things that can make you happy, and allow you to have more free time. You will soon realize that you start to feel way better about yourself, you are doing things that make you feel good, and make others feel good.
And make sure you are thinking about your already in possession of what you want (this is very important). This makes your sub-conscious think this is in the present, which makes the attraction and connection stronger.
And on an attracting level, you attract very strongly when you are centered, grounded and completely aware of how you are feeling in the current moment.
How many stories, what colour are the walls, how many bedrooms, do you want a soaker or a jet tub, what is your yard like? Another thing I want to mention about expectation is that when you truly expect and know something will come into your life, you will have no space for fear, doubt and worry, which all slow down the process. If you want to travel, maybe go to a nice beach, feel the warmth from the sun, feel the hot sand on your feet.
This will make it seem to real, even you consciously will have a hard time telling the difference, never mind your sub-conscious! And again, visualizing can really help you while your learn how to manifest your desires.*Try creating a vision board. A vision board is simply a board, paper, or some sort of area where you put up pictures, words, anything visual that shows your desires. It could be pictures of money, places you want to travel, the perfect job, the perfect partner, affirmations , absolutely anything you want!

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