The course is designed to be done over 6 weeks, but you can take longer and do it at your own speed. Within 24 hours from paying for your course, we will email you details on how to access your course along with the links. Meditation guru David Fontana reveals the secrets for mastering this beneficial practice with this practical, engaging guide to finding inner peace. Mediation has been used for centuries across the world as a way of relieving stress and anxiety, encouraging mental and physical relaxation, enhancing creativity and releasing our true spiritual and emotional selves.
Written with a refreshing clarity and simplicity, this accessible guide draws upon all of the world’s meditation traditions to present an eclectic and thoroughly practical programme for inner peace. Brimming with innovative exercises, visualisations and affirmations, this is a book that helps attune us both physically and mentally whatever our mood or need. Through practicing meditation we will be able to reduce mental busyness, improve our concentration, and eliminate our negative habits of mind.
All bookings are made through a secure online system and you will receive an instant payment notification as well as confirmation of your course booking.
Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre is a member of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union (IKBU) and is a Registerd Charity No. Few things are more frustrating than knowing you need to finish a project and absolutely not being able to focus on it. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to filter out distractions and improve your ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. Some of them involve small tweaks (think changing the way you write your to-do list), while others involve a bigger commitment (like a daily meditation practice). Each day is chock-full of experiences that can sap your willpower, from turning down a coworker’s freshly-baked brownies to ignoring the siren call of your overflowing inbox.
Psychologist Kelly McGonigal offers another reason why willpower may be highest in the morning: The brain is refreshed by sleep.
Steve Denton recommends playing chess (or a similarly complex game) with challenging opponents to develop your ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.
In fact, educational organizations across the globe advocate adding chess instruction to school curricula.
Physical activity has myriad benefits — but one of the less obvious is that it helps sharpen focus.

That’s because, according to one study mentioned by Mukul Shukla, regular aerobic exercise may spark development in parts of the brain related to attention and memory.
Other research suggests it might not take too long to reap the cognitive benefits of exercise. It’s tempting to beat yourself up when you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook news feed instead of answering client emails. The point is not to waste time getting upset because you’re struggling, but to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it. A growing body of research highlights the importance of incorporating regular break times into your work schedule. Mindfulness is the general term for cultivating greater awareness of your experiences in the present moment, and it can help you stay focused on the task at hand.
As meditation gains a foothold in Western societies, more people are starting to appreciate its psychological benefits.
For those who aren’t interested in dedicating that much time to their meditation practice, an anonymous user outlines an exercise you can do for a few minutes every day. Deepak Dev has a clever strategy for getting better at focusing: Find out why the task is important. So if your current assignment involves inputting numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, remind yourself how this task fits into your company’s work as a whole. Abhisek Rai Arrant says that when he started playing chess, he would lose some games simply because he couldn’t concentrate for hours at a time.
The Dunetz Wellness Center - Acupuncture Boca Raton is a place for you to experience healing. Meditation offers many benefits including relaxation, reduced stress and tension, and greater peace of mind. In this workshop you will learn the basics of meditation so that you can practice with confidence and joy. Everyone welcome! On this course everyone will learn simple meditations which can be practised at home or any time you need a break from busy daily life.
If you enjoy this course, please note that we have launched a new regular course to help deepen your understanding and experience of mindfulness. We don’t however recommend doing it faster than that as you need to integrate the steps and practices into your life in between each learning session.

Click on the link included in our email and you can begin your self-study, self-paced online program.
On this half day course we will give an introduction to the practice of Buddhist meditation. Quora user Ravi Mandliya suggests creating a list of things you’d like to finish in the next 45 minutes.
A better bet is simply to accept that you’re having trouble focusing and move on to figuring out why.
One study found that people who took two breaks during a 50-minute cognitive task performed much better than those who worked straight through. Some research suggests the perfect formula involves working for 52 minutes and then taking a 17-minute break.
For example, Trehan says, pay attention to every bite of food you take, including the taste, the temperature, and the texture. One study found that people were better able to concentrate after they spent several months at a meditation retreat. Eventually, through meditation and simply more practice playing chess, he was able to increase his ability to focus. Applying the methods taught will lead to happiness, a sense of purpose and harmony in your relationships. David Fontana puts his 35 years of experience into a series of exercises, visualisations and affirmations that will bring meditation into any lifestyle. Topics covered will include – what is meditation, the benefits of meditation, and how to start a daily meditation practice. Eventually, you’ll get accustomed to zeroing in on single tasks, while minimizing external distractions. This workshop is great for beginners and anyone who wants to improve their experience of meditation. Guided by an experienced Meditation Teacher, this course is the perfect opportunity to learn meditation techniques and clarify any questions you may have.

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