We are called to provide a biblical voice to the challenges we all encounter en route to the finish line of life.
Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, when the gods and goddesses reigned over all living things.
Introduce your history student to one of the most popular Goddesses of ancient Egypt, Bastet (or Bast). Meet Thoth (or Djehuti), one of the many Egyptian gods that were worshiped over 3,000 years ago!
History students, enjoy a coloring page about ancient Egypt, where you'll read about one of the oldest and Egyptian gods: Horus. Learn about one of the most important cultural aspects of ancient Egypt: the gods and goddesses. You'll save time with unlimited access to thousands of worksheets, activities, workbooks, games, lesson plans, and moreā€”all in one place. Plus subscribers have access to this feature and many more that make getting the worksheets you want easier. Now I dropped her and our two children off (We only had two children in 1977.) and was looking for a parking space. I had no idea how long it was going to take for me to find a parking space, but lo and behold, there right in front of me a man is fidgeting with his keys as he walks across the street. Will you preach for me this morning?” So at our first time ever at Moody Church I preached at The Moody Church. I preached on Psalm 1.Now today I need to tell you that when the service began and I looked over and saw all of you (God bless you. Isn’t that wonderful how God takes care of us?Psalm 1 - First of all, I want you to notice the contrast between two different kinds of people. He stands in the way of sinners, and then he ends up sitting in the seat of scoffers.Who you influence is very important, and who influences you is incredibly important. Notice that the one who is blessed (verse 2) his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. You see, many of us read the Scriptures, but what we don’t do is meditate, and it is meditation that actually brings about the transformation. It is simply not reading because when you read something it can go through your mind very, very quickly, and you don’t even know what you have read.

Never put down your Bible, even if you are reading it through, unless you have something that you can take with you for the entire day. That enables us, you see, to give thanks in everything, even when there is a snowfall in the city of Chicago.So you see, it is really taking from the Word something that you can have in your mind all day. I get that, but the fact is that if we begin our day in meditation, those words and those ideas of God’s Word will stay with us for the rest of the day.
It says that this person shall be like a tree planted by the river of water that brings forth its fruit in its season. Its leaf does not wither and whatever he does he prospers.So a person who is in the Word of God is, first of all, planted in a place where his roots can go to the water.
And that can only happen if you are in the Word of God, and if you are with the people of God, so that you are planted beside the stream, and your roots are deep enough to get the water. In fact, it says in the book of Jeremiah, a similar passage, that even though drought comes he will not fear because he goes down to the roots. You remember in a sermon years ago I told you about the redwoods in California – those great trees that seem to go to the sky.
What we have to do is to even depend upon others because it is their knowledge of the Word of God that gives us the strength to face life even when drought comes.
You know if you are going through the desert, as I have, you sometimes notice that in the middle of the desert you have an oasis.
If you want to be free so that your conscience is free, focus on the promises of God and the cleansing of God. Tell them that you want them to read the Gospel of John, and you want them to do it one chapter a day (There are 21 chapters.) and answer this simple question.
There’s a promise here that if we meditate in the law of God day and night, the promise is very clear that whatever we do shall prosper. In order to illustrate his dilemma it was as if he took a bottle, something like a beer bottle or whatever, and he stuffed it with wires.
And then what he did was he took a hammer and he hit it, and of course, the bottle broke, but do you know what? All the wires still had the very same shape as they had when they were in the bottle.How do we get out of that bottle and how are we introduced to the freedom God’s children have? Every verse except three speak about the power of the Word of God in the life of a believer who meditates day and night.So I encourage you to take up this challenge of meditation in the Scriptures.

There was a time in my life when I memorized a great deal of Scripture – books of the Bible. It took me years but I was able to quote John by memory – 21 chapters quoted in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
No matter where you are you can meditate on the Word of God.Rebecca and I know a man who was in ministry whose wife died of cancer. And I remember saying to him, “How is it that during this cancerous experience (and his wife died at home) that you are not filled with anxiety and great concern?
How come you are able to handle it as well as you can handle it?” And he said these words. How do you get rid of those stray thoughts of anger and sensuality and bitterness and resentment, and the inability to be able to rejoice in the success of others, and an attitude of “me-ism”? What you must do and what I must do is to make sure that we meditate in the Law of God, and then the promise is here. So I know I was expecting to speak on a different passage today and a different message, but this one is directed toward you and toward me at the beginning of this year so that when we come to the end of the year we don’t regret that our priorities were wrong, or that the same problems we had when we entered into this year are the same problems we have when we exit out of it.
It is like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces, and you may be listening and are a skeptic. And the funeral for the Bible has been often, and the obituary has been read.Voltaire said that within a century or less the Bible would only be in museums. But I understand that Voltaire’s house was later used as a basis for a Bible society. And then later on He inspired New Testament writers to continue the Word of God, which was given in the Old Testament.
And you remember how the Apostle Paul said that we should remember the Lord’s death until He comes.
We ask that this message, though given in such an impromptu way, may be transforming for many, not only for those that are here but also for those who are listening many other ways.
And we pray, Father, that You might make us faithful in Your Word, and help us, Lord, to be content with where we are, and even the legacy that we leave because the Word of God has been hidden in our hearts.

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