If you're taking or removing your spouse's name from marriage, you don't need a legal name change. Any citizen or permanent resident can apply for a legal name change with Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). Receive all your name change documents by mail; letters, faxes forms, personalised checklist and the Easy Name Change Guide.
Name change for children is quite common and can occur for a number of reasons: children may take a new surname as parents divorce or marry, spelling mistakes on birth certificates may be corrected or adopted children may take a new family name.

Australian permanent residents can legally change their name in Australia, however there are special considerations. Find out exactly what you need to do with each company, and receive any corresponding name change paprerwork. You’ll need to consider which country you have more accounts in, what passports you hold and where you intend to live in the future. We provide name change procedures and paperwork for hundreds of organizations so you don't need to do any research.

It only takes 10 minutes to get all the forms, letters and information you need to start changing names now.

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