Students learn how they can change a negative unhelpful question and thought process, to a positive one.
I read The Giving Tree for the first time over 35 years ago when I was an elementary school student. This five page banner is included for free in this set of The Giving Tree teaching resources. You will be emailed a download link for this resource set so you can download and use it today! This five page banner is included for free in this set of Family Tree lesson plans and teaching resources. You will be emailed a download link for this creative writing project so you can download and use it today!
They have been created for teachers who wish to inspire and motivate their students towards achievement. This Teaching Lesson Plan is especially for those young people who think school is boring or who are being pulled away from their education by peer pressure. This lesson plan presents a technique that will definitely increase your students' learning and recall. This Teaching Lesson Plan looks at a famous poem that was penned back in the fifties and is still popular today.

This Lesson Plan poses a series of questions and answers which then produces a wheel chart showing where each young person spends their time and energy.
This Lesson Plan looks at some great inspirational role models and what they did to overcome the challenges in their lives. This Teaching Lesson Plan presents a Rhythmic Diaphragm Breathing technique that shows students how to de-stress and calm themselves. This Self Esteem Lesson Plan takes students through the positives in their lives and is a great interactive exercise. In approximately 60 minutes you can have your students memorising on average, 50 plus items of information in chronological order. It instils important values and beliefs in your students and gets them thinking about relationships especially future relationships with their own children. It focuses on the important things in life like health, relationships, personal interests and activities, community and self-improvement. It gets them looking at and re-experiencing all their achievements, thinking through the problems that they overcame, the times when they helped others, all the sincere and genuine compliments they have been paid and times when they have been happy and or proud. There are some really important skills we can learn to make us feel more confident, positive and help us to achieve our goals in life. It is motivation by fear and paints worst scenarios and looks at the link between education and career choice.

It makes young people think about their problems and challenges in life and how they deal with them. This lesson plan follows on from Lateral Thinking 1 and continues to build the right brain. If you can get your young people using this technique regularly they will benefit greatly as they will be less stressed, more focused to their studies and be more in control of their emotions.
The lesson plan consists of a series of fun problems that help engage and focus your students to their creative side.
These words can change a young person's life especially if they are going through some adversity. Therefore, if we predominantly have negative thinking or negative thought patterns, as a general rule, we tend to look for negative things in life and consequently we have negative experiences.

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