Our online life coach school for women enables you to become certified as a life coach at your own pace wherever you have access to the internet. Videos of real life coaching sessions and Powerpoint presentations from recorded lessons of live classes will keep you stimulated and engaged.
Conscious life coaching will provide you with practical skills to help you to help others change their lives!
Professional consultants and certified Life Coaches are one of the fastest growing and highly paid professions of the 21st century. The very act of learning how to become a certified life coach will change your level of intimacy with yourself first, which will then provide the confidence and direction to connect more intimately with others. If you learn best by being coached, if you like the idea of being accountable to someone that will help you through every step of getting your business up and running, Sunny Massad will will make sure that you master the conscious coaching skills before helping you to formulate and execute your career vision. Read about how our certified life coach graduates are using their life coaching skills to determine whether our online life coach school for women might be the right fit for you. If you are ready to become a professional peer mentor, visit our registration page.  If you have questions, call Dr. You have a choice of taking the life coach training – live online or through the home study program. When you take the Life Coach Certification online program  you will be able to help others go from the life they have now  to the life they want, the life they deserve. Work with clients to support their personal growth, behavior modification, and goal-setting.
Assist the clients in the process of taking the life-improving actions necessary to take control of their future.
Help clients overcome fears and achieve balance in both their personal and professional lives through a series of attainable steps. You will also have access to the Life Coach Training Student Center which is packed with more coaching tools, tips, and resources.

Now I feel empowered to use the tools I learned in this program to assist clients in solving their own life challenges.The Universal Coach Institute training has been so valuable to me as a business woman and teacher. The coach will find it easier to be non-judgemental of the client if they are not known to each other. The coaches are human to and coaching clients online can fit in with their busy schedules too.  They can schedule coaching sessions for the part of the day when they are most productive.
She is a certified Master Life Coach and is a Personal Transformation Coach and Health and Wellness Coach. Thank you for your interest in PCCCA’s Biblically-based, Christian Counselor Training and Certification Program, newly updated!
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Sunny Massad’s proven method, as outlined in her book, UnTherapy, has resulted in hundreds of graduates and successful private practices. Taking the training as a fairly regular routine is the best way to stay highly motivated, to remember what learned, and to keep the momentum so that you can move from being a student to being a certified life coach! Do you feel a calling to contribute in a more meaningful way than your present circumstances allow?
Do you long to put your passion into a career that will bring you both fulfillment and a generous income? We designed our curriculum to be both personally transforming while affording the freedom and convenience that only an internet life coaching school can provide. Do you dream of becoming a life coach but feel fearful about whether or not you will succeed? Sunny Massad for a free phone consultation at (808) 842-6611 or email her to receive a quick response.
Taking the Life Coach training online live is great if you want to receive your ICF credentials or if you want the interaction with other students.

Anybody can achieve their goals if properly guided and that is where a Life Coach comes in. The 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study found that the estimated global revenue from coaching to be almost $2 billion ($1,979 million USD) annually. I’ve run my own vocational school for the past eight years and work one on one with private clients. She also holds qualifications in business and group coaching, as well as running workshops.
Who Is This Training Designed For?.World leader in Professional Christian Coach training, Christian Counselor and specialty certification courses online. In the past I would take the students and clients problems home with me and it really weighed me down.
But whether you want to start your own private life coaching practice or not, after you learn the coaching and consulting skills, Track 2 is a useful practicum that will help you to  explore innovative ways to employ you new skills.
Sunny Massad, the Founder of the Institute, is a psychologist that is known for her warmth, wit, and candor. Now I feel empowered to use the tools I learned in this program to assist them in solving their own life challenges and finding healthy solutions. I knew UCI was the right one because I’ve been in prayer about becoming a transformational leader. And I must say, after going through the program and applying the coaching techniques in my own life, I truly have become more self-aware of what I really want to accomplish.

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