The leading coach training program, committed to providing you with the training to become an extraordinary coach. One of my major beliefs for much of my life has been that personal and spiritual development is a process, that you can either just let happen and be an observer, or you can be more purposeful in your personal exploration, and be a participant in the unfolding or emergence of your being.
EVERYONE wants to speak to, helping your clients move forward in their career, business and relationships.
HOME OFFICE – and can easily earn up to a staggering $300,000 a year, working anywhere in the world. Every single day, thousands of people search Google for life coaches the world over, to help bring greater structure and direction to their lives. Life coaches help their clients lose weight, rocket their confidence, boost their business, kick that bad habit – and more. And it’s all usually done over the telephone, typically via a half-hour session each week. I helped develop courses such as Happiness Now, the NLP Secret, the Life Makeover system, and many others. How to get started in the FASTEST-GROWING industry around – More people are demanding life coaches. How to attract the VERY BEST clients around – From big buck professionals to young entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to get the pick of the litter! The BIGGEST advantages of being a life coach – Including being your own boss, setting your hours, earning $$$$, and putting your skills to great use! What to do THE MOMENT a client first contacts you – We’ll give you exactly what you need, ranging from welcome pack information to a fee schedule!
From TELE-COACHING to one-on-one sessions – Here’s how to act in each situation, and the tips you need to maximize on your results! Understanding BELIEFS and SELF-TALK – Why these are super-important, and how to change them in your client, using our secret techniques!
How to separate PERSONAL stuff from BUSINESS stuff – Sometimes life will get in the way of your coaching. How a CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN works, and why you MUST have one – This is absolutely critical, and it happens to every life coach - so prepare! Mission Statements, Promise Statements, and MORE – What they mean for you and your client, and how to give them POWER! The ULTIMATE CHECKLIST for your life coaching business – Tick the boxes to ensure you know PRECISELY what you’re doing! The SEVEN LITTLE-KNOWN TRICKS for achieving great results with clients – Just follow these methods for fantastic results and returning clients!
EIGHT guerrilla marketing techniques to DOMINATE your market – Here are the sneaky tools you need to ensure you become a leader in your life coaching market!
Why being a NICHE COACH can earn you even more $$$$ - And the precise steps you need to take to become one.
How to create LONGER-TERM SUCCESS beyond just life coaching – From membership sites to coaching courses, referral programs to partnerships! Would you like to hang your own professional life coaching certificate up, proud of your achievements? A certificate from the Advanced Life Coaching Institute, stating that you received direct tuition from Bradley Thompson, and signed by the man himself.
I’ve prepared a special bonus guide, which sits perfectly alongside the Life Coaching Secrets course. Most people pay more than the cost of this entire course JUST to purchase Karl’s book and audio CD. That’s why I’d like to give you an IRON-CLAD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, ONE YEAR, RISK-FREE REFUND GUARANTEE! Your purchase is backed by a SOLID guarantee, and further backed by the Self Development Network. You won’t pay a PENNY extra for us to deliver the entire package to you, on CD, in ejector casing.
You’ll learn the TRUE SECRETS of shifting belief systems, changing state, and reprogramming for success. You’ll learn how to handle clients easily, how to attract more business than you can handle, and how to get massive publicity as a niche life coach. We are all searching for success and happiness in our life’s and we somehow lose track of following our dreams because we are so busy making a living and rushing through life on a day to day basis that we do not even realize how time are passing us by!
Willaim Penn Life Coaching Courses in South Africa are a great way to start because through this kind of course we can apply the right kind of mindset, behaviors and thinking to create a future filled with happiness, success, growth and abundance! Our acclaimed life coaching courses are a powerful and unique combination of Life Coaching Methodologies, Transformation Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Science,  Advanced Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, and Success Mind Set Strategies that totally empower your beliefs and attitude, to transform yourself in every area in your life.
Using the skills and tools on yourself, others or combine it in your current career will just totally move you leap years forward!  Becoming a certified Life Coach and Transformation Coach will give you the option to start your own business or give you a lot more options in your current career! Receiving the knowledge that empower oneself is one thing but to truly apply it in your life is another!  How much has your life changed by reading books with great information? With our Life Coaching Courses you will be able to learn how to do all of this and much, much more, combined with the phenomenal Transformation Coaching Techniques tools set. This is the Time to take Action and start living the life of your dreams!  Every day that you are putting it off or finding excuses to invest in your future is another golden moment wasted on daily mundane routines to survive! With our International Accredited Courses with the International Coaches Register & ANLP and and locally accredited COMENSA, you can now successfully empower and transform yourself and other people.
The Basis of NLP and Life Coaching: Learn the fundamental assumptions on which we base our lives. Fundamental beliefs that will allow you to begin to choose the empowering Mind Mastery model and leave behind the disempowering Mind Servitude model. Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions and your behaviour.
11 Proven Principles for achieving your goals used by all successful goal setters, which you can start using from day one. Discover how to ask questions so that your goals or somebody else’s goals become free from confusion or ambiguity. A Powerful “Goal Achieving System™” that you can follow after you have set and formulated your goals.
Use your Body Language in a specific way to get your Client to unconsciously Associate Positively with you and create Instant Trust and Agreement. Create instant liking when communicating with friends, relatives and even people you don’t know. Learning Rapport has been described as the ability to build a Bridge of Harmony and Trust between people. Using this powerful technique, we can decode a specific memory, experience or mental conditioning. Get rid of unwanted or destructive behaviours, like anger outburst, junk food eating, comfort eating…etc. Move people comfortably through obstacles that are holding them back in their lives and during the coaching process. Reprogram someone to take action on a task, project, exercise program and goals… Most people want to take action on their desired outcomes; however, most procrastinate or find excuses why they cannot do it now. Get someone to like an action, they currently dislike or dislike an action they currently like doing, but does not really serve them. Help someone do a specific task easier, which they currently find hard or frustrating to do.
Remember, any Obstacle that you encounter in your Client during the coaching sessions, can be resolved by using this powerful Decoding & Encoding Technique. Changing the habit of negative thinking into a new habit of positive, outcome orientated thinking. Sure-Fire Proven technique, to stop All Inner Conflicts with our very own originated Technique called, Inner Conflict Therapy™!! Now, with this tug of war continuously going on in our mind, it gets tough to achieve our goals and aims in life.
Inner Conflict Therapy™ is a very powerful technique that we developed, and takes the client through a process where we finally silence, the Limiting Negative little voice in the mind. Negative Emotions being suppressed and unresolved, can create a lot of havoc in a person’s life. You will agree with me that you have had tens of thousands events in your life where you experienced some form of Negative Emotion.
Most Psychologists and Psychiatrists try to pinpoint the highly charged events in a person’s life by using Psychoanalysis to try and help a person get over it. Negative Emotional Therapy™ is a quick and affective technique that can help any person to release all those Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) on the events from the past for each specific emotion one at a time.
Now if you can actually grasp what I just explained here, you will realise and see how powerful this technique will be in your Coaching Arsenal Toolbox to help yourself and your clients to live a more fulfilled happier life with a positive optimistic outlook on the future.
Another kind of belief is the belief that something is possible, and that you can easily do whatever it takes, to reach your goal. Now, these are all negative questions, however, don’t think because you are asking yourself a positive question that it is actually driving you towards what you want. We will teach you how to elicit your current Driver Focus Filter and also how to change your Driver Focus Filter from one focus point to six different focus points, which enables you to see more of the things that really matters to you TODAY, and therefore, have a strong drive towards that. Timeline Phobia Release™ – Using this powerful technique, you can successfully get rid of any person’s Phobia in less than 30 minutes. Timeline Trauma Release™ – You can use this Technique to release the Negative Emotional Charges from any Trauma that a person went through.

Anxiety Eliminator™ – Using this very easy-and-fast-to-apply technique to get rid of any Anxiety you might have instantly, and at the same time influence the future event, as you would like it to play out. Changing someone’s current Self-Love to Unconditional Self-Love at a deep Subconscious Level. Learn how to change the hierarchy of Values in the Subconscious Mind for it to be in alignment with the Conscious Values. Set up a personal trigger or stimulus which can move you in a specific direction or state like happiness, confidence, energetic…etc. Discover how to free yourself or your client from an unwanted negative internal response to some past or present external trigger.
Find out how to link your strong personal resources with your ability to access them whenever you want.
During your training, you will go through the Transformation Coaching System™ and experience the transformation first hand for yourself. The Transformation Coaching System™ will guide you step by step on how to help yourself and any individual with any presenting problem and guide them to the outcome they desire. Learn how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to un-program yourself from old programming and old paradigms that is holding you back and start living Consciously every day.
Understanding the Law of Vibration, which states that “like vibration attracts similar or the same vibration” and how it affects every second of your life. We will teach you everything about the Law of Attraction in relation to the Law of Vibration, and how it interacts with your Subconscious Mind. How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching Methodologies to Master the Law of Attraction in your favour. How to use our Subconscious Reprogramming Coaching Techniques to start tapping into your Powerful Subconscious Mind to unlock your True Potential!!!
As a Bonus in our training, you will learn a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Positive thinking works in a way, but it is very slow, and it takes too long to see results! The average person has about 70 000 thoughts per day, which makes it impossible to monitor.
Learn how to empower yourself and other people by getting on the Cause side of life, instead of living on the Effect side of life, which is very disempowering. The words we use are chosen unconsciously, however, they have a special meaning for each individual.
Customising your speech for each individual to achieve instant acceptance and wavelength communication. Reframe people’s sentences back to them to help them make the relevant changes within themselves. Discover and use the technique of sequencing for various internal processes to create a certain result and how to make the result successful each time. Discover and learn how people buy things and decision making strategies just by watching their eye movements so that you can use that. We use our 5 senses to internally represent the information obtained from the external world. Discover how, what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste have an influence on our physical response (whether we are consciously aware of the process or not). The different preferences people have in how they use their 5 senses to process information internally.
You will receive an additional manual with the more advanced and basic fundamentals of Life Coaching. How to build your own professional website just like mine by using this very easy to understand user-friendly software. How to Search Engine Optimize your website to get to the first page of Google in your particular Niche. Are you a spiritual leader, pastor, counselor, mentor, missionary or simply an active Christian interested in adding Biblical Life Coaching skills to your existing ministry?
Do you have a heart and a passion to help other people experience genuine growth and advances in their thinking, values and life purpose? Our Online Life Breakthrough Coach Training is structured to facilitate the professional training and certification of Christian Coaches all over the world, by allowing you to access our Weekly Lessons through a simple internet connection, or telephone line!
Through this Online Training you will receive 10 weeks of quality Coach Training and will be able to attend our classes via Web Conference (or a phone line), so you don’t have to travel, but can participate from anywhere in the world, interact with other students during the course, and practice the skills of coaching with a “buddy” during the week. This Group Training is run by Renato and Patrizia Amato, Certified Life Coach Instructors who are endorsed to train new Christian Life Coaches by Daryl and Janet Daughtry, co-founders of the Life Breakthrough Coach Academy and leaders of the Biblical Coaching Alliance. Being with you and all your other students in Biblical Life Breakthrough Coaching during this past year, I can personally attest that I have and continue to feel and know that I am in the presence of Jesus each step along the way. Donate to HEALING BROKEN HEARTS!HEALING BROKEN HEARTS is a Christian Missionary Ministry reaching out to broken people all over the world. Welcome life coaching institute america™ pleased significant decision certified professional life coach..
The spencer institute offers life coach training, holistic education, nutrition coaching courses, sports psychology classes, wellness coach certification programs.. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
They're individuals that provide guidance and motivation to help clients achieve their goals.
I’ve made literally millions of dollars in the self-help industry, and know just what people are looking for. They don’t want to listen to a hypnosis session telling them how to live their lives. Or issue it to clients as required reading, to help boost their happiness during their work with you.
By using them in coaching, we can now make the changes at a Subconscious level so that we can change the beliefs about what we CAN do or be and what NOT?  Our beliefs are creating our perception and therefore the Map of Our Reality we are currently experiencing. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and start making the inner changes with the Transformation Coaching Techniques so you know that you can do whatever you put your mind into.
Become a Certified Life Coach today and learn how to use your full potential in achieving all your goals and achieve a sense of Inner Happiness from within. Using this technique will help your Client to open up to you, so you can have a deeper meaningful impact helping them. Once we have the code, we can then change it into a better more empowering code and encode the new more empowering code back into the Subconscious Mind.
Some people are eating specific foods or sweets regularly, which is either making them overweight, or it is affecting their health. This is a very powerful technique to help your Client to lose weight if they have a tendency to live on junk food. If you really understand the Encoding & Decoding of the Subconscious Mind (which we really make sure you do), you will always get the desired results in your own life and that of your clients.
To fully understand the effect of what our Self Image has on every aspect of our life, please read the book, “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Dr.
Have you ever noticed that there are two (sometimes more) different little voices in a tug of war with each other?
Once the negative little voice is silent, we become congruent again and can achieve your goals and life purpose so much faster. When out of control, it can cause a lot of damage in relationships, work environment and to the person’s health.
This can be a very time consuming, strenuous and emotionally draining process to get over all the Negative Emotion Charges (NEC).
Once you released all the NEC’s on all the major Negative Emotions, you will gain back control over your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. This means that you believe that you have the resources to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Is there something that you believe, that if you stopped believing it, life would be better? This one dominating question is called a Driver Focus Filter and all the information that you receive through your 5 senses go through this Filter for processing. In most cases, it is driving you away from what you want, because the end result and focus of the question is to doubt and limit yourself.
Remember the Conscious Mind is the Goal Setter, and the Subconscious Mind is the Goal Getter! Make sure your top six Values are what you really want in life, to move you towards your Ultimate Life. To give you an idea; some people get a very negative emotional response when they see or hear a specific person. In this way, you will be Free from all your own Limitation, Mental & Emotional Baggage to really help and empower other individuals.
These 18 presuppositions of success are the mind-set and strategies of the worlds greatest Coaches and Therapist in the past 40 years. Most teachers and trainers of the Law of Attraction never explain this, because they do not specialise in the inner workings of the Subconscious Mind. You will learn a new way of thinking called Creative Thinking™ that will Transform and Empower your life like no other method out there.
You will learn a very powerful method that will help you to monitor and therefor become more consciously aware, whether your thoughts are creative (towards what you want) or destructive (towards what you do not want). You will learn how to change your perception; so that you can change your Outer World and your Relationships with the people around you.

We will teach you how to match this in order to create Instant Rapport and Mutual Agreement.
For more detail, have a look at all the bonus courses that you will get in the “Breakdown & Price PDF”. In most “Trainings” this is only reserved for the NLP Master Practitioner Training Program (if they will ever let you do something like this).
Modelling in NLP means you study, elicit and observe what someone else is doing, then you install that same strategies in yourself so you can perform the task just as well as they are doing it. While I’ve been a coach for some time, experiencing coaching development in and with your course, nothing has touched me more deeply in listening to the hearts of others; knowing that we are seeking truth while learning how to help and encourage others in their life’s growth and purpose is empowering to say the least. If you would like to help us bring healing to those who have broken hearts, use the following button to make a donation. We’ll provide you with a special link to get in touch with our support team around the clock. At our revolutionary and powerful Transformation Coaching Academy™ we equip people to start living their dream and destiny! This course was excellent, excellent in the methods, processes and the simplicity in the presentation.
Using this technique, we can reprogram the Subconscious Mind to totally dislike that specific (bad) food, which will cause them to never want to eat it again. For example, one voice says that you CAN do it, and another voice tells you NO, and therefore voices of doubt interfere with your Mind-talk.
To really understand what this will mean for yourself and your clients, just do yourself a favour and go and read all the testimonials on our Home Page and Testimonial Page again to see what it did for other people. Did you know that every time you experience a Negative Emotion and didn’t deal with it right after or during the event, there is a Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) getting stored in your neurology at a Subconscious level? You will have to go and visit every event in your life one at a time and talk about it – in the hope that you will let go of the NEC on the event.
The longer the Chain of NEC’s of a specific emotion like, for instance, Anger, the less control a person will have over their Anger when it gets triggered by some sort of internal or external stimuli.
This will also help you to stop thinking or living in the past and therefore, become more present in the moment, with a positive, optimistic outlook on your life. If you do not believe that something is possible, you will not act upon it and the usual response is hopelessness. Another version of this is when a person believes something is possible for others, but not possible for themselves.
If a person does not expect to accomplish their goals, then they will never take any action to head in that direction. What if you would believe in something else that can create more joy and passion in your life? Depending on what your current dominating question is, all the data first goes through this Filter where it gets Deleted, Distorted and Generalised according to the focus point in your question.
The rest of the time there is either no Self-Love, or a bunch of negative emotions towards themselves.
The person could have done something bad to them in the past and now when they see that person or hear their voice, all those negative emotions surface immediately. By adopting these mind set and strategies by making it your own, you will become a very successful coach. When you are in a Negative Emotional State, you will attract per second, only things of a low order that match that negative emotional state.
The inner workings of the Subconscious Mind are our Speciality, and we are extremely good at it, period! We will also teach you how to become aware of your own perception about yourself and how to change it into a more positive Perception.
In this case, you are going model me breaking a 25mm wooden board with the palm of your hand. THIS is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom.
Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian, and that here I learned much more. What you say about yourself will affect your whole life and everything you try or attempt to do. I now have tools I can apply in my everyday life as a Civil Engineer, Sport Coach and as a Life Coach.
By utilising this technique, we can change the programming of the Subconscious Mind, and rather get the subconscious on board (instead of Willpower only), thus making it very easy for him or her taking the necessary action. Once you have read it, you will understand how powerful our Bang Pattern™ technique really is, and what it can do for yourself and your clients. When we do not understand how our emotions could serve us, but instead only dwell in the Negative State of Emotions, we will ultimately stop ourselves from Living Our True Potential. The same principle applies for all the other Negative Emotions like Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Frustrations, Hate, Doubt, Anxiety, Jealousy and a lot more.
A person with these beliefs ends up helpless and does not take action towards their goals to better their life.
This will totally destroy any kind of self-esteem or confidence that they might have or wish to build up. All of them can easily be applied at work, at home and in any social environment, and therefore, become more successful in all areas in life.
However, when you are in a Positive Emotional State, you can only attract things and situations of a higher order into your life. Remember whatever you perceive yourself to be; you are projecting to the world, and the world will treat you only according to your own Perception about yourself. If you’ve already made up your mind that you can’t do something, it’s all over… you are then absolutely right!! Sport coaching is my hobby and the methods I have learned can be directly applied in that (sport) field of work. If you want to specialise in health coaching, this will be a very powerful technique in your toolbox. Have you noticed that one is always optimistic and positive about everything, while the other one is constantly limiting, sceptical or plain negative about everything?
Studies have proven that when people believe and expect in a specific outcome (feeling good or better) from some form of drug, they will eventually experience that outcome.
Now, this may sound all good to you, but the problem is that most people ask them self a negative or limiting question which actually impacts their lives in a negative or limiting way. The major problem with not having Self-Love is that we cannot love other people unconditionally, unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally. If you do not understand this Law, applying the Law of Attraction as you might have been taught, will not work. The studies were done on placebo tablets (sugar tablets) where the test subjects were told that this drug had a new improved formula, and it will help them to feel better. This also works miraculous with someone who was in a car accident – after the process; specific things like bright lights, trucks or anything else that was associated with their accident will no longer trigger him or her. Learn how to start using the Law of Vibration to your advantage to create the life of your dreams. I came in here thinking I was just going to learn how to talk to people, but you have shown me a whole new way of life! This will really show you how ‘Powerful’ the right Mind-set is and by applying this mind-set daily in your own life… ‘You WILL Achieve Anything!!! I will live it, apply it and share it with an enthusiasm and vibrancy that I have discovered in this training! Razia Shaikh It took me more than a year within myself after I made the actual commitment to get to go through the Transformation Life Coach Training Course. Needless to say, I walked in quite skeptical after reading about their transformation coaching techniques, but I knew that I needed something different because what I tried up to now did not work. During this week of “walk and growth” I started to make the links in myself of the change needed and I just did not only received the tools of how to do it but I also did experience it myself. I am well on my way to a new life, with a better me in the world and I can help others as well! Bez Bezuidenhout Industrial Psychologist The course is well structured and presented excellently.
The Presenter is passionate about his work and is able to retain the attention of learners for a much longer period. The training manuals are professionally presented including the corresponding DVD’s that are enjoyable and easy to follow.
These transformation coaching techniques in combination with Life Coaching is a very powerful practical and pragmatic approach that has contributed enormously to my understanding of the role of factors underlining behaviours.
Many Thanks Phineas Mabetoa Psychologist   I came to the training very narrow minded and uninformed about the subconscious mind. My confidence level was at a very low and insecurity plagued me in every attempt of train to step onto and really do something big with my life. It was very powerful techniques that I have experienced and being equipped with so that I can more effectively help and change my practice and financial state. I am fully equipped now to dream big dreams without nagging limiting believes sabotaging my success and future.

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