What's remarkable (although not unique) about Reynolds' experience is that it is the combination of an NDE and an out-of-body-experience (OBE). A­As many as 18 percent of people brought back from death after a heart attack said they'd had a NDE [source: Time]. A study from the University of Kentucky has quickly gained ground among scientists as possibly the best explanation for NDEs. The Kentucky researchers believe that NDEs are actually REM intrusions triggered in the brain by traumatic events like cardiac arrest. This theory helps explain what has always been a tantalizing aspect of the mystery of NDEs: how people can experience sights and sounds after confirmed brain death. Perhaps it was her charming innocence, or the honeyed voice that transcended cultural boundaries, or watching a fall at the high of a career, but Americans mourned the loss of an All-American-Mexican Sweetheart who never got the chance to finish singing her story. Born into a family of five in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena’s parents and two siblings became band members and business partners. Some music journalists and theorists believe her enduring fame has as much, if not more, to do with her death as it does her life.
Guerra, 38, has been listening to and writing about Selena since he was a teen, from her successful live career to her ever-more successful posthumous career. For Guerra, like many of her fans, their disappointment is that she never got to fulfill her potential. But even so, Selena’s enduring influence has arguably less to do with the life (and death) as we knew it, than with what it connotes.
HowStuffWorks has braved this territory on the edge of reality, explaining how near-death experiences work and how a person can have an out-of-body experience. While many religious adherents might not be surprised by these accounts, the idea that human consciousness and the body exist distinctly from each other flies in the face of science. Researchers there theorize that the mysterious phenomenon is really an instance of the sleep disorder rapid eye movement (REM) intrusion.

If this is true, then this means the experiences of some people following near-death are confusion from suddenly and unexpectedly entering a dream-like state. The area where REM intrusion is triggered is found in the brain stem -- the region that controls the most basic functions of the body -- and it can operate virtually independent from the higher brain. Managed by her father, Abraham Quintanilla, Selena performed with her older brother and younger sister at their family restaurant at the age of 6. Weeks before her death, the Tejano star claimed the most number of chart-topping singles in the U.S, and was on the cusp of international fame.
In fact, the “Murder of Selena” Wikipedia page extends longer and in greater detail than her main “Selena” page. Some believe her dramatic outfall propelled the sudden upheaval of her career, notoriety, and curious fascination on a global scale. Selena, the American girl with Mexican values and a humble beginning, is an emblem of a refurbished American dream. Reynolds underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm, and the procedure required doctors to drain all the blood from her brain. A brain-dead person should not be able to form new memories -- he shouldn't have any consciousness at all, really. In this disorder, a person's mind can wake up before his body, and hallucinations and the feeling of being physically detached from his body can occur. So even after the higher regions of the brain are dead, the brain stem can conceivably continue to function, and REM intrusion could still occur [source: BBC]. Read the next page to discover the distinctions between near-death and out-of-body experiences.
On March 31, 1995, Selena’s sudden death made headlines—major TV networks stopped regular programming to announce her death, Tom Brokaw deemed her “The Mexican Madonna,” and the story was plastered across The New York Times’ front page two days in a row. After the business folded, the Quintanillas jumped from performing on street corners to local gigs in order to make ends meet.
After she passed, Selena’s record sales spiked, even outselling living artists of the time.

For more people, her appeal and untimely death was believed to ultimately pave the way for the famous Latina pop stars we worship today.
Along the way, Abraham forced her U.S-born daughter to learn Spanish—partly to broaden her appeal, partly to make some money performing at quinceaneras.
And the experience is bittersweet; it’s nostalgia with a little piece of sadness,” he explains.
Despite being clinically dead, when Reynolds was resuscitated, she described some amazing things. Each seems to explain how a person can have an OBE or a NDE, but do they hold up in explaining experiences like Reynolds'?
Her father’s vision soon paid off: as a young teen, she garnered radioplay and interviews on Spanish-speaking stations. In 1994, Selena met her big break after releasing her sixth studio album, Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love), a compilation of English and Spanish tracks. Selena’s legacy continues to push album sales, reaching over 60 million copies total in 2012.
Even more amazing is that Reynolds was able to describe aspects of the surgical procedure, down to the bone saw that was used to remove part of her skull [source: Parker].
Her popularity in Mexico and America was quickly escalating, as her dad and music label EMI prepped for a full cultural crossover with her first ever all-English project. But before the album was due to release, Selena was fatally shot by a close and crazed fan.

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