Here is how to use this Life Is Full Of Secrets And Lies So When You Get Screwd Over Dont Act Suprized Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Ben continutes to play detective with his neighbors, but someone is playing far more dangerous games with his life. It doesn’t take an uptight, navy blue pant-suited detective to figure out the direction this show is taking. With five weeks to go, I can’t help but think there’s no way the killer will be revealed this soon.
This week’s dupe focused on neighbor Lisa’s (Half Pint, Laura Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert—pick one) family. Back in the woods, Ben stumbles upon Tyler (Dillon Lane), Lisa’s other son whom Ben is surprised to see home from school (Lisa had told everyone he wasn’t coming home for Christmas).
Secrets and Lies left a huge impact as well as fan base during its premiere season and as the premiere date for the season 2 is getting closer, expectations are also getting higher. Season 1 revolved around the murder case of Tom Murphy, the dysfunctional Crawford family and their friends.
This late realization of Detective Cornell had lead to Ben tampering all evidences and taking the blame for her daughter.

After two episodes of Ben mistakenly pointing the flashlight at suspicious neighbors, it’s obvious that this is becoming a game of murderer roulette. Ben and his daughter (Abby, Monkey—pick one) are going shopping when they discover Matt (Tad Cooley), Lisa’s son who is mentally disabled, walking into the woods alone. The mysterious woman who is hysterically yelling at Detective Cornell when Ben goes to report the blue jacket fiasco.
The scabbed scratches on the backs of his hands, hand-rolled cigarette, and attitude place him squarely in the crosshair of Ben’s suspicion, especially after Dave later reveals that Tyler’s been in and out of rehab recently.
Spoilers regarding the upcoming castings and the plot of the show have been recently revealed and have circulated around the Internet. Recently, it has been confirmed that actress Juliette Lewis is the only confirmed cast of the previous season to reappear on season 2.
At first detective Cornell had thought that Ben Crawford is the killer, initially suspecting him and trying to fit the pieces of the unfortunate incident that might pinpoint to him but as the days went on and the picture started to be clearer Cornell started to realize that the killer is no other that Abby Crawford, Ben's younger daughter. In the season finale, Ben had confessed to killing Tom Murphy and detective Cornell not having enough evidences to prove him wrong ended up arresting him.
According to the video Ben had died in the prison and his older daughter Natalie went to the detectives to clear the name of her father.
Telling Monkey to go back home, Ben chases Matt into the woods, where Matt stumbles, falls, drops a bloody blue jacket, and then runs into the river.

Seriously, Tyler may as well have been wearing a bloody blue jacket; that’s how fast Ben convicts him in his mind. Lewis' portrays the role of Andrea Cornell, a detective who is in charge of solving the murder case of Tom Murphy (Aiden Malik) but for the upcoming season Lewis will have to face and solve an entirely different case. The video then with Natalie saying she will provide them with information regarding the case.
So far, the Richardsons and Half Pint’s families have been the unlucky winners of Ben’s erroneous wrath; Kevin and Elaine Williams—and probably even Jess, herself—better watch what they do or say. Ben, momentarily distracted by the bloody blue jacket that he knows is a key piece of evidence, ignores it to pull Matt from the river where he’s frantically splashing about, looking for his trusty iPad. And while I have to admit that the evidence Ben has discovered does seem to incriminate the neighbors who happen to be in his cross hair, after two weeks of the same formula I’m not sure I’ll be as gullible next time.
Ben chases Matt home through a sudden downpour (man, it rains a lot in North Carolina) where Lisa stops him from entering her house and tells Ben that Matt doesn’t have a blue jacket—bloody or not.

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