Vidya Balan is among the top leading actresses on Bollywood and has recently received numerous awards, including National Award and Filmfare Award. The secret behind Priyanka Chopra’s luscious lips are The Body Shop lip balms and Laura Mercier Lip stain which she uses daily to make her lips look pretty, plump and very attractive. Priyanka Chopra always uses a good blush for her skin and has a fetish for colours such as pink, peach and peachy-brown. The beautiful queen of Jordan is not only one of the most recognized and influential ladies of the world, but she has also been an inspiration to many. Queen Rania does not experiment too much with her looks as she has been naturally blessed with gorgeous and radiant skin.
Queen Rania likes to apply a good amount to makeup to her eyes to give herself that bold and chic appearance.
Being a queen, it is very important for Rania to eat right and she makes sure she is getting her daily dose of vitamins, calcium and proteins. Jennifer Lopez, the famous American actress and also a fashion designer always manages to look gorgeous and stunning.
She doesn’t believe in strict diet charts instead she prefers following a balanced diet which includes all kinds of nutrients.
Yami Gautum is an Indian actress who started her career from minor advertisements and two soap operas and Kannada movies to give her first hit in Bollywood, Vicky Donor in 2012.
Yami believes in using home remedies and concoctions prepared at home to keep her skin blemish free and forever glowing. While she is not a big fan of over the counter products she does make extensive use of herbal and natural skin products. She is envied for her versatile acting skills and the way she carries herself through different roles offered to her. All her acting skills are bestowed to the audience through her lovely eyes which portray the best of emotion they need to. She keeps on having regular oil massages not only to keep her hair healthy and moisturized but also to make it look glossy.

Well, it’s mostly because of her favourite beauty products that she cannot do without for even a single day.
She also claims that in order to make her makeup look good, she moisturizes her skin daily to make it look supple, pleasant and glamorous at the same time. She uses Nars Orgasm for her cheeks and uses some of the world’s best blushes in order to look fabulous and perfect all the time.
Now there are many trade secrets of Italian beauty which when applied properly will help you get that sort of look in any part of the globe. She believes that chemicals in lotions and face packs do your skin more harm in the long run than the good it does in the short run.
She believes that beauty stems from within one’s soul and so she meditates and does yoga to cleanse herself from within. Prior to joining the film industry she had been working in commercials, daily soaps and music videos. Bobbi Brown Concealer, Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Clarins HydraQuench Cream and Ralph Lauren Romance are some of the examples to be spotted.
Even though Nars is expensive, it is definitely a great product that gives your skin a sparkling and attractive look. For instance if you live close to a beach then take a handful of lemons and go to the beach and just douse your hair in its juice.
She also prefers to colour and straighten them, all depending upon the occasion she is about to attend. Her breakfast usually consists of egg whites and her lunch is full of brown rice and steamed fish.
In order to look gorgeous in front of the camera she tries to get rid of all the extra fat and tone her body. So she makes use of recipes that use ingredients that can be easily found in an Indian kitchen. She is on the heavier side but she manages to keep her look fantabulous in Indian wear and is very graceful.

They contain moisturizer and aloe vera, and are sold in different fragrances which cleanse and rejuvenate the face. Her beauty secrets have been spilled recently and if you were looking for suggestions, you have come to the right place. She takes good care of her skin by applying best quality moisturizers and nice creams daily.
This is the reason why she does cardio to lose fat and then free hand exercises to get her muscles in correct shape. MAC liquid foundation, Mascara by Maybelline and Strawberry lip balms by The Body Shop, are her favourite products.
She uses Neutrogena products for facial and Khadi Herbal face and body wash in Rose and Lemon.
You could probably not get the same brand but you can choose a substitute within the country.
So the next time anyone suggests smelly old garlic as a beauty measure don’t turn up your nose.
She also believes that yoga helps to get good amount of oxygen and in turn helps the skin to glow. You could do with herbal kajal as they are pretty soothing and are good for keeping eyes healthy. So while features are something that you are born with, you can still look as good as Yami Gautam if you’re willing to go the extra mile.
Rubbing the sliced edge of half a clove of garlic against your pimple is an effective home remedy to getting rid of them.

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