This is not a dig at the education system nor is it a post dedicated to that it’s more of a challenge for you to take control of your own destiny however dramatic that sounds. I was never overweight but at the same time was never confident in my appearance and never felt healthy.
My partner and I, aligned with our changes in diet began to question this lifestyle and whether this was something we wanted forever?
Drinking especially in the UK is seen as the norm and you are looked at strangely when you mention you don’t drink. Career decisions like life decisions should not be influenced by others in such a negative way. My motives were questioned as to whether I should leave my previous role without rounding off my CV with more experience.
As a Gen Y we’ve seen collapses of economies, peoples lives thrown into uncertainty and a society built on credit, credit and more credit. Although all of the above contribute to my lifestyle changes nor and in the future there are still others which I am looking to impact further. Starting September I have plans to reduce the amount of hours I work and begin to work more efficiently. We are hoping our internet fast will be a success and can be something we can do periodically when suffering burn out. Further lifestyle changes I am looking to make are continuing to read more on subjects close to my passions, education myself by learning a language (Spanish?), cooking a new meal or trying something new every week. Be level headed, resourceful about where you want to be in life on both a professional and personal level. Sure life is about compromise sometimes and you may have to do things you don’t want to do but then most of our life defining decisions are in our own hands it’s just down to you to grasp the type of lifestyle you want to lead. After accepting a role with a business based in Singapore I began questioning traditional business practice and employee retention.
3 years ago I was a young adult who used to listen to his baby boomer parents and take advice on which garden path I should take to fulfil my future aspirations. I would hazard a guess that their path in life was advised to them by a parent, family member or guidance counsellor. Are you sticking with a specific approach just because you are told it’s the right strategy for you?

These changes were brought on so I could become more confident in myself, how I looked and how I felt.
If your partner wants to eat a specific meal then educate on an alternative, get creative and inspire those around you.
I would never call myself a big drinker but every weekend I would partake in some type of social event which involved drinking.
Neither of us were particularly big drinkers so we made the conscious decision to limit our drinking. We also never buy alcohol from the supermarket, never drink when we go out for meals and only drink on special occasions.
Weekends have been spent seeing family, alternative activities with friends, spending time together and generally leading a more fulfilled life. People largely drink to fit in with the crowd and because it’s an easy way to let loose and socialise. I’m all for someone offering a perspective however the final decision should ultimately come down to you and what YOU want to achieve in your career.
A focus on working smarter instead of longer and only working on things which match my long term goals. The time when fasting will be channeled into educating ourselves via reading, writing, spending time with the loved ones and trying things we wouldn’t usually have the hours available for.
I want to develop a lifestyle I am always enthused about as opposed to settling for the lifestyle I am told I should have. I’m not saying follow my lifestyle and use it as a benchmark but at least realise that changes can be made to your current lifestyle if you want them to happen. My fast plans & maybe yours?The 10 Best Ads From 20154 Tips To Reduce Workplace Noise Created From TechnologyVirtual phone network targeting Generation Y. Truth be told this was completely the wrong strategy for myself and probably 90% of those born in my generation. Not all of them ended in a struggle, quite the opposite but all ended up taking a path completely away from the degree they received; the lifestyle they were promised when going through the education system. I decided to seek the inner Generation Y within me and make some changes in my life and how I lead it.
By wanting to make the changes in my life, eating the foods I wanted to eat and exercising the way I wanted to exercise I have made a positive impact on my life.

Sure at birthdays and organised night’s out we would drink but we wanted our weekends to become more than drink and hangovers. For example: Our three week east coast road trip this summer has been afforded through saving money by restricting drinking (amongst other things). I’ve therefore began to remove direct debits or regular monthly payments in my life which can be paid via an alternative method. We are also hoping the time away will be a welcome break which reignites our productivity flame. I’m not a lifestyle blogger who tells you to ‘quit your job and travel the WORLD!’, i’m more of a realist in that these type of changes don’t have to be dramatic. Don’t be hasty but making a conscious decision to find an alternative and set out what you want to achieve.
My skill is in search marketing and I have gathered over 6 years experience of working on large multilingual campaigns for a number of FTSE 250 Organisations. Giff Gaff ReviewThe Distracting Workplace Opportunity - TechnologyAcer C7 Chromebook Review.
Make lifestyle changes which match what you want in life whether your parents think it’s the right decision or not. By eating clean, eating healthy and maintaining daily exercise I have completely changed how I looked and ultimately how I feel. Our life is becoming more exciting even though people proclaim those who don’t drink as ‘boring’. Sure I like it but there becomes a time where it’s a burden and the burn out is starting to occur.
Even the small changes to your health, lifestyle, diet and daily routine can make a huge difference in how you ultimately lead your life.
Targets have been hit, this blog has grown and I have had one of the most rewarding years I could have hoped for. This led us both to agree to an ‘Internet fast’ sometime after September which would be a week long fast of the internet outside of office hours.

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