First you must recognize that if you are currently living an unhealthy and unfit life or lifestyle then something has to change for you to become healthy and fit.
You see many, many folks go for those 12 week challenges and that ends up being all they get. They might think, 'let me see how good I can do' or they might think 'I really want to win that $500 or $10,000 dollar prize money for most successful transformation' or they might think 'I can do this for 12 weeks' but really if you truly want to 'get healthy and fit, inside and out' it is going to require more than a 12 week change or 12 week challenge. So let's settle in and realize that the 12 Week Challenges or exercise competitions aren't going to cut it for the long-term.
You know, I have been in and around the fitness industry since 1997 and I have seen it time and again; lose weight, gain it back, lose weight and then gain it back.
Although you and I have heard that it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit, I just TOTALLY DISAGREE with that one.
For me and many folks I have worked with it takes months and sometimes YEARS to break some habits. Yes set up your whole WEEK schedule in advance and look at those appointments with the gym, DVD or personal trainer as important as a meeting with your boss. Like if you are overweight and unhealthy then what you are doing NOW IS NOT WORKING to get you healthy and fit. Be sure to check out my Member's ONLY Next Level Club - it opens back up to new member's September 30th so check back.
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About Evey LingenfelterEvey is a longtime health and fitness coach sharing her message of getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out! Hi Evey, Excellent article with Excellent tips, There is no doubt in my mind that your Health is your Wealth, Mind you a lot of people may have this the wrong way round.
Paudie, incredible but true about folks doing anything but change their lifestyle to get healthy and fit:) Def a head scratcher. I believe that people should learn how to tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind to make permanent changes in attitude towards food. Rachel, interesting how you bring the unconscious into play and we surely do plenty of stuff with our unconscious. It is NOT looking for the next book, exercise plan, diet, therapist, coach, healer that will have the answers.
It is NOT thumbing through pages and pages of Google indexed websites looking for the same.
Each taken independently become random happenings but bring them together and they become the salient touchpoints of my life so far. Take a moment to write down your life’s events, what you have tried, what has inspired you.
This 200-hour online, self-paced course qualifies toward a wellness coach credential through CCE & IAHC. Quick and Simple Ways to Achieve Physical Wellness, Emotional Balance and Mental Clarity PLUS 10 Steps to Wellness!

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This course meets the telemental health continuing education requirements for the State of Georgia. This 5-hr online course will explore visioning with intention and authenticity for coaches and coaches-in-training. Fasting at least once per month provides rest to digestive system, which helps detoxify and relieve constipation. Drink enough warm water and herbal tea: Drink at least 80 ounces (2365 ml, which is approximately 10 glasses) of water or herbal tea per day.
Eat Plenty of Fruit: Fruits are hydrating, fibrous, nutritious, and supports healthy digestion.
Drink fruit juices: such as pineapple and prune juices, they are particularly effective for constipation.
Foods that relieve constipation include walnuts, sesame, almonds, flax seed, and other oil rich seeds and nuts. Increase intake of organic oils help lubricate the intestine when in appropriate amount of oil or fat can remain in the stool. Take yogurt or buttermilk along with your midday meals help reestablish guts flora, which in-turn help normalize bowel movement.
Some experts are of the opinion that the defecating posture also plays an important role in constipation. Stress makes you constipated: We all know stress affects health and wellness including your digestive health and leads to constipation.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Here are your 3 tips to ensure a successful lifestyle change.
A 12 week challenge result that then results in a reverting back to previous habits and lifestyle because when folks DO a 12 Week Challenge that is really all it is to them. Really that is why I have been led to start my 12 Week Lifestyle Change group called Next Level Club.
First you have the energy for it shortly after getting up and second it gets it out-of-the-way so you don't have to think about it again till tomorrow morning while lying in bed lol. Do that new habit for a while then add-on another and then another and keep LIVING LIKE that.

What are some tips or ideas you have to help folks change unhealthy habits to healthy habits? Find out more about Evey and how she can help you obtain your fitness goals by clicking here. How can you embrace what you innately know is right for you in a way that becomes a way of life and not just another thing to try or do? Best fruits for constipation include ripe bananas, skinned apples, soaked raisins, soaked prunes, and peaches. Take spinach as boiled, soup, or fresh juice regularly for healthy intestine and normal bowel movement. They insists for squatting position, which is better than sitting position for easy and complete elimination.
Even if you do not have the urge (sensation to evacuation), sit on the toilets with a calm mind, take few deep breathing, and visualize easy bowel movement. Also proper digestion and evacuation is must for good night sleep, this worsen that and that worsen this be careful.
It is an accountability group and I set forth Weekly Action Steps to address some of those LIFESTYLE situations to help folks slowly move forward and change HABITS in their lives. So you will eliminate two of the most popular excuses of not having time or that you are too tired.
Over time thinking like this you will establish a GREAT habit of working out whether you feel like it or not.
As time goes by you will tweak and add more healthy changes most especially as you start to SEE AND FEEL the changes from your new habits. Have been called (among other things lol) a Healthy Living Coach, Nutrition COP, and Transformation Expert. If you aren’t quite sure what that way of life is, you have an innate sense of how you want to feel and be.
It is important to drink most of these fluids away from meals that is at least 20 minutes before, or 1 hour after eating. This will train your minds and would eventually result in daily regular bowel movement over time. If you implement just these 3 steps you will be well on your way to getting healthy and fit. I am a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer since 1998 and I look forward to helping YOU achieve your health and fitness goals. Immediately after getting up in the early morning, drink one or two glasses of water (preferably warm) and walk for a few minutes.

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