Since most diets are difficult to follow and stick to and because weight loss is difficult to maintain, it is no surprise that "diet" is considered a four-letter word. So if you think about dieting as making a lifestyle change, it truly makes living the healthy life easier.
So replace the word "diet" with "nutrition," as in "I am eating for nutrition." While you are at it, think not about "losing weight" but "losing body fat", since that is what you want to lose.
Even better than *thinking* about it as lifestyle change is actually MAKING it a lifestyle change. Lifestyle change, however, is forever.  By its very nature you are changing from doing things one way to doing them another way. There is a reason that big three-letter word is just hanging out there.  If you are not PREPARED then you long time dieters may have a harder time than some others at this new life.
Life change is incredible!  When your real body emerges and friends and family start showering you with compliments and you have to start buying new clothes – remember this. You can get rid of your old clothes because you will never wear them again!
The word diet has been pretty much universally replaced with the term "lifestyle change." At first, I was on board with this, even as corporations started adopting it as a marketing tactic.

Interesting that they use the wording "eating disorders are not lifestyle choices." (Emphasis mine.) Big props to Pinterest! I don't get all those people who diet specifically for a special event just to fit in some ridiculous piece of clothing, and then when it's all done they go back to their bad eating habbits. To me, diets kill your spirit because most are based on deprivation, guilt, and restriction. I totally agree that changing our thinking from diet to life change, totally takes the pressure and stress off of us. It is like trying to stop a river from flowing.  You might stop it for a little while but it will find a way to get to the sea, won’t it? Before my book was released, I discovered that I'd gained about 15 pounds and no longer fit into the clothes featured in the book--the ones I was supposed to wear to events and signings. I was also going to use this post to rant about how people are using Pinterest for "thinspirational" messages (which share a lot in common with pro-ana messages), but I was pleasantly surprised by something.
Once you realize that healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle and not just some fad, you really lose a lot of the stress and anxiety about dieting and losing weight.

Traditional diets have been shown to not really work in the long run, leading only to years of yo-yo weight changes, body loathing, and an unhealthy relationship with food. I wanted (actually, needed) to fit back into those clothes, but I was also disturbed by such a quick (and practically unnoticed) weight gain in my life. This whole "lifestyle change" business seems to be just another way to market weight loss products to women, right?
Overall, I'm a big believer that women should do what they want with their bodies, so that attitude won out.

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