Hi, back in the summer i went to look at dogs in an animal shelter and i saw a orange coated dog that looked like a fox. I am not sure if it was any of those because it looked more thin and a little difference in the face, the shiba inu looks too like, wide and built. The Finnish Spitz Club of America used to be based out of my hometown in Texas which I always thought was cool because not much ever came out of that little town. I guess I took the "I don't think it had that curly tail" to include sickle-type curves as well, and just figured it was a straight tail. I saw one at the dog show in November, she won numerous prizes but she wore her tail on her back slightly curved but not as much as my baby's. How about the Norwegina Lundenhund, they look like a small fox, but smaller than a Sheba or a Finnish Spitz, but they have a very distict feature, they have 6 toes front and back. A new genetic analysis of modern dogs and wolves suggests that man's best friend was domesticated before agriculture.
Researchers know that dogs regularly lived with humans by about 10,000 years ago, and dogs and people are found buried together as early as 14,000 years ago. Novembre and his colleagues wanted to refine the understanding of domestication using high-quality, full genomes. The high-quality, full sequences allowed the researchers to look at genetic variations across the entire genome. The sequences also revealed that the first dogs arose from a very small number of the wolves that lived in their day, Novembre said.
Finally, the comparisons suggest that wolves and dogs split between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago, with a likely interval being between 11,000 and 16,000 years ago, before the rise of agriculture. Previous research had suggested that perhaps dog domestication got a push from a genetic mutation that made it easier for modern dogs' ancestors to digest starch — meaning they could scavenge from human garbage piles.
However, the discovery that modern wolves and modern dogs seem to be more like sister groups than ancestors and descendants means that modern DNA sequences likely won't reveal the origin of domestication.

This North American bird, which stood over 8 feet tall, would have had an enormous, axe-like beak. During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. It was medium sized it wasn't too skinny, so yeah im just trying to find out what the breed was because i really liked it.
This was the dog's first airplane flight and she was very interested in everything going on outside the window. Researchers analyzed the genomes of wolves from three likely sites of domestication (the Middle East, Asia and eastern Europe), and found that modern dogs were not more closely related to any of the three.
Fossil evidence for domestication dates back as far as 33,000 years, based on the shape of the skull and on ancient DNA analysis. Various genetic studies have pointed to China, the Middle East and Europe as the origin for today's domesticated dogs. They gathered full gene sequences from a wolf in Israel, a wolf in China and a wolf in Croatia to encompass the possible sites of the original dog domestication.
That's important, Novembre told LiveScience, because previous work was limited to snippets of DNA, chosen because they were known to vary from dog breed to dog breed. 16) in the journal PLOS Genetics, reveal that dogs do not hail from the same lineage as modern wolves — a big surprise, said Novembre, who was hoping to see evidence for either a single domestication or multiple domestication events, where, for example, the Australian dingo would be most related to the Asian wolf and the African basenji would be most related to the Middle Eastern wolf. Around the time of domestication, both wolves and dogs experienced what's known as a population bottleneck — their numbers dropped. The new study looked at that gene mutation and found that it certainly occurred, but likely after dogs were already domesticated. The reason for such a wide range of 25,000 years for the origin of domestication is that researchers had to base the estimate on rates of mutation in the genome. But just as researchers have now sequenced a complete Neanderthal genome, they're on the cusp of sequencing full genomes from fossil dogs and wolves.

Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days. In fact, it seems that the closest wolf ancestors of today's dogs may have gone extinct, leaving no wild descendants. But the presence of a dog-like canine doesn’t prove the origin of modern dogs; even if the fossil represents a domesticated dog, it could have been a failed lineage that left no descendants.
Next, they also sequenced the full genomes of an Australian dingo, a feral dog species thought to have originated in Southeast Asia, and an African basenji.
Later, early in domesticated doggie history, they interbred with still-wild wolves, causing a genetic snarl that frustrates dog genetics researchers to this day. Genes can't explain why these drops occurred, Novembre said, but in the case of wolves, human encroachment and competition for large prey probably played a role. Dingos, for example, are unquestionably dogs and not wolves, but they have few copies of the starch-friendly gene.
Mutations are rare, Novembre said, and estimating how often they happen is a tricky proposition. Neither of these dogs have territories that overlap with wolves, so researchers hoped they would see little of the post-domestication interbreeding that so often confuses the story of how dogs and wolves split. The best way is to compare the genomes of parents and offspring, but that work has not yet been done with dogs.

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