People use very often lists of certain requirements and qualities to find the perfect roommate. Do you think that this is one of the reasons that boomer women today relate to the Golden Girls Network? I think that it would be natural for a woman to feel a bit depressed when her life “slows down” and she is suddenly alone. So, most women in your community are interested in friendship, financial security and emotional support. This is a common way to find a roommate and then you should be lucky to find the right person who matches your lists. It could be an handy platform for people who are looking for roommates and the other way around.

The things that motivated us when we were younger are the same as the things that motivate us now. If you look around it seems like that everyone has experienced of heard once about an awful roommate story. I think that this way of exchanging information could go wrong sometimes, as the information of the renter could be made to be seem like it match perfectly with the requirements, right? I think that because we have had those experiences, it’s easier to accept the idea of living with someone else. Furthermore , this app is giving each one the chance  to ask their mutual friend or friends about the other.
I do have a dog (that does't shed), so you would need to be dog friendly- she is awesome and loves having roommates!

Or would you feel that comfortable to be roommate with someone who you share at least one friend with? I am open to you having another dog if you have one, but would want to make sure our dogs would get a long. The backyard is large and has a great covered patio, there is also a fire pit in the backyard. About me:I am a 27 year old professional, in the event planning industry, who loves to work, workout and hang out with friends.

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