The best relationship is where there is undying love, utmost passion and a strong desire to spend a entire lifetime together.
Indeed after a very heart breaking experience, Michele now has finally moved on in her life bringing with her the love of Monteith in her thoughts and her perspective on how to keep her relationship healthy.
Nowadays relationships in Hollywood and even for ordinary people are short-lived and Michele's advice might just save more relationships if they follow it.
The confident star also reveals that she is ready for anything as long as she keeps her perspective in place. So whether spending time with her boyfriend or working on her upcoming flick, 'Scream Queens' which she is reportedly currently filming in New Orleans, Michele assures everyone that she is perfectly happy and is also working on her fitness lately. Jana Seitzer is a full-time mom to 4 amazing kids, wife, writer, photographer, marketer, designer, and social media maven.

Travel junkie, fairytale lover, Star Wars & Marvel geek, Disney princess, and coffee addict—my adventures often involve a glass of wine or bourbon. The best relationship is where you can share your dreams with your partner and tell each other all your secrets. For those that may not know, the famous singer and actress have had it tough on love after losing her ex-boyfriend, the late Cory Monteith when he died of a suspected drug overdose. This looks like a refreshing summer drink, and I love that you can so easily swap the ginger ale for champagne.
She loves to travel all over the world—solo and with her family—and tell stories about her travel adventures, adventures that often involve a glass of wine.
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The best relationship is where you are dedicated and devoted to each other no matter what comes up in your life.
News might have just revealed the ultimate advice that girls need for their relationships to work.
The best relationship is where you understand each others mind and treat each others heart as your own.

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