I was invited on to chat about what it is that I do, so I explained that I help people look and feel fabulous, and in many cases younger,  by showing them the colour and style of clothes which they can wear to suit their body type, natural colouring and personality. I discussed that wearing the correct colours which suit you, which light up your face and make you look healthy can have immeasureable benefits for you, both in your working and your personal lives. I also talked about how important making a great first impression was, and how when someone meets you for the very first time they only take between 7-17 seconds to make their mind up about you. An alien, having just landed on earth, comes up to you and says, “I have been hearing a lot about this condition you humans call ‘low self esteem’”.
You, thinking yourself a bit of an expert on low self esteem, are about to correct the friendly alien – after all, low self esteem isn’t something you create is it? 1) Firstly, blame yourself for lots of things that go wrong, or even those things you hear about going wrong for other people. 3) Whatever you do, don’t identify the problems with your thinking styles and create a step-by-step, solution-focused plan for improving them and learning new thinking skills. 4) Blindly accept negative or abusive comments made about you by others, without regard for their motivations, their own warped view of life or any facts that contradict their statement. 5) Do not identify any self-defeating patterns you have established in your life, or make concrete plans to alter them. Mark Tyrrell is a therapist, trainer and author and is the co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads, the web's busiest hypnosis site where you can get a cutting-edge hypnosis session for almost any situation. Your online resource to chronic conditions and diseases — their symptoms, treatment and care. Share your experience, seek advice and talk to others in our growing list of online health forums. Do you have a blog and write posts about health conditions that would align with the talkhealth blog?
Judging by the number of helpful people who offer insightful advice like “You just need more confidence,” there must be plenty of it out there, growing on trees, bushes and all around, just waiting to be picked. When you feel like you’re invisible and inaudible, like nothing you say is of any consequence and nothing you do matters or is good enough, confidence is very hard to find. In my case, low self-esteem has been one of the most crushing aspects of depression and its lingering aftermath.
Even in areas where you used to feel confident – things you once knew you could do well – you can lose belief completely, and that lack of faith in yourself can prevent you from doing anything.
When you’re so self-critical, you assume everyone else thinks the same, so you can become paranoid and anxious. I find it helpful to write down positive things that happen to me, and nice things that people say, on a daily basis, and to read these notes regularly to remind myself that actually I’m doing pretty well and it will take more than a bad day to undo the progress I’ve made. Aside from that, I guess it’s just a matter of giving yourself time, being patient and not giving up.

All information on talkhealth sites is purely for information purposes only and does not constitute a replacement for professional medical advice. Wearing something which we like, which suits us,  will make us feel more confident,  and if we feel and look more confident then we are going to approach everything we do in life in a more confident manner – and that can only be a good thing. So, as  well as your business looking  smart and professional, it is important that you look smart and professional also. Please click on the link which will take you to the gift voucher page where you will find further details. In fact, it can bet difficult to overcome those negative feelings…but a proactive approach can help you develop self-confidence. Things like “I’m stupid”, “I always do that wrong”, “Why is my life such as mess”, “I’ll make a mess of it so there’s no point trying”. This sort of problem-solving will seriously impair your ability to create lasting low self esteem.
Ensure you do not gain any emotional satisfaction from achievements by the use of statements such as “anyone could do that”. You'll get one a day for the first few days, then one every 3 days to help keep your spirits up and help you feel better and better day by day. Now I know that if I meet another one I wont be afraid of her and make a move at the right time."Mark Chet, USA. It’s like the nasty green stuff you still find yourself coughing up three weeks after a cold.
In reality, you do still have the abilities you had before depression came along, and it’s unlikely that you really look much different, so don’t let the voice of depression tell you otherwise. All these things are difficult when you’re beating yourself up over everything, but you can’t just flick a switch and suddenly feel confident, so just try doing some small things when you feel able to. It is very often  the first way many people will reach out to check out your business in the first place. Once again, referring back to those first impressions, customers meeting you will themselves only take seconds to make up their mind  about whether they trust you, want to work with you and buy from you. This article describes several things people in recovery can do to boost their low self-esteem. It festers in your head and makes you feel lousy – small, insignificant and feeble, yet angry that you should feel that way, or that others might not value you as much as you think they should.
Then, we invite you to share your own experiences about building self-esteem in recovery or ask questions about the techniques at the end.Increasing Your Self-Esteem in Addiction RecoveryAddicts are prone to self-loathing, and negative feelings about ourselves tend to spike in early recovery. Your on line business is not only the first place people look to seek  you out and make their decisions, but also the first place customers will  look to complain about you. As you come off the drugs or put down the bottle, you can look back at addiction with clearer eyes and really see the extent of the damage you caused to yourself, life, and loved ones.

Therefore, it is important that you are focused and understand your own personal branding and your ideal client and tailor-make the look and feel of your on line business to appeal and attact those clients. Feelings of guilt and shame in early recovery are to be expected, and it’s so important to learn how to manage the negative feelings and low self-esteem in recovery and get past them.Overcoming those negative feelings is difficult, but it’s possible. Self-esteem is something that needs to be developed, and it’s best to take a proactive approach.
Here are some suggestions that can help you.Four (4) tips to increasing self-esteem in recovery1. Forgive yourself.In recovery, forgiving yourself for what you did during your addiction is often one of the hardest things to do. But you need to remember that the person you were under the influence is not the person you really are. You cannot change the past, so you need to forgive yourself for it and move onto the present with the promise that you’ll learn from your mistakes and won’t repeat them. Instead of feeling guilty about your past addiction, feel proud of yourself for doing the hard work it takes to make a change. Quitting drugs and alcohol is incredibly difficult for an addict, so you’ve already overcome quite the hurdle, and that is nothing to shrug about.3.
Surround Yourself with positive peopleIt’s essential to have a support system in recovery, because overcoming addiction isn’t something you have to or should do alone. If you surround yourself with positive people, by proxy you’ll start developing a more positive attitude about life and yourself. Anyone who puts you down or is a negative influence should not have a place in your life.4. You would most likely never be as hard on a loved one or hold them to standards as high as you hold yourself to.
Don’t criticize yourself, and don’t get caught up worrying about what you “should” be doing. Love yourself, compliment yourself, and focus on all your good attributes and accomplishments no matter how “small” you think they are.
You’re someone who has been through a lot and deserves compassion.Self-esteem in addiction recoveryDo you have more ideas on how to improve self-esteem?

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